The Great Contest App – Play Games, and Win Prizes

tgcThe Great Contest is a new App for iOS that allows you to win exciting prizes by playing and competing in contests. The concept is pretty intriguing, and the prizes sure do sound exciting. In The Great Contest, you’ll have to enter different contests every month by paying 59c for a month, and then you are eligible for the contests for that month. Read More

Google Sparks – Discover New Relevant Content [Google+]

Google Sparks helps Google+ users discover new content that spark interest in them. Spark is basically an online content sharing engine that makes it easier to find content that will interest you, and also makes it easier to share interesting articles with circles on Google+. You can choose any topic that sparks interest in you, and the engine will scan the web to deliver a feed of ‘engaging content’ that will be relevant to your topic. Read More

Google Makes it Easier to Upload Photos With Google Instant Upload [Google+]

If you find it hard to always keep photos captured from your mobile device in sync with your computer, Google’s new Instant Upload might help you. Google Instant Upload makes it easy for you to quickly store and share photos from your mobile device with friends and family. By setting permissions to allow Instant Upload, you can upload each and every photo taken from your mobile device to an album privately stored in the cloud as you take them. Read More

Google Huddle – Group Messaging Network [Google+]

Google today introduced Google+, its very own social network. Along with Google+ comes Google Huddle, a group messaging service that can be used to chat with multiple people on Google+ at the same time. Huddle can only be used to chat with people in a particular circle. Multiple users can post messages, and build up the conversation. Huddle also works with mobile devices, and makes communicating, discussing, sharing, collaborating, and meeting with different people easy at the same time. Read More

Google Circles – Share Information With Selected People

A part of the recent Google+ social project is Google Circles. With Google Circles, you can share information with only the people you want. You can create different circles using Google+ like friends, family, co-workers, biking group team-mates, and so on. Instead of sharing information with everyone, you can share information with only relevant people in circles. Read More

Apple Releases New Firmware Update To Fix Thunderbolt Bugs

thunderboltApple has released a new firmware update for all Macs running 10.6.8 and with Thunderbolt ports. Thunderbolt is a new I/O technology that has been implemented by Apple in most Macs that promises faster data transfer. As Apple and Intel are just getting started with Thunderbolt, there are a few bugs that needed attention. Read More