Android’s In-App Billing System is Now Live

in-app androidAfter a ling time, Android developers will now be able to efficiently monetize their Android applications with the new in-app billing system that has made its way into the Android Market today. As the model has been extremely successful on iOS, developers were keen to try it on Android. Starting today, developers can sell stuff from within the App, and charge users for it. Read More

Vimeo Releases Official iPhone App for Working With Videos

vimeo appVimeo has today released its official iPhone application that allows you to edit, create, upload, and share your videos with people using Vimeo. The App also features an in-built video editor using which you can add transitions, titles, effects, trim videos, and directly upload them to Vimeo. The application requires at-least iPhone 3GS and iOS 4.0. Vimeo’s inbuilt video editor is fancy for quick video editing, and the direct upload makes it super easy to share videos instantly. Looks like YouTube needs to work on a much more feature rich application for iOS and Android. Read More

Amazon Kills Apple and Google Music Offerings With New Cloud Based Music Service

amazon cloud
Amazon has just revealed its new cloud based music streaming and storage service dubbed “Amazon Cloud Player” and “Amazon Cloud Drive” that will kill Apple and Google’s music services. The new service from Amazon allows users to store music in the cloud, and then stream it from the cloud using the Web or an Android device. iOS devices are not yet supported by the Cloud Player. Read More

WWDC 11 Tickets Sold Out in Just 10 Hours

wwdc ticketsApple recently announced the dates for WorldWide Developers Conference 11. Within just 10 hours of the announcement, it appears that the tickets for the event that were priced at $1599 have been sold out. Apple will hopefully unveil iPhone 5 at the event, and give us a detailed look on how the company plans to integrate Mac OS and iOS. If you still want to attend the event, you can check out recent deals at eBay.

Are the iPad 2 Cameras Flawed?

20110327-103028.jpgOne of the things that has disappointed people about the iPad 2 is its poor quality camera system. While getting an iPad 2 is extremely hard at the moment, people are also experiencing some kind of yellow stains on the screen, just the like the iPhone 4. Brian from Cult of Mac has recently posted a few photos and videos that show that some iPads may be experiencing issues with the camera system.
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Jailbreakers Stay Away from iOS 4.3.1

Apple recently released iOS 4.3.1 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The update fixes some bugs, and also fixes the recent iPad 2 jailbreak exploit. MuscleNerd (jailbreak expert) has posted a tweet on Twitter that warns unlockers and jailbreakers to stay away from iOS 4.3.1. “Unlockers please stay away from today’s iOS 4.3.1! Just to be extra safe, so should future iPad2 jailbreakers (for now)”, said MuscleNerd in a tweet.

iOS 4.3.1 is Out Now

ios 4.3.1Apple has pushed out iOS 4.3.1 today for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The update simply includes bug fixes, and no new features. Connect your iOS device to iTunes, and hit the update button now. Verizon iPhone users will still remain on iOS 4.2.6.

- Fixes an occasional graphics glitch on iPod touch (4th generation)
- Resolves bugs related to activating and connecting to some cellular networks
- Fixes image flicker when using Apple Digital AV Adapter with some TVs
- Resolves an issue authenticating with some enterprise web services