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The Difference Between Apple’s iPad mini Event and Microsoft’s Surface Event (PIC)

Apple iPad mini Event
Microsoft Surface Event
Here’s why Apple is way better than Microsoft. In the iPad mini event, you can clearly view Phil Schiller showing the iPad mini to the audience. As for the Microsoft Surface event, you judge for yourself.

To me, it is all about legacy and leadership. Steve Jobs clearly left behind a great legacy and showed Apple the way to becoming a marketing success, while Bill Gates could not implant something so strong enough that would change things.

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Steve Jobs – Microsoft and Google Can’t Even Copy Properly

On 60 Minutes, Walter Issacson, the author of the official Steve Jobs biography appeared and he shared some audio clips that he captured during the 40 interviews that he conducted with Steve Jobs for the book. In the audio clips, Steve Jobs says that Microsoft does not have humanities and liberal arts in their DNA. They are a pure technology company, and they just didn’t get it. Even when Microsoft saw the Mac, they couldn’t copy it. Read More

Comparing the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store at the Same Time of the Day

apple store vs microsoft storeA user recently uploaded a picture that compares the traffic in the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store at the same time of the day. The Apple Store has got more people, many of them are Apple store geniuses and the customers are mostly at the Genius Bar (Apple’s in-store repair service). Microsoft’s store has got some people too, and Microsoft is advertising the new thin laptop from Samsung that competes with the MacBook Air. Read More

Xbox Is Bringing “Forza Street” Racing Game To Android Soon

Xbox announced today that they are releasing a free-to-play racing game – Forza Street, for PC, Android and iOS. The desktop version for Windows 10 is now available and the iOS and Android versions will be launched by the end of this year. The game is basically a spin-off to the actual Forza franchise and you get to race all the vehicles right away. Read More

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Skype Adds Screen Share Feature On iOS And Android

Microsoft has added a new Screen Share feature on Skype, where users can share their phone screens live with the members on this video calling App. The feature is currently available in the beta versions of the App for both iOS and Android. It will be useful for people to share any important slides or presentations with their office colleagues or while explaining something to a family member. Read More

Patent Release Suggests Apple Working On Secret VR Headset

A submission to the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggests that Apple is working on a secret virtual reality headset.

Virtual and augmented reality technology has come a long way in the last few years. This new wave of products has been well received by a number of different sectors but the gaming industry has benefitted more than any other. A lot of companies are investing great amounts of money in research and have released major flagship products from it. Read More

Huawei Now Has Its Very Own OS Amid US Legal Battle

Huawei is currently in a legal dispute in the United States, where this Chinese smartphone company has sued the country for not allowing their technology to be used in federal networks and other government areas. Apparently, the company has prepared itself for the worst case scenario and has developed its very own OS if they get banned from using Android and Windows OS. Read More