Epic Games, Spotify, Among Others, Form Coalition For App Fairness Aimed Against Apple

A number of developers have come together to form the Coalition for App Fairness that opposes Apple’s App Store policies. The coalition is non-profit and is intended to coordinate efforts to do battle with Apple. The founding members consist of Epic GamesSpotify, and Tile. Interestingly, all of these three companies are involved in high-profile disputes with Apple.

The coalition has accused the Cupertino company of ‘taxing consumers’ and ‘crushing innovation’ which will only add to the antitrust pressure that Apple is currently facing. Read More

Marvis Pro Allows Users To Enjoy Custom Apple Music Widgets On Their iOS 14 Home Screen

Apple Music Subscriber can now customize their home screen with some unique music widgets using the latest update of the Marvis Pro App.

Marvis Pro, an old alternative to the official Apple Music app, has been available for those who subscribe to Apple Music (or even buy songs on iTunes) but don’t like the native iOS app. The App has been updated with multiple home screen widgets for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 users. Read More

Fantastical Adds 12 Home Screen Widgets For iOS 14, Among Other Features

Fantastical’s new update brings iOS 14 home screen widgets as well as support for new Apple Pencil features on iPad and more.

Fantastical has added a total of 12 home screen widget configurations. It offers small widgets that show the date or a single upcoming event, medium widgets that show monthly calendars or multiple events, and large widgets that show full calendar sets, agendas, and more: Read More

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Pinterest Breaks Its Daily App Store Download Record, Thanks To iOS 14 Widgets

The new iOS 14 comes with many exciting new features, but the feature that’s catching everybody’s eye is its home screen customization. Users have been customizing their home screens according to various themes, and this popularity has led to users looking for inspiration on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

Pinterest has broken its download records on App Store due to the update since the application offers users with wallpapers that will match their theme, be it color-wise or a vintage aesthetic, and with more ideas on how to customize their home screens. Read More

Apple To No Longer Support Downgrades From iOS 14

Apple will no longer sign iOS 13.7 and will block every downgrade from iOS 14, following the release of the latter last week after almost three months of the beta period. Users who have already updated their devices to iOS 14 will not be able to downgrade to any iOS 13 builds.

The update flaunts a major redesign to the Homescreen with various widgets, App Library, and other new features. Almost 30% of Apple users have already upgraded to iOS 14, which is 10% more than the number of people who have upgraded to iOS 13 in the same period last year. Read More

iOS Jailbreak Rolls Out For Older Devices, Likely To Reach Newer Ones Soon

An iOS 14 jailbreak is now available and is most likely to support many upcoming as well as older devices.

This jailbreak is from ‘unpatchable’ whose checkm8 exploit made it possible to jailbreak any iOS enabled device ranging from new to old devices as well. Since “checkm8” was the first jailbreak software available to the public and has helped a lot in being a steppingstone for a jailbreak software being available for iOS-enabled devices. Read More

Registrations For Voting Through Snapchat Cross 400,000

More than 400,000 people have registered to vote through Snapchat, according to Axios.

Two weeks ago, Snapchat introduced various voting tools, including a feature that allows users to register to vote directly through the App. In 2018 as well, Snapchat had included in-app voter registration tools. It was observed that more than half of the users who registered through the service actually ended up voting. Read More

Users Can Now Set Gmail As Their Default Mail App On iOS 14

Google will now let users set Gmail as the default mail App on their iPhones and iPad. Before that, Google had rolled out a bunch of updates to support the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Version 6.0.200825 of Gmail for iOS is now available on the App Store. You will see an in-app prompt to set the App as the default iOS mail client. Otherwise, you can manually visit Settings>Gmail. In case you delete your iOS Mail App, Gmail (or any other third-party app installed) will be automatically set as the default mail App. Read More

Become A Designer Using Nothing But Your Smartphone

Before we dive into the incredible possibilities of modern smartphones, a little disclaimer is a must. Sure, a lot of things can be done with these devices and you can obtain incredible results as an absolute amateur, but those will never be on the same level than when a professional designer creates something. After all, when it comes to design, it’s all about the skills of the artist and not the tools that they use. And smartphones give us a plethora of tools that do all kinds of stuff. However, that doesn’t mean professional designers don’t also use these, meaning that you, as a complete newbie, can hope to get similar results. Read More