Feedly – App Screenshot Tour

feedlyFeedly is a feed reader for iOS that makes feed reading fun. The App is free, and instead of doing a complete review, we have simply stated what’s good, what’s bad, and whether you should get it or not. Moreover, we have complete inside pictures that give you a detailed look of the App. After all, a picture is more than a thousand words. Read More

Home Screen Saved Web Apps Now Have Access to Nitro Javascript Engine

nitro javascript engineApple added support for the Nitro Javascript Engine in mobile safari with iOS 4.2, but web apps saved to the home screen using the “Add to Home Screen” feature in safari did not have access to the Javascript library. Web application utilizing the power of the engine were drastically slower when launched from the home screen compared to being launched from mobile safari directly. In iOS 4.3, Apple has fixed the bug, and now saved web applications can optimize the nitro javascript engine for improved and faster performance. Read More

Comex Says “It’s Almost Ready”, Not Sure What

tweetjailbreakComex, the genius jailbreaker has sent a reply to @whyike saying “Its almost ready”. We are unsure what is “almost ready” but it appears that a jailbreak solution for the iPad 2 is ready to be released. Although the jailbreakers are an incredible and extremely talented group, it is taking them time to release a jailbreaking solution for the iPad 2. Read More

Google Announces New Tool for Personal Online Identity Management

google campusGoogle has announced a new feature “Me on the Web” that will not be included in your Google Dashboard between the account information and analytics tab. The tool will help you manage search results for your name.

“Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update,” says Google. Read More

Google Sync for iOS Updated, Adds Three New Features

google syncGoogle Sync keeps your mail, contacts, and calendar data in sync with your Gmail account. By activating Google Sync on your iOS device, you are able to keep your iOS device in sync with your Gmail account and vice-versa. Today, Google has rolled out three new updates for Google Sync for iOS that will allow you to search all your Gmail mails from your iOS device, accept or decline calendar events from the native iOS calendar App, and send email from different Gmail accounts. Read More

Lunar Eclipse 2011 Shown on Google Doodle and YouTube in Realtime

lunar googleThe incredible lunar eclipse of 2011 in happening at the moment, and Google is showing the event as it unfolds right on its homepage in realtime. As the total lunar eclipse cannot be viewed from North America, Google has uploaded a doodle that demonstrates the event that is being captured by cameras in South Africa, Dubai and the Canary Islands. Read More

Google’s Instant Pages Will Load Web Pages Instantly

instant pagesGoogle’s spiciest new feature is dubbed ‘Instant Pages’ and it plans to make web page loading instantaneous. Instant Pages loads up the first result of your query displayed in the search engine results page even before your click it. Google does so only when it believes that it has produced relevant content, and when it believes that you are likely to click on the first result of the page. Read More