Google+ App for iOS Awaiting Approval

20110705-122530.jpgGoogle latest social venture, Google+ already has a native App for Android available, and today Google also submitted the Google+ App to the App Store which is pending approval.

The update comes from Erica Joy’s Google+ stream which says

For all my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App Store (no, not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.

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Comex on Leaked iPad 2 Jailbreak

tweetjailbreakToday, Comex’s JailbreakMe 3.0 which is still under development was leaked on the web. The tool can be used to instantly jailbreak iPad 2. Comex told the jailbreak community that the untethered jailbreak PDF files for the iPad 2 were stolen from his server using a dictionary attack. This is a difficult situation as Apple would have probably found out about the exploit being used by Comex, and would patch the exploit in the next release of iOS. On Twitter, Comex described the situation briefly. Read More

Andy Hertzfeld Explains His Role and Experience Designing Google+

andy hertzfeldAndy Hertzfeld, the guy behind the design of the original Apple Macintosh development team during the 1980s helped Google design the user interface for its recent social network, Google+. In this post on Google+ itself, Andy describes the entire process, and also mentions other individuals who are part of making the entire user experience across all Google services much more unified. Read More

Google Calendar Gets New Look Too

google calendarGmail just got a new look, and now even Google Calendar sports the same neatly designed look. Google wants to create a unified user experience, and with these redesigns, they are definitely making their brand more recognizable. Google hasn’t added any new features to Google Calendar, but has redesigned it to make it sport the same look as Google+. Read More

Gmail Testing Redesign, Here’s How to Apply Them

gmail new lookAfter completely redesigning its search engine, and launching an all new social network, Google+, Google is also testing a new redesign for Gmail, its incredibly popular email client. The all new design now appears similar to the redesigned, and features a neat and attractive look. There is now much more white space between consecutive emails, and the order in which icons are arranged looks much more intimate. Read More

Flipboard Update Adds Awesome New Curated Content Navigation Bar

flipboardFlipboard, the social and curated magazine like reader App for iOS that makes reading content a breeze has been updated to version 1.5. This new version for iOS devices is huge, and adds LinkedIn integration, and also supports an all new right-side curated content navigation bar that allows you to add specific curated sections from publishers that make your reading experience much better. Read More

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The Great Contest App – Play Games, and Win Prizes

tgcThe Great Contest is a new App for iOS that allows you to win exciting prizes by playing and competing in contests. The concept is pretty intriguing, and the prizes sure do sound exciting. In The Great Contest, you’ll have to enter different contests every month by paying 59c for a month, and then you are eligible for the contests for that month. Read More