Ringtone Wizard Pro Allows You To Convert Music Into Ringtones

Ringtone Wizard Pro is an App that allows you to convert your music from your iPod library into short ringtones. With your own music library on your device, you can instantly create ringtones which you can even save and set it as a ringtone very easily. What separates this App from the rest is its ease of use and the high number of features that allow for a lot of customization. Read More

Munch Time Is A Very Exciting Game And Is Free Now

Munch Time is a very exciting game for iOS in which your objective is to feed the munchy little cute chameleon. With the help of its long and sticky tongue, you need to catch hold of flowers and jump across several obstacles to help reach Munch to its lunch. The graphics of Munch Time are very well-tailored for a unique experience and with so many different levels available, Munch Time is sure to keep you engaged for quite some time. Read More

TinyCo Says Amazon App Store Beats Google Play And Even iOS

imageTinyCo, an application development company have shared their revenue sources and shed light on which company generates more revenue per user. TinyCo prepared a chart for revenues that come in for the game Tiny Village from the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play. It appears that for TinyCo, the Amazon App Store has been performing way above expectations and also leaves behind the Apple App Store in terms of revenue. For devices including phones and tablets, 100% of the revenue comes in from the Apple App Store, 180% from the Amazon App Store and 65% from Google Play. Read More

Student Behind Viral Steve Jobs Design Hired by Coca-Cola

steve jobs viral pictureJonathan Mak, the 20 year old student behind the viral Steve Jobs picture (above) has been hired by Coca-Cola for their new advertising campaign. Mak has yet again come up with something absolutely stunning that can be viewed all across Shanghai today. Using Coca-Cola’s signature red and white colors, Mak has produced a very intriguing image. Read More

Slow Message Allows You To Send Mails At A Later Time (IT’S FREE NOW)

Slow Message is an App on the App Store which is currently free for the month. It allows you to simply send mails at a later date and time. Just fire up the App, compose your mail, choose a date and time and Slow Message will automatically have that delivered for you at the desired time. The user interface is very well-designed and is a pleasure to use. Coming from Social Print Studio, Slow Message is not an entire new product, but a feature that should have been a part of the Apple default Mail App. Read More

Calculator for iPad HD is Free For A Limited Time

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad does not have a built-in calculator App for your calculation needs. The most versatile calculator App, Calculator for iPad HD is now free for a limited time. The App is robust and includes many different themes that you can use to customize the calculator. With a very simple and intuitive user interface, Calculator for iPad HD is an essential tool for all you iPad lovers. Read More

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