Apple Uploads New Ad for iPad

A new iPad TV Ad has been uploaded by Apple on its website that proves how the “iPad is” good is so many ways. According to Apple, its magical device is of-course magical and revolutionary as well as full-size, academic, cinematic and even electric.

Extension of the Week – Trash Can

trash can chrome

Trash Can is a versatile and helpful extension for Chrome that saves your time by allowing you to quickly re-open tabs that you recently closed. If you accidentally closed a particular tab or want to reopen the last web application that you were using instantly, Trash Can will be helpful for you.

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Adium Update Adds Support for Twitter


The amazing IM client for Mac, Adium has got an update that takes it to version 1.4. Twitter messaging, IRC support, better group chat facilities and other tweaks are bundled with the update.

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DevDialogue – Tilt to Live App Developer Speaks

tilt to live icon

We caught up with Adam Stewart of One Man Left Studios, developers of the highly popular game Tilt to Live. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, he shared his thoughts on the new gyroscope, future of One Man Left and Apple’s approval process.

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Gmail Now More Like Native App in Mobile Safari

gmail iphone

Gmail has been redesigned today for mobile safari users to offer a faster and better experience. If you use Gmail via the website on your iPhone, you will notice a few improvements that would make it feel more like a native app.

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Google Introduces Place Search

google places

Place Search is a new service by Google that organizes the world’s information around places. The new places tag would appear in the left sidebar of Google and it organizes local search results and displays them in an exciting manner according to the location.

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Jump to the Next Conversation Quickly in Gmail with New Labs Feature

google auto advance feature

Google Labs helps Google test drive services before officially making them live and also gather user feedback on the idea. Today, Google has added a new feature in Gmail Labs that allows you to quickly jump to the next conversation in Gmail after deleting or archiving a particular mail.

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Google Nexus One Forum Goes Read-Only

google nexus one

Google’s official mobile phone is dead, but the company is trying to slowly remove all the evidence. Google has announced that its Nexus One Online forums would go Read-Only starting from November 1 which means Nexus One admirers and owners would not be able to post in topics.

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Apple’s Online Store Now Available in China

apple store china

Apple’s online store is a great way to purchase Apple products within clicks. The store is beautifully designed and the excellent user interface makes buying products fun.

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App of the Week – Sociable for iPad


If you are in the market looking for a complete App that will fulfill all your social needs, take a look at Sociable. Sociable is a total social media App that puts Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg and Flickr in one place.

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