Find Parking Spaces With SFGate for iPhone

sfgateA new application called SFGate will soon allow you to pay for parking using your iPhone in San Francisco. The pilot program starts in early May, and the free to download SFGate App will help you find parking spaces nearby using your iPhone. Users will have to pay $0.45 for every transaction and the system will charge different rates depending on the demand in an area with prices ranging from $2.00 to over $4.00 an hour. Read More

Tim Cook Speaks on iPad 2, Android, and Steve Jobs

timcookAt Apple’s quaterly earnings conference call, Tim Cook – Apple COO made some interesting comments about the iPad 2, competition with Android, status in Japan, and health of his CEO Steve Jobs. About the iPad 2, Tim Cook says that the demand has been staggering, and that they are finding it hard meet the demand. Read More

Eric Schmidt’s Salary Increases From $1 to $1.25M

eric schmidt
Larry Page recently replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google. It appears that the stepping down turned out to be beneficial for Eric Schmidt. He is now Google’s executive chairman, and his salary has been increased drastically. As CEO, Eric had a salary of $1 per year, but acoording to a SEC filing from Gooogle, he will be getting $1.25M per year along with a possible 400% target bonus from his base salary.

Apple Has Been Tracking Your Location

locationIf you use an iPhone that runs on iOS 4, it is likely that Apple has been tracking your location. According to Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden of O’Reilly, Apple has implemented a new feature in iOS 4 that secretly obtains your location and stores it. It is not clear if Apple has done it on purpose or if it is a bug, but the duo have contacted the Apple security team and are waiting for a response. Read More

iPhone 5 to Start Shipping in September

The next generation iPhone will start shipping in September, according to a report from Reuters. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters reports that Apple will begin production in July, and the completed product will begin shipping in September.

As far as features are concerned, it is predicted that the next gen iPhone will come with iOS 5 pre-loaded, a better camera, A5, and complete cloud syncing. The white iPhone 4 will be available within two or three weeks. The recent disaster in Japan is a reason for the delay. Read More

Edit Google Maps in the US With Google Map Maker

map makerGoogle has released a new tool for US Google Maps users called “Google Map Maker”. Google Map Maker allows you to quickly edit US Google Maps. While online based maps have been available for years in the US, many countries still don’t have maps that are instantly available online.

Although Google is trying hard to map every country and make the data available online, it has not been able to be extremely accurate. This user driven approach allows you to edit areas in maps, and submit them for review. Each edit is reviewed completely, and if approved, they are added to Google Maps. According to Google, this feature has been used to generate maps for 183 countries and regions worldwide. Read More

Is this iOS 5? – Leaked

20110419-091351.jpgThe folks at Tinhte have released two videos in which they demonstrate a white iPhone 4 running test builds of iOS 5. They claim that the OS on the iPhones are test builds of iOS 5, and the iPhone is also 64GB rather than the normal 16GB and 32GB. Tinhte have a good track record of demonstrating future Apple device which means that this could be for real. Read More

Dropbox for iOS Adds Multiple Photo Upload

dropbox updateDropbox has updated its iOS App today that adds the ability to upload bulk photos in one go. The Dropbox 1.4 update will let you upload multiple photos and videos at once, and also import documents from other Apps into your Dropbox account. A dedicated “Uploads” tab has also been added to make the upload process more simple and accessible. Read More