This Can Be iPhone 4S/5 [PICS]

apple pro iphoneApple is working on the next generation iPhone dubbed “iPhone 4S” or “iPhone 5″. Just like every other hardware release from Apple, leaked pictures start floating around the web that usually originate from China or Vietnam, and claim to be the exact unit of what Apple is going to release. So following the tradition, we have few pictures from who are showing off the next iPhone. Read More

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4, Fixes JailbreakMe 3.0 Exploit

Apple has released a new version of iOS, 4.3.4 which fixes the exploit, JailbreakMe 3.0 was based on. JailbreakMe 3.0 is by far the most simple jailbreak ever created in which a user had to just visit a webpage to jailbreak his/her iDevice. The jailbreak was based on a PDF exploit which has been fixed by Apple in this recent update. The update is available for the iPhone 4/3GS, third and fourth-generation iPod touch, and all iPads. iOS 4.2.9 update is also available for the CDMA iPhone 4.

After Steve Jobs, It’s Phil Schiller’s Time for Auto-Tune

This is so cool. iTunedSteveJobs is known for uploading awesome auto-tuned videos of Apple keynotes specifically featuring Steve Jobs in a fun way. After uploading almost 5 Steve Jobs auto-tuned videos, it appears that it is now Phil Schiller’s (Apple’s VP of Product Marketing) time. In this latest video dubbed “Mac Kicks Ass” song, iTunedSteveJobs has taken Phil Schiller’s latest keynote presentation for a ride. Read More

Google Doodle Celebrates St. Basil’s Cathedral’s 450th Anniversary

doodleToday’s Google doodle celebrates the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia. The incredible Russian landmark which includes nine multi-colored onion-shaped domes has replaced the “L” in Google’s logo. This is the second time Google has featured the Cathedral in a doodle. Nothing fancy happens when you hover over the doodle, unlike Google’s previous doodles. Although Google functions in Russia, Yandex, a Russian search engine is the market leader. Read More

Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4 TV Ads

Apple has released two new TV ads featuring the iPhone 4 today which may possibly be the last advertisements that will be aired to promote the iPhone 4. It is rumored that Apple will soon release a new version of iPhone that will be thinner and lighter than the current model. The ads are based on the highly popular “If you don’t have an iPhone..” series. Until the next iPhone comes out, watch these ads to love your phone even more. Read More

Review – Proporta’s Slim Leather Style Case for iPad 2

Proporta has got an excellent collection of cases for the iPad 2. The slim leather style case for iPad 2 tries to replicate the functionality of the original Apple case for the iPad, and apply the same values to the iPad 2. The case is specifically designed for the iPad 2, and functions in the exact same manner as the original iPad case from Apple.

The iPad 2 fits in perfectly in the slim leather case, and the case helps protect the back and front end of the device. Unlike the smart cover from Apple, Proporta’s slim case protects the back side of the device while leaving spaces for the iPad camera to function in the right way. Sleek gaps have been cut out to provide complete access to all the ports. Read More

Snappy Giveaways – Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure

raRoxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is a new App from OCG Studios that kids will simply love. The user interface of the App is neatly designed, and the game is highly addictive. In the game, your job is to find items while driving, walking, flying, riding, racing, or rafting. You need to figure out your way, and find the desired item by freely exploring. Read More