New Apple Laptop SKU’s Spotted on Best Buy’s System

best  buy

Apple reseller and partner, Best Buy is listing new SKU’s from Apple that haven’t been announced yet. Best Buy’s laptop discovery tool points out new models from Apple including one identified only as “New SKU I,”, which should be the likely 17 inch MacBook Pro model that Apple plans to announce next week.

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AT&T iPhone Transfer Rates Twice as Fast as Verizon iPhone 4

verizon iphone 4

As the iPhone 4 is now available on both AT&T and Verizon, people are curious to know if they both perform in the same way or if they are slightly different from each other. According to research firm Ookla, it turns out that the AT&T iPhone 4 transfer rate is twice as fast at the one by Verizon.

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New MacBook Pros Coming Next Thursday

macbook pro

Apple will be releasing five new models of its popular and powerful MacBook Pro lineup on February 24, next Thursday, according to MacRumors.

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Developer of Analytix App Speaks [DevDialogue]

analytix app

Analytix is a simple App developed for both iPhone and iPad that gives you access to Google Analytics in an extremely friendly and jaw dropping user interface. In this interview with Steve Reynolds of Analytix, we take a behind the scenes look, discuss about Apple’s rules, and look where the App is headed.

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Airline Will Now Use iPad to Offer In-Flight Entertainment


Everybody seems to love the iPad. Business owners, magazines, newspapers, airports, restaurants, schools and many other organizations have adopted this tablet from Apple. Another report suggests that JetStar, an Australian airline has also adopted the device, and will now use it to offer in-flight entertainment to customers.

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Steve Jobs is Hopefully Fine, Will Meet President Obama

steve and obama

According to ABC News, Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Mark Zuckerberg will be meeting President Obama on Thursday for dinner at San Francisco.

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TweetMusic is Now Available for Free


TweetMusic is a simple App that allows you to tweet details about the music that you are listening to. The App was earlier priced at $0.99, but the price of this useful App has been dropped, and it is now available for download via the App Store for free.

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Google Adds Social Features to Search Engine

techcrunch image

Google has today updated its search engine to include results from Twitter, Facebook and even popular Q&A site Quora. Google is pushing its small “Results from your Social circle” area to a higher extent, and from now onwards social will heavily impact your search results.

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Google One Pass is a Payment System for Publishers and A Threat to Apple and PayPal

google one pass

Yesterday Apple disappointed a few publishers by announcing a new subscription based model for content based Apps. Today, Google is unveiling a completely new service dubbed “Google One Pass“. Google One Pass is a payment system for publishers that will allows them to set prices and terms for their content.

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iPad Helps Apple Take Over HP

ipad box

A recent report from DisplaySearch shows that the iPad has helped Apple become the number one in mobile PC shipments, leaving HP behind. Apple controls over 17% of the market, due to the increased sales of the tablet computer.

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