Apple Updates Apple Store App


Apple has updated its iPhone App that gives access to the Apple Store in a mobile way. The App is now on version 1.1 and you can now reserve products for purchase, engrave iPods, schedule Genius Bar appointments and for some the App allows you to reserve a white iPhone 4 via the Apple Online Store.

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Google Feedburner Interface Gets Major Overhaul

google feedburner

Google’s RSS service, Feedburner now allows users to test drive a new interface that is currently in BETA. The new interface has a more organized dashboard and is simpler to operate.

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Apple Offers Free iPad Engraving

You can now personalize your iPad by engraving a personal message on it. Apple now offers free engraving to those who purchase an iPad from the Apple Online Store.

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VLC for iPhone Now Available

A few days back, we reported that Applidium planned to port the VLC App for iPad to the iPhone. Today, Applidium along with VideoLAN has got it’s App for the iPhone approved and it can be now downloaded via the App Store for free.

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Google TV Slightly Better Than Apple TV in Specifications [TEARDOWN]

ifixit google tv

The folks at iFixit got their hands on a Logitech Revue a.k.a Google TV and immediately tore it down. The teardown revealed that the specifications of the Google TV are slightly better than the Apple TV and both are in par with the specifications of netbooks.

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Developers Share Thoughts on Mac App Store

mac app store

We are really excited about the Mac App Store. It is a brilliant idea and we would love to see the product that is created when a Mac and an iPad are fused. The Mac App Store is destined to be as successful as its iOS counterpart but we wanted to hear what developers, the geniuses behind the success of these creations think about the idea.

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Extension of the Week – OnlyOne

only one

OnlyOne is a Google Chrome Extension designed specifically for Mac users. If you have just switched from a PC to a Mac, this extension is a must-have. If you love working with many tabs and constantly switch tabs, you probably forget which tab has which website open and tend to open a particular website twice or maybe even three times.

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Case-Mate Announces Portable Folding Stand for iPad

portable stand ipad

Case-Mate has revealed its new portable folding stand for the iPad. The new stand from Case-Mate can be used to park an iPad or even larger devices like a Macbook. The angle can be adjusted by simply pressing a button and it provides an excellent position for typing or for viewing stuff on the device.

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CineXPlayer Adds TV Out Support – We’ve Got Promo Codes

CineXPlayer has just issued an update to its iPhone and iPad App that adds TV Out support and improves .avi compatibility. You can now play all your movies from your iPad or iPhone on your TV with CineXPlayer.

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Hexxeh – Chrome OS on iPad Will Take Time

chrome os ipad

We recently saw a picture of an iPad running on Chrome OS. Hexxeh somehow managed to port Google’s lightweight OS to the magical device by Apple. In a recent blog post, Hexxeh announced that ChromePad (Chrome OS on iPad) will take some time to be released.

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