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20111012-214202.jpgiOS 5 was just made available, and with it comes iCloud. iCloud is the all magical cloud based service that revolutionarily backs up and allows you to access your data from any of your iOS or Mac. Now when you navigate to from your iPad for example, the website will automatically recognize your device, and help you either set up iCloud on your device, download Find my iPhone or Find my Friends (a new App).

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Apple’s Newsstand Now Available

newsstandPart of the latest iOS, Newsstand has just arrived for Apple iOS customers. Available via a link within the App Store, Newsstand can be accessed to view all the magazines and newspapers available via this unique service. Newsstand will be an App on iOS 5 that will reside on your home screen using which you can manage and view all your magazine subscriptions from one place. It also looks gorgeous.

Publications like GQ, The New York Times, The Daily and more are already a part of the service offered by Apple, and many other publications are soon being added to the ever growing roster. Newsstand won’t work without iOS 5. iOS 5 should also be released within the next few hours.

Celebration of Steve Jobs’ Amazing Life To Be Held By Apple on Wednesday

steve jobsNext week, a celebration of Steve Jobs’ life will be held by Apple Inc., said Tim Cook in a memo to employees on Monday. The event will be held on Wednesday, 19th October, at an outdoor amphitheater at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

Tim Cook also said, 

“Like many of you, I have experienced the saddest days of my lifetime and shed many tears during the past week, and I’ve found comfort in both telling and listening to stories about Steve.”

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Here’s Why Steve Jobs Wore the Black Turtleneck Always

steve jobs turtleneckSteve Jobs always was found in his same uniform at every keynote event, a black turtleneck with Levi jeans, and tennis sports shoes. If you are wondering why he did so, it is firstly very very clear that it wasn’t money-related (ofcoruse), but according to the upcoming biography fo Steve Jobs, here is why he did so –

On a trip to Japan in the early 1980s, Jobs asked Sony’s chairman Akio Morita why everyone in the company’s factories wore uniforms. He told Jobs that after the war, no one had any clothes, and companies like Sony had to give their workers something to wear each day. Over the years, the uniforms developed their own signatures styles, especially at companies such as Sony, and it became a way of bonding workers to the company. “I decided that I wanted that type of bonding for Apple,” Jobs recalled.
Sony, with its appreciation for style, had gotten the famous designer Issey Miyake to create its uniform. It was a jacket made of rip-stop nylon with sleeves that could unzip to make it a vest. So Jobs called Issey Miyake and asked him to design a vest for Apple, Jobs recalled, “I came back with some samples and told everyone it would great if we would all wear these vests. Oh man, did I get booed off the stage. Everybody hated the idea.”

In the process, however, he became friends with Miyake and would visit him regularly. He also came to like the idea of having a uniform for himself, both because of its daily convenience (the rationale he claimed) and its ability to convey a signature style. “So I asked Issey to make me some of his black turtlenecks that I liked, and he made me like a hundred of them.” Jobs noticed my surprise when he told this story, so he showed them stacked up in the closet. “That’s what I wear,” he said. “I have enough to last for the rest of my life.”

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These Four Apps Have Just Gone Free [11th October]

app storeIn this new segment of TheAppleGoogle, we will be notifying you about all those Apps which have gone free lately. We will try to cover this section everyday to help you get amazing Apps while they are hot. For today’s post, 11th of October, Paper Glider Crazy Copter 3D, Enemy Alert!, Mobile Adventure Walks and Alien Raid have been made available for free. Read More

iPhone 4 Case Might Not Fit Your New iPhone 4S

phonesPlanning to get iPhone 4S? Glad that the dimensions of the device are just the same as your current iPhone 4, and that your accessories as well as cases will fit the iPhone 4S? You are wrong. Although the accessories might work, the cases apparently won’t fit in. Verizon iPhone users should have nothing to worry about, but for AT&T users, there is a possibility that you’ll have to get a new case for your iPhone 4S. Read More

Facebook App Now Available for your iPad

facebook app ipadFinally. After months of leaks and debates, Facebook has finally released an App for iPad users. As The New York Times reports, Facebook has managed to clear out all bugs and is ready to release their App to iPad users. The App should be available for free to users globally shortly on the App Store. The App will allow you to access Facebook directly without having to open your browser, and also allow you to watch photos, profiles, videos, and your Facebook news feed right from your iPad within taps using gestures. Read More