Apple’s New Dynamic Palo Alto Store Will Begin Work Any Day Now

Mercury News reports that Apple is experimenting with a new store type in Palo Alto that is a few meters apart from its store in 451 University Avenue. The new store will include skylight, trees and “inviting day-lit interior that is designed to dissolve the boundary between exterior and interior to connect the activity on the street and within the store,” Read More

Giveaway – Connect M for iPhone

Connect M is a game in which your job is to connect two tiles of the same color to eliminate them. Get rid of all the tiles in a short period of time and you will proceed and be declared as a winner. The game is available for a fee on the App Store, but for the readers of TheAppleGoogle, the developer has been kind to offer 5 promo codes. Read More

App Developers Working Hard to Maximize Sales on Christmas, Apple Employees Get Cut-off

Once again this year, many people will be opening new iPhones, iPod touches and iPads on Christmas day. And of course that means that millions of Apps are going to be downloaded. To maximize sales, developers have been working extremely hard to get their Apps developed in time for Apple to approve them and release them into the App Store. The cut-off point, much like past years, is this week. This Thursday is the cut-off date this year. A cut-off point means that all of the employees working for Apple are on vacation for eight days. Read More

An Update About iPhone 4S Untethered Jailbreak

One of the main iOS hackers out there today (@pod2g) has recently posted some information about the current status of an untethered jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4S. We have been looking at the @pod2g twitter profile and we have identified the anticipation that users of his famous software are showing regarding the untethered solution for jailbroken iPhone 4S.

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Click Christmas Themed Pictures in Realtime With Christmas Face for iOS

Christmas is almost here and in the App Store Christmas Apps are starting to make their way. One of them is “Christmas Face“. It’s a cute App and really fun. When you first fire this app, you will notice 16 default frames. The frames are of various categories all suitable for Christmas. One frame includes a Santa, the other one is of a girl wearing a hat, a semi-nude women wearing a red hat and many more. Select any one of these frames and then the App gives you an option of taking a picture or add the frame to an existing picture. Choose any one of it and after you get the picture, it shows up in the frame. Read More

Type “Let It Snow” in Google and Be Surprised [PIC]

let it snow
In true Christmas spirit, Google have created a subtle animation, reminiscent of the “barrel roll” trick. Just type “Let It Snow” into the search bar within the Google website and you will be pleasantly surprised. Along with one of the all time favourites in the Christmas music industry you will be presented with a browser full of snow, and in addition an ice skating cursor. After a while, the search button also gets converted into a “Defrost” button. Read More