All About Personal Hotspot in iOS And How To Use It

personal hotspotsInternet tethering has been a function that many smartphones have been able to perform for a couple of years now. But Apple left the option to use internet tethering out of iOS, until the release of iOS 4.3 which was released to the masses in March 2011. Dubbed “Personal Hotspot”, it was well welcomed in the iOS community, but what is Personal Hotspot? This article will explain all you need to know about Personal Hotspot, and why you should (or shouldn’t) use Apple’s implementation of internet tethering. Read More

Apple Is Not Accepting Apps That Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple won’t be accepting any Apps that will pay tribute to Steve Jobs in any way or form. According to Apple, “these types of Apps” won’t be allowed to exist in Apple’s dynamic App Store. One calendar App was recently rejected and Apple sent out an email to the developer of this application informing about the rejection and also mentioning that tribute to Steve can be paid in other ways. Read More

Apple Designer, Jonathan Ive Gains Knighthood In The U.K

Jonathan Ive or Sir Jonathan Ive has been granted knighthood for “services to design and enterprise”, 6 years after receiving a CBE for “services to the design industry”. The U.K born designer joined Apple in 1992 and gained recognition as Senior Vice President of Industrial Design in 1997 after desining the first iMac, which kicked Apple back into the computer market after Steve Jobs’ return.

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iPhone Battery Life: 4 Quick Tips


“Siri, what in the world is wrong with my iPhone’s battery life?” This is what I found myself asking my “personal assistant” after a couple of days with fighting with my new iPhone 4S battery. She didn’t answer of course, but if she could, I can think of 4 easy things she would have told me to try. I’m here to pass those along to you.

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Google Tests New Email Subscription Ads


Love it or hate it, Google has a new ad subscription tool that allows companies to purchase ads that already contain a space for subscribing to their newsletter. If the user is logged in to his or her Google account, their email address will be pre-loaded into this box, allowing them to simply click subscribe and be done. Their email is then sent directly to the company, adding them to the newsletter list. Read More

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