GoodReader Updated With Data Protection, AirPlay, and More

goodreaderGoodReader for iOS has been updated to version 3.6.0. The App allows you to view different files including music, video, books, PDF, and more from one single App. It also includes amazing sync capabilities, and powerful PDF annotation techniques. The update adds Data Protection to the App that encrypts individual files to prevent your files even if your device is stolen. Read More

Apple Files for Mac OS X “Lion” Trademark

lionApple has recently filed an official trademark request for the term “Lion” which is the next generation operating system for Mac to be released in spring. Apple is set to launch Lion this summer, and the beta is already out for developers. Lion combines the magic of the iPad with the power of OS X to produce something that is totally different, and goes well with the “Post PC” era. Read More

How Google’s Latest Algorithmic Changes Have Impacted the Web – Infographic

spamSEOBook has created an interesting info graphic that depicts the impact of Google’s recent algorithmic changes on the web. The recent changes made by Google thought of the content produced by content farms as spammy and not helpful. Many sites saw a decline in traffic after the changes were made, and many even shut down. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more. Read More

Comparing the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store at the Same Time of the Day

apple store vs microsoft storeA user recently uploaded a picture that compares the traffic in the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store at the same time of the day. The Apple Store has got more people, many of them are Apple store geniuses and the customers are mostly at the Genius Bar (Apple’s in-store repair service). Microsoft’s store has got some people too, and Microsoft is advertising the new thin laptop from Samsung that competes with the MacBook Air. Read More

Verizon Inventory Gets White iPhone 4

Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will come this spring, and apparently this time it is for real. Verizon’s internal inventory database seems to have got the white iPhone 4 in two models, 32GB and 16GB. The numbering system does not prove that its is the white iPhone 4, but upon comparison with other white iPhone 4s (MC679) this one seems to be it. Read More

3 Billion Applications Downloaded from Android Market

androidApple’s patented ‘App Store’ has played a major role in the success of the iPhone. Many users believe that although the Android market has got a lot of applications, they are usually spammy and buggy. Developers prefered iOS because customers usually spent more money on iOS compared to Android. Google then revamped the Android Market user interface completely, and extended the paid model to different countries. Read More

Google Tripped into $1 Billion With Its Mobile Business

billionToday, during Google’s Earnings Call, an analyst asked for more details about how Google was fairing up in the mobile business. Patrick Pichette, CFO of Google did not reveal any secrets but said, “Without any radical effort, we already announced at end of Q3 this is a $1 billion run-rate business.” The mobile business is growing at an “amazing blazingly pace” and Google tripped into $1 billion.” Read More

White iPhone 4 Coming this Spring – Apple Confirms

white iphone 4Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will arrive this spring. Apple COO Phil Schiller tweeted earlier about the arrival of the much awaited white iPhone 4 in the spring of 2011, but this Wall Street Journal story confirms it officially. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the device would be available via both AT&T and Verizon, but Apple has not made any comments officially. Read More