Happy 35th Birthday, Apple

apple birthdayToday, you must have been fooled by many April fool jokes. But this one is absolutely true. On April 1st, 1976 Apple Computer Inc came into being. Apple was ofcourse founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but the company has been successful due to the influential and remarkable people it managed to bring together. From the Apple 1 to the iPad 2, Apple has changed a lot, but the core values remain the same. Read More

eBay Chart Shows Where the iPad 2s Are Going Globally

ebay ipad2Apple has not yet officially announced the number of iPads sold or the country that has purchased the most iPad 2s. The service that most people who want to get their hands on the new device as early as possible are using has revealed some data that shows where the iPad 2s are going globally. eBay’s new chart shows that Canada and Russia are the top iPad 2 importing countries, but the demand for the hot gadget is higher in Russia than in Canada. Read More

Updated Photoshop App Will Sport Layers

psd ipad layersIt appears that at Photoshop World, Adobe demonstrated an updated version of its Photoshop Express for iOS application. The updated version reportedly will sport layers, quick editing, multi-touch gestures, image correction tools, and more. The App will remain free, and in a video posted by Photography Bay, you can look exactly how the updated version would feel with Layers. Read More

Google Search Gets More Social With +1, Competes With Facebook

+1Google has been making changes to its search engine to make it even more social. Today, the search engine giant has introduced +1 – a new social feature that allows you to +1 an article, video, website, and other things. As all +1 data is public, people connected with you will be able to notice the items you’ve +1′d and would consider that you liked the item. Read More

Android’s In-App Billing System is Now Live

in-app androidAfter a ling time, Android developers will now be able to efficiently monetize their Android applications with the new in-app billing system that has made its way into the Android Market today. As the model has been extremely successful on iOS, developers were keen to try it on Android. Starting today, developers can sell stuff from within the App, and charge users for it. Read More

Vimeo Releases Official iPhone App for Working With Videos

vimeo appVimeo has today released its official iPhone application that allows you to edit, create, upload, and share your videos with people using Vimeo. The App also features an in-built video editor using which you can add transitions, titles, effects, trim videos, and directly upload them to Vimeo. The application requires at-least iPhone 3GS and iOS 4.0. Vimeo’s inbuilt video editor is fancy for quick video editing, and the direct upload makes it super easy to share videos instantly. Looks like YouTube needs to work on a much more feature rich application for iOS and Android. Read More