VNC Viewer Comes to Android


Many times you want to access your main computer but can’t maybe because you are not near it. VNC Viewer is one such App that allows you to take complete control of computer remotely using your mobile device.

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Opera Mini for iPad Coming Soon

opera browser

Opera Software has announced that it will be porting its amazing web browser to the iPad and the company will launch it during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, next week.

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iPad 2 Production Begins

According to The Wall Street Journal, the production process for the next generation iPad has started. WSJ confirmed with various unfamiliar people and noted that the next generation tablet from Apple will include a camera, better processor, and will be thinner and lighter compared to the current generation.

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iBooks Updated, Nothing Huge


Apple has pushed out version 1.2.1 of iBooks, its book reading application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The update does not add any new features, but includes a few stability and performance improvements.

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Google Translate Comes to the iPhone

translate iphone

Google is slowly porting most of its mobile services to the iPhone. Today, Google announced that Google Translate is now available in the App Store for the iPhone.

iPhone users can now use the completely free App to translate words from one language to another. They can also speak in a particular language and translate it to another language by using the microphone button in the App. Listening to your own translations is also possible in 23 different languages.

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Mac App Store Now Asks You to Confirm a Purchase

mac store

There have been times when people accidentally spend more than $50 to purchase Apps from the Mac App Store. To make the process simple, Apple implemented a one-click install process that led to accidental purchases.

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Google Celebrates Birthday of Jules Verne With Interactive Doodle


Today, Google is celebrating the 183rd birthday of French author, Jules Verne. Google has uploaded a highly interactive Doodle which appears to be the glass windows of a submarine. There is also a navigation switch at the right side that allows you to navigate the submarine in all four directions to explore the sea.

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Gmail Priority Inbox Comes to iPhone


The Gmail Mobile blog has announced that the amazing Priority Inbox feature that sorts mails based on priority is now available for most HTML 5 capable browsers including mobile Safari.

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Apple Will Stop Selling Boxed Software

mac box set

Apple will reportedly stop selling software in boxes including latest versions of iWork, iLife, Microsoft Office, Mac OS, and more. The extraordinary success of its iTunes and App Store will force the company to do so.

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Motorola Targets Apple With Super Bowl XOOM Ad


Motorola will soon be releasing its iPad competitor dubbed “XOOM”. XOOM runs on Honeycomb, Google’s foray into the tablet arena. To promote its new tablet computer, Motorola aired a new advertisement that showcased the XOOM.

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