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First Apple Store In Turkey Opens

Apple Store Turkey

Apple’s first retail store is now open for the public in Istanbul at the Zorlu Centre, a centrally located multi-use space having a high end mall, hotel, office, residential and performing art center. The Apple Store has the latest subterranean construction as few other Apple flagship stores with four gigantic glass walls between a shallow pond made of black stones. The roof is white with a big Apple logo on top. The outlet has a showroom floor, special event area and dual genius bars all in 21,500 square feet space. Read More

GSM Unlocked iPhone 5s Now Available At Online Apple Store

simfreeApple just released the unlocked version of its iPhone 5s on the online Apple store in the United States. The unlocked version is the same as the other variants in terms of hardware and software, the only difference being that it will not come with a SIM card, and will not be tied to a carrier or contract. The unlocked iPhone will run any GSM SIM cards, which is a great advantage if you travel abroad frequently. Read More

Apple Store Down – Is It Something New Coming Or Just Regular Maintenance?

The Apple online store is currently down featuring the message – “We’ll be back” message in different languages. Could Apple surprise us with something or is it just regular scheduled maintenance? Well, we need to wait and watch.

Update: The store is now back up with an iPad based scrolling section and featuring a better and more advanced search engine. Read More

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