Google’s Pixel 3a/XL At $239! Up To 30-hours Of Battery Life And A Lot More

As part of its DealZone, recently, B&H is proposing the Google Pixel 3a 64GB Unlocked Android Smartphone for $239 shipped. This deal is at the best price that has been tracked in months, usually, retailing is for $399 at Amazon, $349 was needed to be paid for the newer Pixel 4a as we speak. A 5.6-inch display with 64GB of built-in storage is being offered by Google Pixel 3a. Some amazing holiday season pictures and videos can be captured with its 12.2MP rear camera. Additionally, 7-hours of battery life after plugging in just for 15-minutes can be obtained, when you access the fingerprint reader around the back to unlock the phone. Currently, Amazon has received thousands of 4.4/5 star rating. Read More

ConnectKit – Developers Can Now Integrate App Store Connect With Shortcuts With The Help Of This New App

Recently, an announcement was made by Josh Holtz, the developer, introducing a new iOS app called ConnecKit, which aims to be a powerful tool for developers. To let developers integrate Apple’s platform with the Shortcuts app along with iOS widgets, the App Store Connect API keys are used by ConnectKit. Read More

The New Mac Mini Receives Complaints About Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

The accessibility to the new Mac mini with M1 chip has been there for a while now and even though the machine has managed to impress users with its brilliant performance, but it is also problematic for some of them. Bluetooth connectivity issues with the new M1 Mac mini is one of the major issues that users have been complaining about. Read More