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Google To Introduce Prince: A New Standard Nest-Branded Smart Speaker

Google-PrinceAs per the latest news from sources, Google is all set to launch Prince, which is a new standard nest branded smart speaker. The gadget will look unassuming and recognizable, however, it is expected to fit in pleasantly with the fabric-based design language of the Nest Mini, Nest Hub, the still-not-renamed Google Home Max. The device is expected to be, codenamed Prince after, well, Prince, is show less and in a comparative vein to the Sonos One. That would mean bigger speaker drivers — a perceptible knock up from unique Google Home which includes a high trip speaker with 2-inch driver. Read More

Google Maps Is Now Allowing Third-Party Sites To Show Reviews, Images And Much More

google-mapsGoogle Maps is celebrating its 15th Anniversary by bringing in some new changes in its working. Google is now paving way for third-party sites to show reviews, Images and much more on its Google Maps. In a simpler word, Google will allow other sites to build on Google Maps. Google Maps helps keep clients connected on your site by giving them a nitty gritty comprehension of spots almost a particular area they’re thinking about — place names, depictions, value level, evaluations, audits, and photographs. It even gives assessed time of appearance and strolling headings from the area of intrigue. Read More

Google Maps Highlight Nearby Take-Out Restaurants And Delivery

Google-MapsAs per the latest updates, in order to make it easier for users to find restaurants offering delivery and take-out services in their areas, Google Maps have now added an easy-to-see button which is placed at the top of Google Maps in iPhones and Androids. This is a boon to the users as this feature points and lists the details of all the eateries which are offering delivery and take-out services in their area, in turn, making life easier for its users even during the ongoing pandemic situation. Read More

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Adresses The Class of 2020

Google-Sundar-Pichai In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, everything is moving online including the graduation ceremony of the batch of 2020. Google CEO Sundar Pichai tended to the graduating class of 2020 by means of a virtual occasion sorted out by Google’s YouTube platform to bid farewell to these students. Apart from Pichai, the ceremony was blessed with the presence of former US President, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, the youth heartthrob Korean Band BTS, Malala Yousafzai, Lady Gaga and Beyonce amongst many others. Read More

Apple May Charge Google $15 Billion If It Invests In DuckDuckGo

Apple-Google-Search-EngineAs per recent reports, it is being said that Apple may charge Google a massive amount of $15 Billion per year which is double of what Google is paying right now if Apple decides to invest in DuckDuckGo, making it the default search browser on iOS and Mac devices. Anyhow, by taking this step, Apple might put $7-$8 Billion of its fixed yearly income from Google at stake, as the tech-giant might refuse to pay $15 Billion to Apple. Read More

WhatsApp Web Users Face Privacy Issue As Numbers Visible On Google Search

whatsapp-webAthul Jayaram, who is an independent cybersecurity researcher recently reported that many mobile numbers of WhatsApp web users are visible on Google search just via plain text. The researcher stated a massive privacy issue for users as more than 290000-300000 mobile numbers have been leaked and is easily accessible to internet users through WhatsApp’s Web Portal. The affected users belong from United States, India and the United Kingdom prominently amongst many others. What makes this a matter of concern is that these numbers are available on the open web and not the dark web. Read More

Google Fined $5 Billion For Tracking Users In Incognito Mode

Google-IncognitoAs per recent reports, Google is facing a massive fine of $5 Billion for tracking down its users even in Incognito mode. A lawsuit was filed against the tech-giant in the federal court of San Jose charging it against gathering information of its users and knowing about what people do and view even in incognito mode which apparently is supposed to be a private browsing experience. Furthermore, the charges state the tech-giant collecting information from Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and various other Mobile Apps that help the company learn about its user in the closest proximity possible, which can be scary and embarrassing as well. Read More

Mitron App May Soon Make Its Come Back On Google Play Store

Mitron-Google-Play-StoreEarlier, Mitron App was removed from Google Play Store for violating its terms and conditions in accordance with user privacy breach. The App which is an Indian alternative for TikTok gained immense popularity overnight and had over 5 million downloads in a short span of time. It was stated earlier that the reason behind the application being taken down was the privacy policy. Users could not find a way around deleting their account. All they could do is either log out or uninstall the Application. Read More

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WhatsApp Pay Struggles To Launch As Google Pay & PhonePe Control The Market

WhatsApp-Google-PayIn India, it’s Google and PhonePe that are hustling in a dead heat to be the top player in the versatile instalments showcase, while Facebook stays buried in an administrative labyrinth for WhatsApp Pay’s rollout. An approximate of 75 million clients executed on Google Pay application, in front of PhonePe’s 60 million clients in the month of May. Google despite everything slacks Paytm’s range with dealers, however, the Android – producer has kept up its general lead as of late in spite of each player losing energy because of one of the most rigid lockdowns all-around set up in India. Read More

Google To Launch Sabrina: A New Android TV Dongle

Google-Android-TV-DongleGoogle’s Android TV Dongle rumours have been doing rounds for quite some time now as there was no solid evidence of its arrival. But as per the latest reports, we have something in hand about Google’s latest arrival now. Named Sabrina, the new Android TV Dongle is a much-hyped addition to the Google Chromecast Series. This will be the only device with more capabilities and features than the Chromecast series of devices. Read More