5 Incredible Design Tips for App Developers

ios designThis post has been presented to you by the developers of the amazing application “Par-Tee” You can watch the trailer video of the App here, and get it from the App Store.

The world of app development has been somewhat of a promised land for developers lately, especially after seeing some amazing rags-to-riches stories. However, it can be easy to get an app wrong and the people who buy from the App Store are often the most critical, dishing out poor ratings to apps with minor bugs, even if it cost less than a journey on the bus.
After their release of Par-Tee, the world’s first augmented reality golf game in late August, Adam Sideserf and Silvertech Studios’ Tom Millson give their top five tips on making a great app.

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Roam About In A Boat and Kill Enemies In Frantic Frigate for iOS

frantic frigateFrantic Frigate is a game from Berzerk Studios that has a simple objective, but is challenging along the way. The graphics have been done very well by the developers, and you’ve got a boat in a sea which you have to protect. You are in total control of the boat, and sharks, bigger boats, ships, and more will constantly act as obstacles during your journey. Read More

Steve Jobs’ Official Biography Out Now on Kindle and iBookstore

STEVE BIOAs scheduled, Steve Jobs’ official biography by Walter Issacson has arrived on Amazon’s Kindle and for iBooks users. The kindle edition of the book is now available for $18.09, while the iBooks version is for $16.99. We have got our hands on the book, and boy it feels like gold. We will be reading it and posting incredible details that it shares here on TheAppleGoogle. Read More