iCloud Revealed, Blows Away the Competition

20110607-012827.jpgApple today introduced iCloud, a web based service that would keep all your application data in sync with all your iOS devices. One thing that Steve Jobs loves to do is to blow away the competition, and with iCloud, he has yet again done that. iCloud is integrated into all your Apps, so you can instantly upload items, and access it from any iOS device. Read More

Safari Gets Tabbed Browsing, Read Later, and more [iOS 5]

In iOS 5, a new version of Safari will be available that would finally feature tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing will replace the current webpage preview feature, and will allow users to instantly switch from tab to tab. A new reading list feature (similar to Instapaper) has also been added to Safari that allows you to save web pages for reading later in a cluster free manner. Read More

Lion Demoed at WWDC, Launching in July for $29.99

At WWDC, Apple gave developers a preview of the next generation of Mac OS X – Lion. Lion is full with exciting new features, and is a fusion of Mac OS X and iOS. With over 200 new features, Lion includes interesting items like complete multitouch gesture support, App Store, Resume, Auto-Save, Versions, Better Mail, AirDrop, and more. Ten major features of Lion were demoed by Phil Schiller. Read More

Possible iOS 5 Screenshot Leaked

iOS 5 ScreenshotApple’s going to announce iOS 5 at WWDC, and it has been rumored that iOS 5 will support complete Twitter integration and will include a better notifications system. This latest picture posted by TechCrunch appears to be a leaked screenshot of iOS 5. The image posted features an additional status bar that notifies the user about Twitter account activity. Read More