Help Space Marines Reach Their Destination in Infinity_Control for iOS

infinity_controlIn Infinity_Control, your objective is to draw paths which the space marines would follow to reach their desired destinations. With different colored marines wanting to go to different colored stations without crashing each other, you need to be extremely precise in creating paths which the marines would follow to be at the spot without bumping into each other. Read More

A5 Powered MacBook Air?

a5Apple is probably testing an all new A5 powered MacBook Air. Apple has already revealed its plans of fusing iOS and Mac OS X, and this could be yet another mixture that could make both platforms incredibly powerful. A5 is Apple’s in-house processing chip that powers iPad 2, but according to recent reports, it appears that Apple is planning to use the chip to power even its thinnest laptop ever. Read More

iChromy Brings Google Chrome to iPad

chromyiChromy is a new free web browser from Diigo that aims to bring Google’s fast Chrome to the iPad. Although Google does not have any plans to port its popular browser to the hottest tabet of the generation, iChromy does a pretty good job of resembling Google Chrome. The browser features the same “Tabs on Top” look sported by Chrome, and also features an Omnibox which lets you search for items by simply typing it in the URL box. Read More

Google’s Virtual Prepaid Card – Your First $10 Will Be on Google

cardGoogle today announced Google Wallet and Google Offers. Along with these two services, Google has also announced something equally cool. Google Prepaid Card is a virtual card integrated with Google Wallet that allows you to make payments at Google Wallet acceptable locations. The card can be funded with any of your existing cards, and as soon as you set up your first Google Prepaid Card, Google will offer $10 which you can spend to test the service. Read More

iPad 2 Coming to Russia, Ukraine, and Brazil on May 27

2ipad2The hottest tablet in the market – iPad 2 will be arriving at Russia, Ukraine, and Brazil on May 27. The iPad 2 will be available from Re:Store, MediaMarkt, Beliy Veter Cifrovoi, ION, Technosila, and Eldorado in Russia, with prices ranging from 18,990 rubles (roughly $668) for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model to 30,990 rubles (~$1,090) for the 64GB 3G model. In Brazil, the device will also be available in stores on May 27, but more details have not been posted yet. Read More