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Google Pixel Phones Might Get ‘Ultra-Low Power Mode’ Soon

After seeing the reviews and reactions of Google Pixel 4, the company has decided to add the ‘Ultra low power mode’ to tackle the battery issue. The feature was detected through changes in Android Code.

The feature will turn to Dark Theme to consume the least battery. The apps which are working in the background will automatically stop. Also, your phone will start sending location if your screen is turned off, your notifications might be delayed, apps only refresh content, like email or news, when you look at the app, Google Assistant’s features are restricted.  Read More

Google Announces Ambient Mode For OnePlus Phones

Google is now adding Ambient Mode for OnePlus phones. OnePlus phone customers can now enjoy this feature by Google on their phones.

The Ambient Mode which launched last year for some Nokia phones was followed by Xiaomi and now it’s finally releasing for OnePlus. The feature will be available for OnePlus 3 and above phones only. Read More

Google Will Inform You If Your Password Is Hacked

It’s the “Safer Internet Day” today and on this occasion, Google has shared a feature that can tell you whether any of your passwords are hacked or not.

The Google Password Checkup feature tells the user many things including the passwords which are linked to other apps and sites. But its basic function is to tell you if any of your passwords have been hacked or if the same password has been used for a number of times.

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Google’s New Artist Management Service – DEMAND

Google has launched a new venture dubbed DEMAND, for musicians. This helps the artist’s management and PR team. The aim is to provide an artist with the right data for scheduling their concerts at the best venues and best price.

The venture is supported by Google’s vast database and statistics. Many essential data will be given to artists by Google, recorded on Play service, YouTube and many more to get the best results. The goal is to find the best cities and venues for a specific artist. Which bands already famous in that specific region, which additional acts should be added in the event or what should be the best price for that specific tour or event all this data will be provided to the artists which will help them to nullify errors during the management of the event. It also focuses on the target audience, whether the audience is familiar or interested in that specific theme of the concert. Read More

Huawei No Longer Looking To Get Back With Google

Huawei had an excellent roll through the recent years with their latest flagships. However, their progress had been drastically undermined due to the US ban on Huawei. This ban had caused a lot of friction regarding the compatibility of android features with Huawei devices. Well, now Huawei has decided to no longer keep their progress on hold in the hopes of having the ban lifted. The Chinese manufacturer no longer plans to return to Android with all the popular Google apps present. These apps include the Play Store, Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and others. Huawei will instead invest heavily in its own platform, which would soon eliminate their dependence on Google. Read More

Google Translate To Provide Real Time Translations With Transcribe Feature

Google plans to add a live transcription feature to the latest Google Translate update. This feature allows users to record audio in one language and have it rendered to another language in real-time. Google gave a demonstration of this technology along with a series of other artificial intelligence demos at its San Francisco office.

The service is still in its testing stage as Google says there are many more developments to be made regarding this concept. Google says that to access this feature, users will likely need an internet connection. This is due to the real-time nature of the translation process that, Google claims to be, much more complex in nature as compared to simply translating written text from one language to another. Read More