Apple Approaches 25 Billion App Store Downloads

App Store 25 billion downloadsOnce again Apple is approaching another big milestone for the amount of downloads they have had on the App Store. “The App Store is about to hit 25 billion downloads” is what is being shown on Apple’s page at present along with a live feed which records each download that is being made from the App Store. This feed will be present on the Apple website until the 25th billion App has been downloaded, the person who does so will receive a prize of $10,000 to spend within the App Store (or iTunes + iBook Store) via a gift card.

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The Comet HD is a Highly Interactive Book for iPad

The Comet HD App for iPadIf you are looking for a fun and beautifully designed App for kids and even for yourself to understand the emotions and the rights of kids, The Comet HD is the App you should be downloading. Through a remarkably designed user interface, this App helps you and your kid understand the rights of children, the way they feel and dealing with their emotions. Read More

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All of Steve Jobs Videos in One Place

videoWouldn’t it be great if you could see all videos of the ultimate showman, Steve Jobs in just one place instead of typing different terms on YouTube?’s Scott Hurff has got THE solution for us. All videos are now available in just one place and people can instantly watch them, share them and even pour in their thoughts. The interface is also very neat which makes navigation simple. Read More

Spirits Game Comes to the Mac

spiritsSpirits has been an incredibly popular title by Spaces of Play. It is so popular that the game was downloaded over 800k times during a recent campaign whereby the App was made free for iOS. To further embark on this journey of success and fun, the developers of the game have ported Spirits to the Mac. In Spirits, your objective is to guide a group of leaf spirits to their destination using the special powers allocated to the spirits. Read More