Apple Store Goes Down for iPhone 4S Launch

apple storeThe online Apple Store has just gone down preparing for the launch of the iPhone 4S. Images on the iPhone 4S were leaked on Apple’s Japan website, and a “Sprint” logo was recently also spotted on the store before it went down. The event is going on at the moment, and Tim Cook is on stage talking about Apple Stores. We will keep you updated. Just keep refreshing. Read More

“Let’s Talk iPhone” Banner Up At Apple Campus in Cupertino

apple banner let's talk iphoneThe upcoming iPhone 5 event will not be held in Moscone Centre West in San Francisco, but rather at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. To prepare for the occasion, Apple has put up banners of its “Let’s talk iPhone” event. A 9to5Mac reader sent in the above photograph showing the banner. It is the same one that was sent to the press a few days ago, and the same one about which we discussed in this post. Can’t wait! Read More

iPhone 5 Specs Appear On Cincinnati Bell Website

iphone 4sA placeholder on the site showed a placement for an iPhone 4S along with its specifications mentioned. No image or “Add to Basket” option was present at the site, and upon checking, it appears that the option has been released. The specifications listed show an 8MP camera, 4G speed capabilities, and a 4 inch screen. The screenshot was sent to TUAW by two readers. Read More

Mockup Of Upcoming Assistant Feature That Will Let You Use Your Voice for Action

With Assistant, Apple plans to completely integrate Voice with the core OS. Some even predict that in the invitation sent out by Apple, “Let’s talk iPhone” somehow connects with the upcoming and powerful Assistant feature integrated with iOS 5. Actions such as sending text messages, calling people, opening Apps, searching for stuff, and many more things will be possible directly by just speaking to your device. Read More

Apple To Stop Selling Boxed Software

apple letter to universityApple carries on with trying to stop selling their software in boxes. We have already expreienced it when they released the Mac App Store, and with Mac OS X Lion which Apple decided to sell directly via the Store without having to require an installation disk.

Since the beginning of the Mac App Store and Mac OS X Lion, Apple has been trying to make all its other softwares available in the same easy installation format as well. Read More