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Google Chrome Market Share Increases

According to NetApplications, Google Chrome was the only browser which gained usage share in the month of February.

Chrome gained a 0.4 % of global usage share in January whereas the rest resulted a month to month decline.
In February Chrome jumped from 5.22% to 5.61 % while other popular browsers such as Firefox and Opera only experienced a negligible shift.

Google Chrome 5 (Dev Build)!

Google Chrome 5 is out now but is currently available to only Google Chrome Dev Build users.The current version being 5.0.317.2.
Some of the new features are-

Cookies: Modify how cookies and other site date are saved on your computer (Allow local data to be set, ask me when a site tries to set data, block sites from setting any day (with an exception list provided). Can also be used to block all third party cookies without exception and to clear cookies and other site data when the browser is closed. Does contain a link to Adobe Flash Player storage settings.

Images: Show all images, or do not show any images but for sites on the exceptions list.

JavaScript: Allow all sites to run JavaScript or do not allow any site to run JavaScript except for the sites in the exceptions list.

Plugins: Allow all sites to use plug-ins or do not allow any site to use plugins except for the sites in the exception list.

Popups: Allow all sites to use popups or do not allow any site to use popups except for the sites in the exception list.

Google Chrome  5 even comes with an address bar separator which allows you to hide extension buttons in the toolbar.
To get an early access to Chrome 5 Click Here.

Google Chrome vs Apple Safari

It has been long since Google and Apple have released their own browsers. Google released Chrome and Apple had safari. Today we take Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari for a test drive.

We compare them on the basis of :

1. Security and Stability
2. Privacy
3. Functionality
4. Speed
5. Customization

Security and Stability

The most easiest and common way a malware enters a computer is through a browser. Generally people get viruses from the Internet and the way they surf the Internet is what determines the security vulnerabilty of a computer.

If you are surfing with an old version, you are an easy target for hackers who could use the security loopholes in the browser and enter malware onto your PC.

The thumb rule is that the more popular the browser, the more it is targetted by hackers. Another type of security risks are browser plugins such as Flash, Quicktime , JavaScript etc. It is very important to keep them updated as well.
Chrome does not have the feature of blocking JavaScripts which makes in vulnerable. On the other hand Safari has a very restricted or limited way of blocking JavaScripts which make it vulnerable too. But less than Chrome.

Both Chrome and Safari do not have XSS protection. Only IE 8 and Firefox include XSS protection.

Chrome has a privacy mode known as an incognito window whereas Safari’s privacy mode is Private Browsing.
Both work equally well and do not create cache files or temporary Internet files but they do save the downloads for future use.

Chrome and Safari run on the WebKit engine but Safari 4 works on SquirrelFish .

Chrome was a bit more stable than Safari!
Customization –

Google recently allowed a bit of customiztion to be done on Chrome. With the launch of Google Chrome 4, users can apply extensions, add themes and sync bookmarks . Safari is kind of restricted on the customization part and yet it does not sport those types of customizations .


Both Chrome and Safari rely on the WebKit engine and are the fastest. Safari manages to do better than Chrome. Both are also well capable of handling Web 2.0 applications.

The RAM usage while running Google as the default website in both cases were – Chrome = 26.4 MB
Safari = 21.8 MB

Example – Chrome took 5 seconds to open Google whereas Safari took only 3 seconds.


Peacekeeper- Chrome = 3415 points
Safari = 3491 points.
Acid3 Test – Chrome = 100
Safari = 100
Sunspider Test – Chrome = 0.49 seconds
Safari = 0.58 seconds

So , in the end it all adds up to be that the test ended up in a close finish.
If you want Simplicity , Security and Customization ( a bit) then Google Chrome is for you,
but on the other hand if you need Speed, Performance and Functionality then go with Apple Safari!


Google Chrome Update!

Google Chrome Beta on Windows has been updated to version

This new release puts the Channel name you are using beside the version number.

It also adds additional functionality to extensions .
Some of the major fixes and improvements are:-

1. The addition of internationalization support for extensions.
2. Adds a right-click context menu for Browser Actions and Page Actions.
3. Disables content scripts in Incognito mode.
4. Prevents extension popups from being dismissed when the focus changes from a child window of the popup, as it is the case with select popups
5. Enforces minimum version from the extension manifest.

Google’s Latest Chromecast Goes On Sale For Rs. 3,499 On Flipkart

Google had announced its plans for the Google Chromecast third generation alongside the Pixel 3 phones at the recently concluded Pixel event this month. The new Pixel phones were launched first and now the Chromecast has finally hit the shelves of online and offline Indian stores. The device comes with a price tag of Rs. 3,499 on Flipkart and comes with major improvements compared to the previous version of the Chromecast. Read More