DevDialogue – Diacarta App Developer Speaks

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To-do applications are common for any platform, but a to-do application like Diacarta is unheard of. Diacarta for iPhone completely redefines a to-do app with its revolutionary user interface, breath-taking concept and an amazing planner. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Jake Yanchar from the Diacarta team shares his views on the road ahead with the iPhone version and the new features.

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Google Street View in the News

street view

Google Street View has delighted Googlephiles and armchair explorers alike, yet flirted with controversy and provoked outrage at what critics see as an invasion of privacy. Whilst personally I love the unique detail offered, and use it regularly with success to find football stadiums across my country to write match reports the sheer volume of visual data gathered has made for whole new stream of news.

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DevDialogue – Noteshelf HD App Developer Speaks


Noteshelf HD is a note-taking App that allows you to take handwritten notes on your iPad. With a stylus, it feels almost as if you are writing on a paper and you can always use your fingers for an enjoyable and smooth handwriting experience. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Rama of revealed the concept, future plans and even shared his thoughts on the Mac App Store.

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