Twitter and App Store Integrated


This is so cool. It appears that Twitter has quietly integrated the App Store into its application for iOS. Now, if a tweet includes a link to the App Store, you can view the app screenshots, name, details and get more information from within the App.

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Apple App Store Subscriptions is Now Live

app store subscription

Apple has today announced a feature for publishers that debuted with the Daily App for iPad. Today, Apple is bringing the subscription based model for iOS devices that allows users to subscribe to a particular publisher for a week, month or even a year.

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iPhone Nano – Smaller iPhone, No Memory, Cloud Based iOS, and more

iphone nano

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that mentions a whole new device that should be coming soon from Apple. Imagine what would happen if an iPod nano and an iPhone hooked up? Well, it would result in an iPhone Nano.

This is exactly what the Wall Street Journal believes and the newspaper has talked to a few sources close to Apple that confirm that Apple has been working on such a device for quite some time. The WSJ claims that the new iPhone Nano would be half the price of the current iPhone and would feature as a complete phone, with a design similar to the recent generation of the iPod nano, with a larger screen.

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Essential Android App – Instapaper Client

instapaper client

#10 – If you aren’t aware, Instapaper is a service that allows you to save web pages to read later without all the junk. It presents you with only text and that can be viewed across various platforms. While Instapaper has applications for iOS devices, a native official app for Android hasn’t been released yet.

Instapaper Client is an App available for Android that helps you manage and view your Instapaper account and the associated web pages on your Android device. The App is free and setting up is simple. All your articles would be downloaded instantly, and can be viewed in a text only format. You can share the article, zoom in or zoom out.

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Create A Cartooned Android Version of Yourself with Androidify


Alright Android fans, check Androidify now and create a Cartooned android version of yourself to show off and stay loyal to the platform. Androidify is a new application released by Google that allows you to create your very own Android avatar starting from your face till your shoes.

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Skype Competitor Fring Introduces FringOut


VoIP calls provider and huge Skype competitor, Fring has introduced a new service called FringOut that allows users of the Fring application to make calls to regular phone numbers worldwide at just 1C/min.

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Apple is Barron’s Most Respected Company in the World


Barron’s list of the most respected companies in the world is chosen by money managers, and without doubt, they have chosen Apple to be the most respected company in the world.

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GoodReader for iPad Update Adds Dropbox Sync, Better Download Management


GoodReader, the best possible document reading application for iPad and iPhone has been updated to version 3.3 which adds a much awaited feature that allows users to sync their documents to Dropbox or other remote syncing services including SugarSync.

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Thomas Edison’s Birthday Celebrated with Google Doodle


Google is celebrating the 164th birthday of Thomas Alva Edison with a Google Doodle that includes some of his greatest inventions. The doodle includes the electric lightbulb, the phonograph and the motion picture camera.

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Steve Jobs Still Working At Apple From Home

steve jobs

Steve Jobs, the dynamic CEO of Apple took a medical leave of absence a few days ago to focus on his health. The news spread like wildfire and soon Apple’s stock dropped. It appears that he is fine now and is also visiting the Apple campus in Cupertino, stays regularly in touch and is getting involved to take major decisions about the iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

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