Apple Is Going Down

Apple has not been progressing much in the past few years in terms of innovation, and with the passing away of Steve Jobs, things have been tough for the company and its users. There isn’t really any difference in Apple’s success between the time when Steve Jobs was here and today, because there isn’t any major difference in Apple between the two eras. There will be major changes but there won’t be the Steve Jobs factor that will make people fall in love with Apple’s innovation. There are Apple fans who will stick with Apple no matter what, but there will also be a large number of people who will agree with me that Apple needs to innovate in order to stay in the game. Read More

Must Have Apps For These Categories

It is known that apps are supposed to bring you many features at your fingertips, but I think that things are even better than you would expect. So let’s see a short list of useful apps.


If you need a way to accord your guitar, then you can do that with the Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna(Beta) app from Yousician Ltd. Until now you needed a special device in order to do that, or you needed to have a really good ear.

If you need an app for music then Spotify should satisfy all your musical needs. You can search for songs from anywhere as long as you have internet and you can use it as a normal mp3 player. You can also make your personal music feed, so you are given only similar songs in the playlist, or you can do your own playlist. Read More

13M Downloads For Apple’s ARkit Apps In 6 Months, Lead By Games

Augmented Reality(AR) based Apps is slowly crawling into the users phone, with a majority of games now using this technology to develop and make the best possible experience for the users. Apple’s ARkit framework was launched as a part of iOS 11, giving the developers a tool to create AR apps for iPhones and iPads.

Latest reports show the rising popularity of the AR Apps, with 13 Million downloads for Apps using the ARkit since September 2017. Also, the downloads has surpassed 3 Million in October after only 1 month of launch of ARkit. Read More

Apple Introduces The New Schoolwork App, An Ideal Classroom Manager

The Apple Keynote event saw the launch of the new 9.7 inch iPad with major focus on education and improving the overall scenario for teachers in imparting valuable knowledge to the students. Along with the iPad, Apple announced the Schoolwork App which will help teachers to manage the classroom digitally.

Teachers can use this App to assign digital assignments to students, and will be able to write notes, send PDFs, and include links to the web. Also since this is all on an iPad, they’ll even be able to assign students activities that live inside of other apps. To accommodate all these document attachments, Apple will update student iCloud accounts to include 200GB of storage by default. Read More

Apple Launches The New iPad With Stylus Support For $329

Apple hosted its annual spring event at a high school in Chicago today, focussing on the education market which is largely dominated by Google and Microsoft. The main area of discussion revolved around the new 9.7 inch affordable iPad, where Tim Cook spoke about the importance of education and how Apple can help inspire children to get creative and learn with this power packed tablet. Read More

Reliance Buys Stake In Saavn For $104 Million

Reliance Industries has confirmed that it will be buying stake in the Indian music service streaming App Saavn. This deal is estimated for around $104 million and all the stocks will be purchased from the respective shareholders.

In a joint statement on Friday, both Reliance and Saavn said that there are plans to invest up to $100 million, $20 million of it upfront, to expand the JioMusic-Saavn combined. The deal will combine the streaming media expertise of Saavn with the connectivity and digital ecosystem of Jio. Read More

The New iPads Will Come With Facial Recognition, Launching Soon

iPadiPads are still very much popular and in the limelight, they are cool to own even though you can do pretty much everything on a Macbook. Good news is that the upcoming iPad and iPad Pro will support facial recognition and there are chances that the company may launch them during their spring event on March 27th.

There is a speculation that the new tablet won’t include an OLED screen, which provides more vivid colors and sharper clarity. The device would be similar to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the Face Id would be useful for unlocking the device, making payments, and sending animated emojis. Read More

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