Portable Translator: Learn New Language While Sitting On Your Couch

Don’t you wish you had the je ne sais quoi to pull off fluent French? Or even British? (Because apparently, they are considered the most exotic language). However, things are easier said and than done. How many hours/ days/ years would you think you would have to invest before you can even dream of uttering a fluent sentence in any other foreign language? Not to forget the amount of tedious classes and seminars you would have to sit through. Read More

Pixel 4 XL Leak Shows Motion Sense Feature In Action

A new video for Pixel 4 XL has leaked on the internet which shows the motion sense technology in action with Spotify. It’s basically a new gesture feature on the phone where the person can communicate with the phone without touching the screen, like how the person in the video changes the songs on Spotify by simply hovering his hand above the device. Read More

5 Best Apple Arcade Games

Apple finally launched the Apple Arcade gaming service last month and is now available on iOS 13. This service looks very exciting with over a 100 new gaming titles created with the help of third party developers. You can make use of the free trial month to explore each and every game that this service has on offer and if you like, you will have to pay a monthly fees of $4.99 to continue. Here’s our list of the five best Apple Arcade games that you must definitely try: Read More