Google Docs Comes to Android as Native App

docs androidGoogle has ported Google Docs to Android, and it is now available for download from the Android Market as a native App. The App allows you to upload as well as read and edit your documents using Google Docs, and the interface is beautifully designed. The user experience is truly phenomenal, and the widget allows you to access and create documents easily. Read More

iPad 2 Arrives in 13 More Countries This Week

apple ipad 2Apple’s breakthrough post-PC device, iPad 2 will be arriving in 13 more countries this week. Even though Apple is finding it hard to meet the demand in the US, iPad 2 will be making its way into Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE on April 29. Japan will get the device on April 28th, and the WiFi-only model will be available from May 6 in Japan. Read More

Apple Will Release a Software Update for iPhone to Fix Location Issue

location servicesApple has officially answered some of the frequently asked questions about location tracking done by the iPhone. The company mentions that the iPhone does not track user location, and has no plans of doing so. Apple has also announced that it will soon be releasing a software update for the iPhone that will fix the location tracking issue. At times, even when “location services” is turned off in settings, iPhone continues to update its Wi-Fi and cell tower data from Appleā€™s crowd-sourced database. This is a bug, and Apple is working to fix it. Read More

Apple Answers Questions on Location Tracking

apple questionsApple has responded to the questions asked by many of us about the location tracking done by the iPhone. According to Apple, the company has never tracked any user location and does not have any plan to do so. Apple has always valued user privacy, and it always asks the user before collecting user data including location. Apple does mention that it stores location of nearby WiFi hot-spots and stores them in a crowd-sourced database. This crowd-sourced database details are used by iAds to deliver location based contextual results. Read More

Google Realtime Search Adds Quora, Facebook, Gowalla, and Buzz

quora googleGoogle’s realtime search feature allows you to search for queries in realtime. The realtime search engine usually featured results and links from Twitter, and sometimes Facebook, but today Google has added Quora, Gowalla, Buzz, and Facebook to its roster of services that provide results for realtime searches. Read More

Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin on Privacy

Both Apple and Google are collecting your location is some way or the other. AllThingsD have posted a video compilation of Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin discussing privacy related to their mobile platforms. In the video, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Android godfather Andy Rubin make privacy related statements that seem to somehow relate to the present location tracking issue. Read More

Pool Break is an Amazing 3D Pool Game for iOS and Android

pool breakPool Break by Kinetic Bytes brings Pool, Snooker, Carrom and Crokinole table games in awe-inspiring 3D to your iOS and Android device. The 3D graphics that the game offers is remarkable, and playing different table games is fun. Pool Break does not only include pool, but features over 10 different types of table based games. Read More

iPhone 5 Prototype With 4 inch Screen and A5 Spotted

iphone 5The folks at MIC Gadget have managed to get their hands on a prototype of the new iPhone 5 with a 4 inch screen and Apple’s A5 processor. This prototype spotted by MIC Gadget has a larger 4 inch screen compared to the present 3.7 inch retina display. The casing of the device looks identical to the white iPhone 4, and MIC is not yet sure if the device is real or not. Read More

Steve Jobs – We Don’t Track Anyone

20110425-092133.jpgSteve Jobs has finally broken the silence on the whole iPhone location tracking issue. Even though the visionary Apple CEO is on medical leave, he managed to take the time to respond to an email sent to him by a MacRumors reader. According to Steve, Apple does not track the location of an iPhone users, and he firmly believes that Android does. Read More