Apple’s Spaceship Upcoming Campus Details Posted

apple spaceshipApple is building a new spaceship type campus in Cupertino, and details for the upcoming structure have been revealed. Steve Jobs already made it clear at a conference that the structure will be a breakthrough in glass engineering, and the every part of the glass will be curved. He also mentioned that design students will come to Cupertino just to have a look at the gorgeous piece of artwork that Apple is about to create. Read More

Dr. Doodah : 100 First Things Will Help Children Remember Objects in a Fun Way

dr doodah for iphoneDr. Doodah 100 First Things for iPhone is an amazing App that will keep the kids busy. The games feature hundred different objects that are categorized differently. As the game has primarily been developed for kids, tapping on an object zooms into the object, gives a brief demonstration of the object, and pronounces the object name for the children to visualize and get a better understanding of the term. Read More

Android Phones Get Movie Rentals

movie androidGoogle Videos App which allowed Android users to rent movies was only compatible with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) till today, but Google has updated the App recently for Android that allows even Froyo (Android 2.2) users to take advantage of the movie rentals feature. Once you get the Google Movies App from the Android market, you can rent movies directly from your Android device, and the App will also display all the movies already present on your device. Read More

Meteoric Download Manager Is An Awesome Browser And A Great Download Manager

mdmMobile Safari is not perfect. Although it renders web-pages in an amazing manner, it lacks loads of features including a download manager, sharing capabilities, FireFox sync, and ad blocking. This is exactly where “Meteoric Download Manager” from DigitalPoke comes in. The browser is packed to the gills with features that will blow your mind. Read More

Review – ReAuthored Case for iPad

reauthored tries to develop innovative and creative cases for the iPad that combine the values of a book, helps enrich the environment, and also acts like a case for iPad. The ReAtuhored case for iPad 2 is designed like a book, and is more of a book rather than a case for the magical device. The case has a nice cover that is apparently made up of recycled material. Read More

iOS 5 Beta 5 Already Jailbroken

ios 5 jailbreakThese iPhone hackers are so damn cool. Apple recently released iOS 5 Beta 5, and these awesome folks have already managed to jailbreak the device. The updated version of Redsn0w now allows developers to jailbreak iOS 5 beta within clicks. The tool offers a tethered jailbreak solution at the moment which means that every time you restart your device, you would have to connect it to iTunes to regain the jailbreak. Read More

iOS 5 Will Feature Complete Voice Integration

assistantApple’s iOS 5 will feature complete voice integration just like Android. Along with iOS 5, Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 will feature speech recognition courtesy Nuance Technologies. An icon with the shape of a microphone will be available everywhere text input is available, and tapping it will apparently activate the speech recognition technologies that will allow you to perform tasks by simply speaking out your query rather than typing them. Read More