Top 4 Android Games That’ll Get You Addicted

android marketIf you are a new Android user or you plan on getting an Android device, then you are likely going to download an arsenal of applications that fit your personal needs. With thousands of applications in the market, which one should you get first? Well, you could get on your phone or go to to see what the most popular apps are. But there are really good apps way down on the long list of Apps too. During the coming weeks, we will be covering some breath-taking Android Apps that will help you get the most out of your device. For this week, we will be covering the top Android games that’ll get you addicted. Read More

The App Store Now Allows Payments in Yuan


It appears that until this week, iOS device users in China have had to pay for their Apps in US Dollars. One of the reasons that Apple haven’t allowed purchases in Chinese Yuan is because it costs them a fee when purchases are made in different currencies. It wasn’t worth it for China as they didn’t make enough purchases on the App Store. Read More

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Steve Wozniak Gets Galaxy Nexus Early. Hangs Out With Google Team

Steve Wozniak, the co founder of Apple Inc. was surprisingly spotted at the Google Mountain View headquarters. The Apple cofounder is usually spotted in lines waiting for a new Apple device to be released. He was also recently waiting in line at the Los Gatos Apple Store to get the iPhone 4S, but this time the venue was different. Read More

We’ve Got Codes for Par-Tee for iOS

Par-Tee is an incredible game for iOS which uses Augmented Reality for its core functioning. It is basically a golf game, but instead of having predefined courses, it creates courses based on your surroundings. Enough said. The developer has been kind enough to provide the readers of TheAppleGoogle 10 promo codes so you can get the App for free. They are published below, get em as soon as you can. Read More Has Been Redesigned To Promote and Sell Android The Right Way

Google has redesigned to sell and promote their open-source Android platform for mobile and tablet devices. Although the pages aren’t as sophisticated as the ones presented by Apple promoting iOS, it is definitely better than the earlier design. Now it features three tabs – “Discover Android”, “Get Apps” and “Develop Apps”.

Give it a look here.