The Galaxy S21 Shows Minor Teardown Differences From The S20 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series’ first teardown has now been posted online, with some admittedly slight internal variations from the Galaxy S20 variant of last year. Of course, with the early 2021 upgrade, most of the major differences are external, although there are a variety of small improvements uncovered and revealed on their YouTube channel by teardown and system repair expert PBKreviews. The short video states that, however, there are some major internal additions, such as the top speaker assembly being packed with foam balls. Theoretically, this should make the speaker sound louder and fuller, something that smartphones usually suffer from. Read More

Apple Planning To Launch Music And Podcast Apps On Microsoft Store

In 2019, Apple started recruiting developers to “build the next generation of Windows media apps,” culminating in last year’s Apple TV app for Xbox. It has also been heard and assumed that the company is planning to add applications for music and podcasts to the Microsoft Store, which will be launched later this year to the public. Read More

Apple Store Online Offering INR 5,000 Cashback For Indian Customers

Big news for Apple customers in India. Apple has decided to offer customers a discount of almost INR 5,000. This is a huge discount which can be applied instantly on Apple products given your purchase bill is more than INR 44,900. The discount is in the form of a cashback which means Apple will refund you the amount at a later period. Read More

Google Removes Personal Loan Apps In India, Owing to Safety Concerns

In a bid to protect its customers, Google today removed some personal loan applications from its Play Store from the Internet search engine, from where a vast majority of Indians download phone apps. It checked the products released by government agencies on the basis of user inputs and notifications and also issued notices to several others in the same industry. Read More

Google Promises To Fix Bugs Of Pixel 4a 5G Units That Face Touchscreen Issues

Currently, several Pixel 4a 5G units face touchscreen problems that emerged after the security update in December 2020. Android Police first identified the problems related primarily to clunky navigation, citing complaints from Google, the Google Issue Tracker and XDA forums in the help forum. Google has identified the bug now and has promised a patch. Read More