Keep your Children Safe Online With SmyleSafe for iOS – Review

SmyleSafe is more than an alternative to your main browser on your iOS device. It resides over the same principal but fills in some advanced parental control features which might be lacking from your iOS browser of choice. The developers of SmyleSafe have created this application so that it makes it easier for parents to monitor both what their children have been looking at and where they’ve been. Retina Software (the developers) have built a simplistic browser, which might suit people of a younger age, and elaborated on it with very advanced safety and parental control features to ensure that kids and teens of all ages are aware of internet safety and are being safe on the internet.

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Cartoon Defense: Space Wars for iOS Will Require Your Strategic Thinking

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is an application with a stunning graphical interface in which the developer has put a lot of effort. This, regularly updated application, resides under the ‘Games’ category – however this isn’t one of those ‘pick up and play’  games. It is one of those that requires strategic thinking for a longer period of time. You are given a scenario upon the launch of this application after being greeted with a tutorial. The basic synopsis of this game is that there is a supposed peaceful planet called “Cartoon” and a peace and loving tribe called “White” who are residents on this interesting planet. Another tribe eventually comes along called “Gray” (a color which represents darker morals) who orders “White” to hand over planet “Cartoon”. After a heated discussion and irrational words from both sides “Gray” decide that they are to be notorious and attach the planet “Cartoon” in a bid to gain power of it and kick the “White” tribe off it. From this small synopsis you might be able to get a good flavor of what this game is like and whether it would suit your style. Read More

Zummer for iOS Lets You Connect With People Having the Same Interest – Review

zummerZummer is an application which resides under the ‘Lifestyle’ category in Apple’s App Store. This aesthetically pleasing application is a great way to get talking to people with similar interests as yourself. OmniTyke Ltd (developers) have allowed its users to share, by way of images, interesting things that they find in daily life. In addition to this users can contribute to topics by commenting something relevant to photos already uploaded. Each photo should be assigned to a specific category so that conversations can be started and other photos related to it can be uploaded after it. The most featured topics are presented to you upon launching this application. A topic of the day is picked by the amount of photos and comments posted to a certain topic everyday. For example at the time of writing this review the London 2012 Olympics are taking place, consequently this has been the topic of the day for about a week now. Read More

With BroadwayBarks for iOS Your Children Will be Entertained for Hours – Review

broadwaybarksInteractivity is key when creating a teaching aid for young children. The iPad has revolutionized the way in which small children learn to read. CJ Educations have portrayed their best efforts into allowing BroadwayBarks application to be simplistic, but however at the same time exercise a child’s mind. BroadwayBarks is an application in which immediately after launch the user is presented with a screen to go straight to the book, this menu screen utilizes the full amount of space in the iPad’s screen but at the same time doesn’t appear to look cluttered. We feel strongly that the majority of children would be able to navigate to the books on their own. The book contains a storyline involving a dog which speaks for the majority of the time for as you progress thorough the book. Read More

Incredible New Easter Egg Found in Mountain Lion

timestamp app masWith Mountain Lion, the previously banned easter eggs are back. Steve Jobs did not like them and so he banned the use of Easter Eggs in every software product made by Apple. But now, they appear to be back. When you download any App from the Mac App Store and go to your Applications folder quickly, you will notice the timestamp on the App to be “Jan 24th, 1984”. If you don’t know, it was on that day that Apple launched the very first Macintosh. Read More

Social Media – The Different Faces Of This Book

Facebook DominanceIt has been just a few years since the birth of the internet based social media but it is a rage all over the world. Facebook provided the platform for people to connect with each other and has been an unparalleled success. However, history has taught us that “all business models are replaced with new ones”. There would yet be so many underlying needs of people which have not yet been addressed and that are where the root of the new concept lies. For one thing is for sure that social media is here to stay and would evolve by leaps and bounds to transform the way we communicate, interact, plan, do business , play, gain information, share emotions, buy, collect groups, achieve results and do a host of other things.

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Win 3 Cases From CaseInity (GIVEAWAY)

a Rafflecopter giveaway has teamed up with the awesome folks at CaseInity to give away three Cord-on-Board iPhone cases by CaseInity. The case features a custom-sized USB cord which is attached right on the back of the case so you can charge your iPhone anytime you want with the accessory being available at your disposal at all times. Regularly, this incredible case from CaseInity is priced at $29.99, but readers can get it for FREE. Please find the details on how to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget above. Good luck to you all, and a huge shout out to the incredible guys at CaseInity.