Google Changes Privacy Terms. Can Now Combine Every Piece of Data About You To Create One Profile

privacyGoogle today changed its privacy policies and terms and it seems that they are now gearing up against Twitter, Facebook and Apple for delivering the most relevant information. The company has now combined over seventy different policies into one that mentions that Google now has the ability to combine any information it has about you into one single profile to help you get more relevant results. Read More

If You Haven’t Already Downloaded GTA III, Do It Now

gta 3I’ve have always been addicted to Grand Theft Auto on my computer, but when Rockstar Games for their 10th anniversary released a version of their popular GTA 3 game for the iPad, I was completely blown away. It sports HD quality graphics which although doesn’t appear so good on an iPad 1, it is stunning on the iPhone 4, 4S and the iPad 2. With all missions and those sports cars and those scintillating weapons available, Grand Theft Auto for your iOS device is a must-have. Read More

Check This Amazing Alternative Page Flipping Prototype for iPad [VIDEO]

Although Apple may have revolutionized the textbook industry by offering books at an incredibly low price and also by making them much more interactive, one thing that still needs to be improved is the way a user flips pages on the iPad. While iBooks is pretty good at it, here is another prototype that is way better than the current model being used. Read More

Video Explains How Apple Is Revolutionizing the Entire Textbook Industry

We were recently introduced to iBooks 2, iBooks Author and the all new iBooks textbooks for students that makes learning and studying via digital textbooks much more interactive. In a recent video that Apple has published on its site, the company explains how it is changing the entire textbook industry with these new Apps. Read More