Twitter Reduces The Follow Limit To 400 Per Day

Twitter announced on their “Twitter Safety” handle today that the number of people each user can follow everyday has been reduced to 400 from 1000. This comes as a call to fight the spammers on this social media platform, for which the company is taking all measures possible. This will also benefit people who get annoyed with handling loads of followers every day or every week. Read More

Apple Will Launch A 31.6-Inch 6K Display This Year

Apple is planning to replace the OLED technology with the mini-LED backlight display on its future set of MacBooks and iPads. One of the devices that could come with this new technology this year is a 6K external display. This will be a second timer from the company to offer an external display for its users, as it had discontinued the earlier external display back in 2016. Read More

Google Is Working On New Set Of Laptops And Tablets

Google spoke on new hardware configurations for the Pixel laptops at the Cloud Next 2019 conference today. This could well be an indication that Google is developing new laptops and tablets based on this new hardware announcement. Google already has the Pixelbook and the Pixel Slate devices currently on sale, which comes with its own set of advantages and limitations. Read More

Viber Introduces Local Number Facility For US, UK And Canada

Viber users around the world can now avail a new feature added by this messaging company today. If you want to call and text with someone who is not in your region, you can purchase the local number of that specific region and make direct calls and SMS. The feature is currently only available for US, UK and Canada and users can make use of this service for as low as $5. Read More

Snapchat’s Updated Android App Is Now Faster

Snapchat has completely rebuilt the Android App and has released an updated version on the Play Store today. The company has been working on this redesigned version of App since a long time now and they really want to deliver a powerful product to the users. The new App promises to be less buggy and offers smooth browsing across all sections of the App. Read More

Skype Maxes Out Group Video Calling To 50 Users

Skype has extended the number of users who can use group video calling from 25 to 50. This means that the double number of users can now call at the same time, which was not possible previously on this popular application. With this new update, Skype is leaving no room for it’s competitors like Apple’s FaceTime, which can handle up to 32 users. Read More

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