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Snapchat’s Updated Android App Is Now Faster

Snapchat has completely rebuilt the Android App and has released an updated version on the Play Store today. The company has been working on this redesigned version of App since a long time now and they really want to deliver a powerful product to the users. The new App promises to be less buggy and offers smooth browsing across all sections of the App. Read More

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Snapchat Is Testing A New Feature For Sharing Status From Live Location

The Map feature on Snapchat has never been that useful apart from showing the current location of the user. And you can never figure out what your friend is upto unless you call or text them to know about it. This will soon change if reports are to believed as the company will be adding a new feature which lets user share custom messages as status on the Snap Map. Read More

Snapchat Will Soon Have A Gaming Platform Inside The App

Snapchat is trying to convert their App from the regular photo and video messaging service into more of a game oriented service. Sources claim that the company will be launching a separate in-App gaming platform to attract more users to play these games and improve the signups in the App. The project is reportedly named “Project Cognac” and the company will announce it at the content and developer partners summit in Los Angeles on April 4. Read More

Kevin Systrom – Instagram’s Founder Says He Stole Stories From Snapchat

Well for each one of you who wondered that Instagram’s Stories is almost the same as Snapchat’s Stories, you are absolutely right and that is what Instagram’s co-founders admitted in an interview conducted yesterday by Techcrunch. Kevin Systrom did not shy way while saying that they gave their user what they wanted and that is where the exact same replica of Snapchat Stories was included into Instagram. Read More

Snapchat Signs Multi-Year Partnership With NHL

Snapchat users who are huge fans of National Hockey League are in for a big surprise as the company has just made a new multi-year deal with NHL to bring curated content to Stories along with separate weekly show for the same. This partnership marks a new journey for this popular social media App, where NHL will use this platform to reach out to more people and give them regular updates and announcements for the sport. Read More

Permanent Snap Feature Is Coming To Snapchat Soon

Snapchat has always been about the disappearing Snaps and videos when it launched back in 20111 and became very popular among teenagers around the world. But what if we told you that this feature could be erased soon and users will only be able to post Snaps that are longer in duration or actually permanent? Yes, we are freaked out about it too and nobody is sure as to why would the company take such a big step. Read More

How To Make A Snapchat Group With Your Close Friends

Snapchat has been lately introducing several new features including group chat on both iOS an Android with an effort to improve the declining user base and get more users to participate in different activities. The lenses for dogs and cats have been added and you can also check your 2018 Snaps with a nostalgic “Year End Story” feature. The Group Chat feature is great but it has actually left many users clueless on how to use it. Today, we will guide you how to make a Snapchat Group with your friends. Read More

Snapchat Dog Lenses Launched

Snapchat had recently added new filters and lenses for cats and seems like many cat loving audience on the App took the feature in a good taste. Maybe this is why Snapchat has gone ahead and added Lenses for dogs as well. The company is well aware that several users on this social media platform are proud owner of cats, dogs and other animals and is looking to boost the user base based on it. Read More