Google Engineers Seek Help From gPad to Answer Questions About Work-Life Balance [VIDEO]

The lifeatgoogle YouTube channel uploaded a new video in which two Google engineers answer some questions about work-life balance at Google. Fitz and Ben from Google Chicago answered the question in a witty and interesting manner. To view the questions, they took help from their gPad. Whoa! A gPad? Nothing to get excited about. It was just another joke from these humorous Google guys and a response to Apple’s iPad.

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App of the Week – Reeder [AppSpark]

Reeder is a RSS Reading application available on the App Store for $4.99. It is beautifully designed, highly customizable and makes feed reading fun. Reeder imports all your starred items, shared items and your subscribed content from your Google Reader Account and displays them in a gorgeous manner. It automatically creates a cache of your feeds for better offline reading and syncs all your data with your Google Reader Account.

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Adjust Browser Screen Brightness With Night Browser For iPad

Apple did a great job by putting in a physical accelerometer lock in the iPad. There’s even a volume controller button on the iPad which makes it super easy to control the volume of the iPad. What’s missing is a brightness controller button. It has got an inbuilt automatic brightness adjuster which is just fine. Every time you got to change the brightness level, you need to come out of your App, go to Settings and adjust the brightness.

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It is Not About Google Stupid, It is About All Of Them – China

When Google kicked up a row and threatened to walk out of China over the issue of Beijing’s web censorship, it had embarked on a tight rope walk while facing an ethical dilemma. On the one hand were the core issues of the principles of ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘right to information’, while on the other was the prospect of losing business at the expense of its stakeholders.

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YouTube Mobile Upgraded

YouTube Mobile

As the world continues to go mobile, websites need to be optimized for a better mobile experience. YouTube has been a tremendous success on mobile devices and companies like Apple have thought of it to be a major part of the internet and have incorporated it within the operating system itself. YouTube received many hits from standalone apps and millions of playbacks from devices like the iPhone.

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