Fly A Paper Plane That Actually Flies Incredibly In My Paper Plane 3 for iOS

My Paper Plane 3 from Wavecade is an incredibly designed game for iOS in which you are responsible for flying a paper plane through tough conditions to earn points and have fun along the way.

Your device’s accelerometer is what powers My Paper Plane. You’ve got a lot of levels to cover and the game is well integrated with Apple’s Game Center so you can share and compete with friends for unlocks and achievements. Read More

Video Interview With Mike McCue of Flipboard Regarding iPhone Version

Flipboard today announced an iPhone version of their popular news reading App. If you’ve got Flipboard set up on your iPad, you can import everything to your iPhone by simply creating a free account with them. Flipboard also did an amazing Apple-like Ad which we have embedded. Watch these incredible interviews by with Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard. Read More

Flipboard Comes to the iPhone. It’s Amazing.

flipboard for iphoneFlipboard, the personalized news reading App originally for the iPad was a huge success. It was Apple’s Best App of the year, and now Mike McCue and his team have ported the dynamic news reader App to the iPhone. Just like the iPad App, the iPhone App is wrapped up in an incredible user interface, and introduces a new feature dubbed “Cover Stories”. It’s available for free on the App Store and is a must-have. Read More

DevDialogue – Digital Poke Team Speaks

digital pokeDevDialogue returns! In this exciting interview, we have been able to have a chat with Digital Poke, the developers of the popular 360 Web Browser App. We discuss marketing strategies, competition in the App Store and the making of the incredible browser from Digital Poke. This exclusive interview gives you a behind the scenes developmental picture. Read More

Create Laughter With Laugh Synth for iOS [REVIEW]

laugh synthWhen I first opened Laugh Synth, I was thinking this must be some lame and childish App, but not at all. Laugh Synth for iOS is just really funny. As the name suggests, Laugh Synth will help you create and share laughter. With this App you can produce some great noises that are absolutely hilarious to hear. You get a lot of options to choose from like High Society, Mask, Italiano and the App creates sounds that complements to the selected style. Read More