GTA III Now Available in the App Store for iOS

To celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games have released Grand Theft Auto III in the App Store for iOS users for $4.99. The game was released back in 2001 and was the first 3D based game in the GTA series. The latest version of the game which has hit the iOS App Store supports both iPhone and iPad, and the graphics is absolutely stunning. Gameplay is remarkable too as controls are assigned well. Read More

Dynamic Comparison of Apple’s Old 5th Avenue Store Glass Cube With The New One

applestoreWow. Just follow this link, and you will notice a dynamically changing picture that compares the old Apple’s 5th Avenue Store glass cube with the new one. You can clearly compare the old version which included over 90 glass panes and the newer one which has a significantly reduced number of panes. It’s pretty amazing.


Google Donated $100 Million In Charity in 2011

Google gave back over $100 million in charity in 2011 alone. The organizations that Google donated money focus on improving girl education, ending human trafficking, empowerment through technology and in bringing more jobs in third world countries. Google+ for nonproifts will now also be available and a separate page teaches non profits how they can raise awareness. Read More

Apple TV Now Available in Brazil

It appears that this week Apple have succeeded in their debut of the new Apple TV along with online iTunes services in Brazil. With the Apple TV, citizens of Brazil will now be able to access any of the online entertainment services that Apple have has to offer in other countries and avail music, movies, podcasts, Apps and more that iTunes will provide. Read More

Mac App Store Reaches 100 Million Downloads

Apple’s newly released Mac App Store has reached a milestone of 100 million downloads today. If you own a Mac you have probably used the Mac App Store at some point to download a quick small App or even a large App like “iPhoto” or “Pages”. When released back in January of this year, Apple designed it to be reminiscent of the current App Store that is available on all iOS devices. Read More

mCatalog Is One Place For Deal Tracking on Android

ahgmCatalog for Android is the one place that will gather and display deals on sports gear, travel deals, apparels and other interesting items. The catalog that is relevant to you gets downloaded instantly to your Android device and can also be viewed offline. Just as regular deals, the App presents you with information about the retail price, the special price being offered and the percentage that you will save on the deal. Read More

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