Apple Introduces iPhone 4

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO took center stage at WWDC, Apple’s annual developers conference. He was given a standing ovation and was adored by the crowd. He began his keynote in the usual way and started by giving some updates. Then he carried on and reached to the point where he would unveil something magical.

Today, it was iPhone 4. Not iPhone 4G or iPhone HD but simply iPhone 4. iPhone 4 changes everything completely, again.

iPhone 4 has a pack of new features and Steve Jobs focused on 8 key ones. It is much thinner than its predecessor and has a better screen quality. It has an all new design, a gyroscope, retina display, iMovie, iBooks, iOS 4, FaceTime and Bing. iPhone 4 can do much more than iPhone 3GS with a front facing camera and a 5MP back camera with 5X digital zoom and a “backside illuminated sensor”. HD video recording is also possible.

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iBooks Update to Add PDF, Notes and Bookmarks

At WWDC, Steve Jobs announced that an update to iBooks would appear sometime this month. The update would bring complete PDF support to iBooks and users could read their PDF’s within iBooks itself. The PDF’s would be featured in the books shelf just as the books downloaded from the iBooks Store do. The App would now have two sections on the top – Books and PDF

The App would even add notes and bookmarks which would let you take quick notes while reading a book or PDF and bookmark any page.

Top 5 iPad Cases

By now, you must probably be admiring your shiny new iPad and must be in awe with it. The iPad is neatly designed and protecting it is one heavy task. Dread the day, when you accidentally drop it and it breaks down into pieces. Apple did keep that in mind while designing the iPad and it is quite scratch resistance. For extra protection, you could purchase a $39 Apple case, which is almost rubber like and does not succeed in its task.

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Steve Ballmer on “Cloud” 9 in India

International Reporting

CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer was in India on 28th May 2010. In his keynote address he spoke about Microsoft’s focus on developing the use of blue tooth technology for supporting interface management in business. Development of hardware and software to provide total solutions, was the theme which he emphasized as being central to innovation for this organization.

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eBay – Our iPad App Is The Best Way To Experience eBay [VIDEO]

During the D8 conference, John Donahoe, CEO of eBay predicted that in due course of time, wallets and credit cards would become extinct and devices such as the iPhone and iPad would have all the information needed to make transactions and purchases. According to him, wallets would be digitized and these devices would be everything people would ever need for a transaction.

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Steve Ballmer on iPad and Macs [VIDEO]

Steve Ballmer was interviewed at the D8 conference where he commented on Macs and the iPad. According to Steve Ballmer, PCs would grow in huge numbers and people would continue to use them. He even mentioned that Macs could become like trucks in the near future, but PCs won’t. They would still continue to operate in large numbers. Speaking about the iPad, Ballmer believes the iPad to be a PC with a different form factor.

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