Mac Gets App Store

mac app store

Following the success of the App Store on iOS, Apple today launched App Store for Mac. Just like iOS, App Store for Mac makes application downloading really simple and an enjoyable process.

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FaceTime Comes to Mac

In an event today, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO announced that FaceTime will now be available on Mac. He even reported that in the first 4 months Apple has sold about 19 million FaceTime devices.

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Google Chrome Updated, Fixes Hundreds of Bugs

chrome icon

As promised Google has issued an update to Chrome after six weeks that includes bug fixes, improvements and adds new features. The recent stable release focuses on fixing hundreds of bugs and includes a few things that might interest developers.

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YouTube Leanback Now Available for Google TV

youtube leanback

YouTube Leanback has been designed to offer a dynamic YouTube experience on a large screen. On a large screen, you could simply go to and you would notice that videos start playing immediately, are always presented in full screen and HD (when available), and you can easily browse using just the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Livescribe for Mac Integrated With Evernote

livescribe evernote

Livescribe is an electronic pen that converts your handwritten notes into digital form. It is a pen with magical features and is even available for Mac OS.

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Steve Jobs – iOS is Way Better Than Android


Today, Apple announced a record $20.4 billion in revenue during the fiscal 2010 fourth quarter, and a profit of $4.31 billion.

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Location in Google Search Gets New Layout

google location

Google does a great job in determining the location of a device and even provides relevant results based on the location. Location used to appear beneath the Google Search bar and location-based results appeared on top of the search engine results page.

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iOS Now Has More Than 300,000 Apps

app store

Apps for iOS are constantly pouring in to the App Store and with every passing day, Steve has a new number of Apps for iOS to boast about. According to Mobclix, iOS now has more than 300,000 Apps in various categories.

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New iPad Landscape Design Confirmed

ipad landscape design

In the past few months, a lot of designs for the iPad 2 have been surfacing on the internet. Some suggest a front facing camera with FaceTime, a smart bezel and even a larger screen. Patently Apple also reported that the new iPad would have two 30-pin dock connectors, one on the left side while one on the bottom for both landscape and portrait docking.

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Track your Android Data Usage With PhoneUsage


If you are a heavy user of 3G or send a lot of text messages in a day, it would be a good idea to manage your data transfers. PhoneUsage is an Android App developed by JupiterApps that would help you in this task.

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