Ads Now A Part of Twitter on iOS and Android

twitter adsYesterday, Twitter officially announced that ads are now coming to the Twitter applications for the two most popular mobile platforms Twitter is used on, Android and iOS, unlike their previous policy which stated that there would be ads in the mobile version of their twitter website only which would be accessible via Read More

Spotting the Hints Apple Gave About Their Upcoming Event With Their Invitation

ipad 3 eventApple loves to give hints by virtue of their invitations which are very carefully crafted and where every thing that has a place on the invitation means something important. We all know how Apple is a lot detail and design oriented, so they usually do their best to tease us with their remarkable invitations. For the upcoming March 7th event, it is clear that the event is going to be about iPad 3, but here are some more clues that we found in the picture. Read More

iPad 3 Is Already Shipping to the US As Apple Media Event Nears

ipad 2 and ipad 3It appears that Apple’s next media event is not so far away as a reporter has come across a delivery document for some iPad 3 documents. The shipping documents that are situated below state that there could be two new Apple products coming our way in a couple of weeks. Perhaps we are going to see the new Apple TV ‘3’ and an iPad 3. Some explanation for these delivery notes is that its said to be going from Foxconn to the United States. Read More

AppVersal Ad

Apple Acquires Chomp

chompApple has acquired Chomp, a mobile App searching company that helped solved the problem of App discovery. With over 500,000 Apps already in the App Store and Apple about to hit 25 Billion App downloads, discovering new Apps is a pain. Apple acquisition of Chomp will help the company build better searching tools in iTunes. Chomp’s all of 20 members will now work at Apple to help improve the entire ecosystem. Read More

Free Version of Popular Repeat Timer Pro App Released

Repeat Timer LogoRepeat Timer Pro is an exceptionally well designed application that is extremely popular on the App Store. A reason for the same is that it is quite different to alternatives in the market, including that of Apple’s in house ‘Clock’ App. Today, the developer has released a free version. The proposed purpose for this could be for people who don’t want to pay for the Pro version, however another reason could be for people to try out the application before they make a purchase of the Pro version. A good idea and will potentially move the sales margin for this particular App, they will also potentially sell more of the Pro version of the App. Read More

Google To Launch Display Glasses By The End Of The Year

Google has plans to release display glasses which will combine some of the most advanced technology by the end of 2012. The company is set to debut reality glasses which will sport a small screen with a camera that will monitor the world in a real time situation. The idea is to overlay snippets of information about the places that are being looked at through the glasses. There has been traces of this already with the Google platform, using their tablet version of Android. Perhaps this could imply that they are going to use a version of Android to power these glasses. Read More