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App of the week : Bing

The iPhone/iPod touch app for this week is surprisingly Bing. Bing as we all know is a search engine from Microsoft! The bing app for the iPhone will well move a lot of Google users on the iPhone to this new app.
Though Google does have it’s own app for the iPhone but Bing offers a much better UI with great additional features.

The Bing app is FREE for download on the iTunes Store. As soon as the app is launched it tries to acquire your current location so that it could open up your country’s wallpaper of the day, news etc.

The wallpaper by Bing which changes everyday covers the whole screen making the status bar transparent which is awesome. It then has options to choose from like images, news, maps etc.
The app is very well designed and even sports a voice to text input for searching on Bing.
The Bing app is truly the App for the week!!!!!

Chromium OS Zero!

Chromium OS, the open source build of Google’s upcoming web-focused netbook system, was made into a thumb-drive-friendly build early on by a helpful hacker named Hexxeh. His latest build, ChromiumOS Zero, adds Chrome extension support, speed boosts, and other goodies.

The new update is called Chromium OS Zero and it boasts serious speed improvements, automatic delivery of system updates, a reduction in the startup delay on Broadcom wifi adapters, and a slick, customized bootsplash graphic. The browser now has full extension support and bookmark sync, which makes it easy to experiment.

I did try to boot it in Sun VirtualBox but it didn’t boot up properly. You may still stick up with ther Chromium OS Cherry. Download it from your favorite torrent!

Review : Nexus One

The nexus one the one which has gathered a lot of hype has finally been launched by Google at the Android Press Event and also was also showed off at CES Digital Experience!

1. Camera – The nexus one has got a 5MP camera and the pictures and videos that were taken by us were OK. but not as good as compared to the iPhone. But though the iPhone does not have an inbuilt flash still it was better in picture quality when compared to the nexusone.

2. OS– The nexus one runs on the Android OS version 2.1 also known as eclair. The OS is pretty smooth and extremely fast. Apps open and close in a flash of a second. All because of the Snapdragon 1Ghz processor. Though we didn’t like the scrolling part much. It was a bit laggy.

3.Applications– With only 20000 apps in the android market,it is not something which would satisfy everyones need. A lot of the major apps are missing which is not good. Though the numbers are increasing day by day the iTunes store is far much better.

4.Looks– The nexus one is so light that it feels as if you are gonna drop it. It is also a lot slimmer and when compared to the iPhone it is definately slimmer and lighter. Though the camera placement is not that good! The back is also scratch resistant.

HTC placed two microphones on the device, one on the bottom and one on the back, for better noise cancellation. And the extra microphone pays off. The other party said that the Nexus One sounded, through their speaker, as loud as an iPhone 3G, but noticeably better. Not astoundingly better, just enough so that you’d mention it. But the speaker on the Nexus One, on the other hand, makes conversations sound tinny and thin. Actually, the better microphone setup is evident when you do a Nexus One to Nexus One conversation, because the resulting sound out of N1’s speakers is less tinny.

Near Me Now!

Google’s latest location-based feature for mobile devices, which went live recently, will make it easier to find restaurants, bars, ATMs and more when you’re in an unfamiliar area. The feature, called “Near Me Now,” is available on the Google homepage on your iPhone (OS 3.0 or later) and Android (OS 2.0.1 or later) devices. Near Me Now is currently available only for United States users, and was first announced in December, alongside other new mobile search features including Google Goggles.
Say you’re standing outside a restaurant and want to quickly look up information about it before committing to it. You could google it by name (and do all that tedious typing), or you could just hit the new “Near me now” link.

“Near me now” uses your location aware cellphone (currently only iPhone and Android devices) to search for surrounding businesses by category (restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ATMs and banks, and more), then returns any nearby matches based on their proximity to you. So if you’re standing outside or near a restaurant you’re considering, all it takes is firing up Google, tapping the “Near me now” link, and then choosing the category. It really is considerably faster than typing (especially on mobile devices), and might be worth working into your mobile searching toolkit.

Facebook updates iPhone App

After a very long time, facebook updated it’s iPhone app. The app now supports push notifications and contact sync.
The current version of the app is 3.1.1 and is a must have for facebook users on the iPhone.
The best and long awaited functionality being the contact sync. The contact sync is simply awesome. What contact sync does is that it matches your iPhone contact list with your facebook friends page and replcaes all of the missing profile pictures.
When you start the app for the first time it asks you whether you would like to allow facebook to activate push notifications or not. Then it asks you about the activation of the contact sync feature which is fantastic.(go for it) . Then it syncs all your contacts and you are done.
As for the push notifications, they apply whenever someone sends you a new message, or whenever you receive a new wall post, friend request, friend confirmation, photo tag, event invitations and updates, and comments.
You can get the update via iTunes for free.

AppStore- The Secret Sauce

Many people sit, sleep, walk and even dine with their iPhones! The iPhone from apple is the biggest success of the generation. Google recently announced the nexus one which seems to be compelling. The nexus one operates on Android 2.1 which has a few improvements. But still some are scared of making the shift to Android. An android market is also available but with a few 20000 apps. Less when compared to the app store.
Google said that they have only 20000 because the rest of the apps are web based and only need a browser. The iPhone also followed the same strategy earlier but had to discontinue due to a popular demand of standalone apps.
Standalone apps have a completely different functionality. They are specific in their function and offer better features in a better UI.
The app store has millions of applications which makes it the secret sauce for the success of the iPhone.
Also with standalone apps developers get to sell their apps and earn profit. Hence the developers too are happy with the AppStore rather than the Android Market.

SmartPhones Comparison Chart!

The folks at BillShrink have made up a chart comparing the four major smartphones currently in the Market.

The smartphones are:-

1.iPhone 3GS

2.Palm Pre

3.Motorola Droid

4.Google Nexus One

The chart compares the following in terms of Battery Life,Storage etc.

Android Press Event

Coverage of the Early moments of the Android Press Event!!

13 additional members to the OHA

he went in history and talked about the g1 and the droid maybe next is nexus one?

“In addition to the work on specific devices over the past year, in 2009 we had four major software releases from Android”


“When more people are accessing the web and the Internet., ti’s good for the Web, for the Internet… it’s good for Google as well”- WE ALL KNOW THAT ALREADY – CMON GOOGLE!





A video of the Android Press Event was also released by Scobleizer!
Android Press Event Video

Android 2.1 Improvements
Optimized hardware speed
Support for more screen sizes and resolutions
Revamped UI
New browser UI and HTML5 support
New contact lists
Better white/black ratio for backgrounds
Improved Google Maps 3.1.2
Microsoft Exchange support
Built in flash support for Camera
Digital Zoom
Improved virtual keyboard
Bluetooth 2.1
Nexus One Video

Pictures Copyright Gizmodo

AppVersal Ad

Apple Tablet as a Gaming Console!

The Apple Tablet seems to be demoed on January 26th and seeing the current excitement level,it seems that everyone is going to just grab it as soon as it launches!
A lot of competitors of Apple including Microsoft and Sony, are in the Gaming Business for long. Yet Apple doesn’t seem to launch a Gaming Console.
Maybe the launch of the Tablet would also cover this gap of next generation gaming.
Apple must engage on a deal with nVidia and put up a very powerful GPU which would support HD.
It should also have Bluetooth so that people could connect their wireless controllers and enjoy.