iPhone OS 4.0 Features

The iPhone / iPod touch firmware upgrade 3.1 added loads of new features and functionalities to these beloved devices. There are rumors floating around the iPhone world suggesting the release of a new iPhone OS version 4.0 .If rumors are to be believed , the release is scheduled on 27th january at the macworld expo . It is believed that some app developer sent an email to a news website informing about the iPhone OS 4.0!

Predictions to the 4.0 OS are:



In the clash of the Titans, only a few survive. Of the five operating systems of Google Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian, the one released by Apple is the reigning one followed by Google.

Symbian, developed by Nokia, which was once ruling the roost, is now feeling the heat. As others are lured towards the Android and iPhone, the Symbian is in troubled waters. It seems that Nokia is fighting a losing battle, unless it comes out with game changing products with startling new features based on a Symbian upgrade or perhaps developed on a completely new platform itself.

However, unlike the Nexus One and the Apple Tablet, for which the world was waiting with bated breath, Nokia is yet to create the excitement. Will it be able to generate the market sentiment? Possibly, if they could come out with an innovation like a wearable mobile or human implants.

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IE exposes Google to hackers!

Microsoft says a security flaw in its Internet Explorer browser played a role in the recent computer attacks against Google and at least 20 other companies. They said the security hole can be closed by setting browser’s Internet security to “High”. The company has also released an update to fix the problem.

Google Chrome Update!

Google Chrome Beta on Windows has been updated to version

This new release puts the Channel name you are using beside the version number.

It also adds additional functionality to extensions .
Some of the major fixes and improvements are:-

1. The addition of internationalization support for extensions.
2. Adds a right-click context menu for Browser Actions and Page Actions.
3. Disables content scripts in Incognito mode.
4. Prevents extension popups from being dismissed when the focus changes from a child window of the popup, as it is the case with select popups
5. Enforces minimum version from the extension manifest.

A Week without Google!

Spending a week without using any of the Google products would be very difficult for a geek!
We at AppleGoogle plan to undertake this painstaking task and also provide our users with alternatives to Google products. This we think will make our users even more aware of the importance of Google in our daily lives.
Let the show begin!

DAY 1:

Google Search – It all started for Google with its search engine. And now they are up with so many products and services. So today,we have taken up the challenge of trying to survive without the Google search engine. Google’s search is a product which every Internet user would definately use while surfing the World Wide Web. There are a lot of alternatives to the search like Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo, Metasearch,Ask, Lycos etc. We would use all these and try to get our jobs done without Google.
Starting up with Bing! We found Bing to be compelling and even the iPhone app was nearly as good as Google. Bing rendered all the searches nearly similar to that of Google but it did not have the plain background that Google has. It was a lot distractive due to the background picture and related search terms beside the results!

Next up was Yahoo! Yahoo’s user interface was very very distracting. The homepage had a lot of advertisements along with a list of other yahoo products and the search box was on the top. In fact yahoo took a bit of time to open up when compared to Bing and Google. The search results were accurate and good! It didn’t seem to differ much. But it did not display real time results and also it was unable to locate a lot of small pages.
Ask was another good search engine!
But in the end it turns out to be that no one can defeat Google, though Bing is a close competitor.
Inviting AppleGoogle patrons to share their experiences on other search engines vis a vis Google.

Google: China Shut Down

According to a trending topic on the New York times, it has been reported that Google has declared that it would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the country ricocheted around the world Wednesday. But in China itself, the news was heavily censored.
Some big Chinese news portals initially carried a short dispatch on Google’s announcement, but that account soon tumbled from the headlines, and later reports omitted Google’s references to “free speech” and “surveillance.”
The only government response came later in the day from Xinhua, the official news agency, which ran a brief item quoting an anonymous official who was “seeking more information on Google’s statement that it could quit China.”
Google linked its decision to sophisticated cyberattacks on its computer systems that it suspected originated in China and that were aimed, at least in part, at the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.
In a statement, the United States secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, expressed “serious concerns” about the infiltration of Google.

Source: New York Times

Google Docs on Cloud 9!

Google’s latest cloud based play will give users the ability to upload any kind of file to Google Docs. The file intensifies cloud services from Google and indicates that Google is slowly trying to move its users to the cloud.
Picasa a free cloud based photo sharing from Google also aims to do so.

Now users can upload any file upto 250MB on Google docs. It need not be in Spreadsheet, Word format. It could be anything!
The free cloud-based storage from Google increases its competition against Microsoft, as Google offers a free online alternative to productivity software applications like Microsoft Office.

Google Docs users will gain 1GB of space along with the ability to store any file type that’s up to 256MB online.The online files will be can be searched, organized and shared, just like Google Docs documents.

Users can even purchase additional online storage space for US$0.25 per GB per year!

App of the week : Bing

The iPhone/iPod touch app for this week is surprisingly Bing. Bing as we all know is a search engine from Microsoft! The bing app for the iPhone will well move a lot of Google users on the iPhone to this new app.
Though Google does have it’s own app for the iPhone but Bing offers a much better UI with great additional features.

The Bing app is FREE for download on the iTunes Store. As soon as the app is launched it tries to acquire your current location so that it could open up your country’s wallpaper of the day, news etc.

The wallpaper by Bing which changes everyday covers the whole screen making the status bar transparent which is awesome. It then has options to choose from like images, news, maps etc.
The app is very well designed and even sports a voice to text input for searching on Bing.
The Bing app is truly the App for the week!!!!!

5 Things the iSlate must have!

The iSlate is possibly going to be demoed on January 26th at the Macworld Expo and we have listed down the five basic necessities and features that the iSlate should be capable of for it to be a success.

1. Connectivity – Wifi, Bluetooth, DLNA(possibly), 3G and connection of a wireless Internet datacard for Internet through a USB Port.

2. Display – The screen size should be large enough for viewing HD movies and YouTube videos in 1080p. Between 10-15 inches. Though it is predicted that the screen would be 10.1 inches. Better LED and with multitouch support.Maybe 3D support for gaming!!

3. CD/DVD– A CD/DVD Drive is very necessary for the islate.

4. Multimedia– Local Internet radio included with Internet radio. Compatibility with iPhone apps. Microphone for voice recognition.

5. Camera – A camera would indeed be very useful for making skype calls , video conferencing via 3G or maybe now 4G!! It should also support video recording.