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Apple Is Letting Apple Music Users Gift A Free Month Of Service To Their Friends

Apple had recently sent out push notifications to their older members to try Apple Music once again. And now it is sending out new notifications that gives their existing Apple Music users an opportunity to gift their friends a free month of the service. This means in addition to the 3 month free trial, the new users and the returning users will get a total of 4 months free trial before paying for the service. Read More

Apple’s New Patent Shows How Its Foldable Phone Might Look Like

Apple has filed a new patent that appears to be the concept or rendering of how the foldable phone from the company will look like in the future. As many top smartphone companies have started getting into developing their own versions of foldable phones with Samsung and Xiaomi taking the lead, looks like Apple is also keen to enter in this arena soon. Read More

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Apple Buys Data Tiger, A Digital Marketing Startup Based In UK

Apple has acquired a UK based digital marketing startup named Data Tiger today and it could possibly change the scenario of the tech giant in the digital space. Apple will look to better the sales of its high end iPhones, iPads and other devices with this new acquisition and get more buyers to come forward and purchase their products. Read More

Apple’s Event On March 25 Will Unveil The News Subscription Service

Apple will be bringing an all new subscription based news service next month for the Apple users out there and the system will be similar to how Netflix works. The users who are interested in the service will have to pay monthly/ annual fees as a part of the subscription. The news service will cover a bunch of content from around the world and also include exclusive content from all the major publications. Read More

Apple Adds iPhone Executive Frank Casanova To Its AR Team

Apple wants to show the world that it is actually getting serious about Augmented Reality for the company’s future prospects. The company has included a new executive into the AR Team, Frank Casanova, who previously had handled the marketing team for iPhones. The new title for his job profile reads as: “Senior Director, Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple Augmented Reality.” Read More

Apple Is Offering Free Trials Again To Older Apple Music Customers

Apple is tying to boost the user base of Apple Music by trying to lure in older customers who may have cancelled the membership at one point of time. The company has been sending out the push notifications to several of these users since the past week asking them to to get back to Apple Music and enjoy 3 months of free music streaming. Read More

Apple Pay Expands To Over 20 New Banks Around The World

Apple Pay is now available across more bank partners around the world, as we came to earlier about HSBC France and BNP Paribas also joining this list. Apple has included the new banks in its detailed list of banks that already support the service. Also, you can search for the US banks under the new and organised sub categories from the same list and check if your bank supports Apple Pay. Read More

Angela Ahrendts To Quit As Apple’s Retail Chief in April

Apple has made a big change to its retail department as the former chief Angela Ahrendts will be leaving the post in April 2019. The company also announced that it has appointed a new member for this position, Deirdre O’Brien, who will be handling Retail+People after Angela transfers her responsibilities to the new chief. Deirdre has over three years of experience while working at Apple which will help her bring more opportunities for the company in the future. Read More

Apple Says Sorry For FaceTime Bug, Fix To Come Next Week

Apple has come ahead and apologised for the FaceTime fiasco that happened a few days back that was causing breach of privacy for a number of users using this App. The bug was originally detected by a 14 yr old and soon became viral on the internet prompting the company to check on it immediately. Apple has promised that the bug fix will be available by next week and the users will have to bear with the issue till then. Read More

Apple Music Has Reached 56 Million Subscribers

Apple Music has gained almost 6 million more subscribers in he past 8 months after the company announced that the music streaming service now stands at a massive number of 56 million worldwide subscribers. The figure was close to 50 million last year, which Apple CEO Tim Cook had announced and spoke about as it was one of the biggest milestones in recent times for the company. Read More