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Google Duo Has Reached Over A Billion Downloads On Play Store

Video calling in this generation is more relevant than what it used to be a few years back where the only way to communicate was through voice. Things are changing at a fast rate and video calls are being integrated in almost every messaging and social media Apps now. Google had launched the stand-alone video call app named ‘Duo‘ back in 2016 and in just 2 years it has hit the billion downloads mark on Play Store. Read More

Samsung TVs Will Soon Integrate Google Assistant

Samsung is looking to get ahead in the TV business and is planning to bring the very popular Google Assistant on its future fleet of TV sets in 2019. The voice assistant service is not new to Samsung as they had implemented Bixby in their 2018 TVs. Although users can control the video playback by speaking to Bixby, the voice commands are pretty much limited for now and bringing in Google Assistant should fill the gap. Read More

Google Assistant Wins “The Smart Speaker IQ Test” Against Alexa And Siri

Most of us make use of the voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant in our everyday life and some of us may even have wondered on which is the best amongst them. Well, you don’t have to keep a check on how they perform because the verdict is already out after a series of tests done by Loop Ventures on each of these voice models and it seems like the Google Assistant is leading the way. Read More

Google’s Pixel Buds Gets A Brand New Product Video

Google has not announced any plans yet for the next version of Pixel Buds, but the company is certainly making a stride to boost the sales of the original Buds with a new video. The product video puts a light on all the great features of the Pixel Bud and how well it can go along with your Pixel smartphone. It also comes in a nice looking grey box that you can carry along anywhere. Read More

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Google Claims That Lens Can Now Recognise More Than 1 Billion Items

It has not been a long time since Google introduced Lens on Assistant and Photos Apps on Android devices. Its been only a year since it’s launch in October 2017 and the company says that it can readily identify more than 1 billion objects in this world. This is incredible considering the advancements Google is making with it’s AI and machine learning technology to keep the Lens App updated with most of the surrounding items. Read More

Google Assistant Has Started Predicting Flight Delays

Google Assistant is constantly gaining newer functionality and better responses based on particular situations. The days of asking the Assistant to just help you with small tasks are gone and now it can actually predict your flight delays with an accuracy rate of 85 percent. Yes, you read that right as several people have started receiving potential flight delays on Google Assistant and it can’t actually get better than this for regular flyer. Read More

Google Pixel 3 Gets A Big Discount On Paytm Mall

Pixel 3 smartphones are definitely not cheap and if you have been thinking of buying one within your budget, now is the time to finally grab it. Paytm Mall is offering discount of up to Rs 8,000 on Google Pixel 3, which comes to just Rs 63,107 instead of the original launch price of Rs 71,000. This is great news because there aren’t usually such offers available for Pixel devices and it has come just after 2 months of launch back in October. Read More

Google Adds American And British Accents On Its Voice Assistant

Google announced in a blog post today that it has added two new languages for Google Assistant, specifically aimed at English speakers in the U.S. The reason for the addition is not certain but it will help users converse with the Assistant in a more appropriate accent. Google had also said that there will be 6 new voices for the Assistant back at the Google I/O Conference recently held this year. Read More

Google Shopping Has Arrived In India

Indian users will be now be able to use Google Shopping, a place where they can search for products across various categories and brands and also check for the prices and discounts on each product. Google announced this service in India today and aims to streamline shopping for people in the country. The internet is gaining millions of users in India everyday and this service will surely help in that direction. Read More

iOS Users Can Now Make Use Of Google Lens On The Google App

Google Lens has been around on Android since a long time now, where the users can make use of their camera to visually search information for any object. The feature was also introduced in iOS earlier this year via Google Photos App, where a clicked picture could be used to search for information from Google Lens. Now, the company has added the Lens feature directly on the Google Search App for iOS alongside the voice search, making it easier for everyone. Read More