Google is First Web Company to Hit 1 Billion Users

google coolGoogle is the world’s very first web-based company to hit one billion active and unique users in a single month on its websites. According to comScore, more than one billion users actively use Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Alerts, and more. Google has experienced an 8.4% increase compared to the previous year, and Google-owned websites are being actively used everyday. Read More

Apple Won’t Have to Give Samsung A Sneak Peek of iPhone 5 and iPad 3

apple vs samsungApple and Samsung are working hard to fight their ongoing court-case over each other’s patent infringement, but when Samsung asked Apple to show it the unannounced iPhone 5 and iPad 3, everyone was shocked. FOSS Patents have looked deeply into the case, and have come to the conclusion, Apple wasn’t obligated to show Samsung its unannounced products, but Samsung will have to provide several of their products to Apple’s legal team. Read More

Apple Plans to Ban Video Capturing of Live Events from iPhone

camera iconAccording to a patent by Apple 18 months ago, it appears that Apple will soon ban iPhone users from capturing videos in live events such as concerts. The patent reveals that when the device’s camera understands with the help of infra-red sensors that the occasion is a live event, the device will automatically turn off it’s cameras. Read More

Google Testing Yet Another Design Change, Kills “I’m Feeling Lucky”

googledesignJust recently, Google changed the look and feel of its search engine results page, and it appears that Google is testing yet another “major” design change. In the new changes, the “I’m feeling lucky” button which takes you to the very first result of the search engine results page has been removed, and the plain old “Google Search” button has been replaced with a stylish new blue search button with a search icon. Read More

Feedly – App Screenshot Tour

feedlyFeedly is a feed reader for iOS that makes feed reading fun. The App is free, and instead of doing a complete review, we have simply stated what’s good, what’s bad, and whether you should get it or not. Moreover, we have complete inside pictures that give you a detailed look of the App. After all, a picture is more than a thousand words. Read More