Apple Turned Down in Attempts to Buy DropBox

dropboxUnless you were in seclusion the whole time, you must have heard that Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, has resigned, and Tim Cook, has acquired this position. We all expected change. And now, we recently heard a rumor, that Apple attempted to buy DropBox, the popular cloud storage service for $800 Million, but apparently, they declined the offer.
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Share Your Apps With Kinetik for iOS

Kinetik is a free App that lets you share you App that you love with your friends. Idear Labs has done amazing job in developing this app. It’s somewhat just like Instagram where you take photos and share them, however, Kinetik lets you share Apps with your friends and see which Apps are trending. Read More

Radio Shack Plans to Sell Verizon iPhone 4

radioshackAccording to a leaked screenshot from 9to5Mac, it appears that Radio Shack will soon start selling Verizon iPhone 4. Radio Shack has plans to partner with Verizon to sell devices including the iPhone 4. The screenshot indicates that Radio Shack will begin selling the 16GB iPhone 4 on September 15, and that some stores will include the 32GB version along with the iPad 2. Read More

First Pic Taken From iPhone 5 Hits the Web, Confirms 8-Megapixel Camera

iphone 5 first photoAn Apple engineer recently uploaded a picture to Flickr that might have just confirmed that the iPhone 5 will include an 8 megapixel camera. The above photo was taken on July 22 by Apple employee Anton D’Auria. While the Apple employee has mentioned that the picture has been taken from an iPhone 4, there appears to be a little story behind the picture, says This is my Next. Read More

Verizon’s New Ad Promotes iPad 2

Verizon has released its own advertisement promoting Apple iPad 2. The primary objective of the advertisement is to promote Verizon internet connectivity options that simply work flawlessly on the iPad 2. The Ad deonstrates the various capabilities of the iPad 2, and tries to prove that along with Verizon’s data plans, the iPad is a whole new beast. Free marketing for Apple.

Ultrabook Manufacturers Limiting Initial Shipments Due To MacBook Air Popularity

Top to bottom: MacBook Air, ASUS UX21, Toshiba Portege Z830, Acer Aspire S3, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s (Source: This is my next…)


The redesign of the MacBook Air has apparently been very pleasing to consumers. Apple is reportedly shipping 500,000 units per month. It’s easy to understand why this model is popular. It’s popularity has drawn attention of both Intel and PC manufacturers, to begin making their own Ultrabooks to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air. But reports seem to indicate that these manufacturers, who are mainly Asus, Toshiba, Acer and Lenovo, are just testing their models, only shipping a reported combined number of 50,000 Ultrabooks in their initial shipment. Read More