Add Bleach Bypass Effects to your Images using Bleach Bypass for iOS App

bleach iosBleach Bypass is an iOS App that allows you to add Bleach Bypass effects to your images taken from your device’s camera. “Bleach bypass, also known as skip bleach or silver retention, is an optical effect which entails either the partial or complete skipping of the bleaching function during the processing of a color film”, says Wikipedia. Read More

Google Will Stream Google I/O

google io 11For those who couldn’t get tickets to the upcoming annual Google I/O event, Google will be streaming the sessions from the event, and would make them available to everyone via their YouTube channel. The tickets for the event sold out within an hour after the announcements, leaving many developers disappointed. Read More

Record your Own Cartoon Movies With Cartoonatic for iOS

cartoonaticCartoonatic for iPhone and iPod touch 4G allows you to record movies using the inbuilt phone camera, and convert them into a cartoon like format. You can choose from 9 different video sets, and the App will convert your video into a fun looking cartoon movie. The most amazing part of the application is that you can watch the edited version of your movie while you are taking the video in real-time. Read More

Google’s Got Some Serious Competition, Bing Releases iPad App

20110408-120530.jpgGoogle has got some serious competition. Today, Bing released their iPad App that features a revolutionary user interface, and makes searching for queries using text or voice input a breeze. It also features gorgeous sections for different categories including movies, trends, news, and more. The App can be classified as an “all-in-one” as different sections are differently designed making the user experience totally amazing. Read More

iOS 4.3.2 Coming in Two Weeks

ios 4Boy Genius Report says that one of Apple’s ninjas has revealed that Apple is working on iOS 4.3.2, and that the update will be released in the next two weeks. Last time BGR reported about iOS 4.3.1 and the report was completely accurate. According to the source, iOS 4.3.2 will be compatible iwht iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and will fixes many bugs, include several performance enhancements, and address security issues. Read More

TweetDeck for Chrome Matures – Comes to Every Major Browser as a Web App

tweetdeck iconTweetdeck has released a full fledged Twitter client for all major browsers. TweetDeck could be accessed by using the desktop App for both Mac and Windows, iOS App, Android App, or by downloading the App form the Chrome Web Store. Starting today, a whole new web-based TweetDeck client will be available for all major browsers. Read More

Google’s Own Cloud Based Music App Leaked

google musicIt seems that Google does have an answer to Amazon’s cloud based player for Android and the web. The folks at Tech From 10 somehow managed to get their hands on the developer version of the Android Market which enabled them to download Google Music 3.0 for Android. The site also provides a download link to the application along with some extra screenshots, but looks like the website is down at the moment. Read More