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iPad is Time’s Top Gadget of the Year


Time has listed out the Top 10 Gadgets of the Year and iPad is at the number one position. The iPad according to Time, is the number one gadget of the year leaving behind the Galaxy S, MacBook Air, Google TV and many others.

“It’s not the first touchscreen tablet in the history of computing, but it’s easily the most successful so far. With 3 million iPads sold in their first month alone and a market for interactive magazines and newspapers created almost overnight, Apple finally managed to make tablet computing cool.”, says Time.

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Google Instant Goes Global

google insant worldwide

Google has announced that their recently launched Google Instant service has gone global. Users from 40 countries worldwide can now see results as they type in the query in over 28 different languages. The feature works only on Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.0+, so if you have any of them, go to from the browser and click on the link below to try Google Instant.