Run Gingerbread in Ginger Run for iOS (REVIEW)

Ginger Run is an absolutely stunning game with graphics that will dazzle you. Ginger Run has just been released into the App Store and once you play the game, you are sure to get addicted. It is an endless running game in which you need to keep running the gingerbread and leave your opponents behind while collecting awesome coins for additional points. Read More

DevDialouge – Astrowings Developer Speaks Out

Astrowings has got 3 million members addicted to the game. There must be something that keeps new users coming and old users hooked. AstroWings is a highly popular series in which users keep scrolling vertically and battling their way through. In this interview with the developers of the App, we take a look at the behind the scenes picture to understand how they did it. Read More

CRM-Mate for iPad Offers A Powerful Dashboard For Managing Your Business

CRM-Mate for iPad is an application that allows you to completely manage your business information, client details and case management. Any business can use CRM-Mate to manage every single details about their business right from an iPad. The user interface is extremely intuitive and using CRM-Mate is a pleasure. Read More