We’ve Got Codes for Par-Tee for iOS

Par-Tee is an incredible game for iOS which uses Augmented Reality for its core functioning. It is basically a golf game, but instead of having predefined courses, it creates courses based on your surroundings. Enough said. The developer has been kind enough to provide the readers of TheAppleGoogle 10 promo codes so you can get the App for free. They are published below, get em as soon as you can. Read More

Android.com Has Been Redesigned To Promote and Sell Android The Right Way

Google has redesigned Android.com to sell and promote their open-source Android platform for mobile and tablet devices. Although the pages aren’t as sophisticated as the ones presented by Apple promoting iOS, it is definitely better than the earlier design. Now it features three tabs – “Discover Android”, “Get Apps” and “Develop Apps”.

Give it a look here.

iOS 5.1 Will Be Released Soon With Siri Changes


A report that was released earlier this week states that Apple is preparing another software update for iOS. The update is said to include a version of Siri that is more integrated into the OS, for example it will have the ability to turn your WIFI and Bluetooth on and off, sources claim. It may even have the ability to take pictures and videos for you. We don’t see how this one could be practical for day to day camera use. We believe that the primary reason for using Siri is that it allows you to be handsfree. Surely, some more useful features could be added, like having the ability to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts using Siri. Siri could use some development with its nationality, for example at present you cant use Siri to find maps or directions on your phone outside of the U.S. This has caused many people to be disappointed with the new assistant feature.

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Arthur D. Levinson Elected As Apple’s Chairman of the Board

20111116-135657.jpgAs we know, former Chairman of Apple’s Board, Steve Jobs has passed away and a successor to his position has been named. Arthur D. Levingson, Ph. D. has been a co-lead director of Apple’s Board since 2005. He has also served in all three of Apple’s committees within the Board, audit and finance, nominating and corporate governance and compensation. While being at the Chairman position, Levinson will still remain a part of the audit committee, we are yet to find out a reason for this.

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15 Inch MacBook Air To Ship In March 2012

macbook airThe world’s thinnest notebook, the MacBook Air is soon going to be available in a whole new screen size. A 15 inch MacBook Air model is rumored to be available by March 2012 according to sources in Apple’s supply chain.

DigiTimes reports that component suppliers have started shipping new ultra thin components for a new MacBook. It could be a 15 inch MacBook Air or even a new and thinner 15 inch version of the MacBook Pro. Read More