Steve Jobs Mail Suggests iWeb Will Be Discontinued

iwebA recent mail of Steve Jobs posted by MacRumors appears to suggest that iWeb will be discontinued. While MacRumors has not posted a valid screenshot of the mail, it should be true. A customer sent a mail to Steve asking if he should find an alternative to iWeb’s website builder and someone to host his sites (iWeb), and Jobs replied saying “Yep.”. Read More

iPhone 4 Advertisement in Blackberry Store [PICS]

bbAlmost everyone seems to be copying Apple’s retail store success. Apple Stores are a phenomenon and gradually other mobile phone manufactures like HTC, Samsung, and even Blackberry are coming up with dedicated stores. A TheAppleGoogle reader from India has noticed an ironic picture that simply shows how good Apple’s marketing guys are. In the picture above, a Blackberry store in India has got something that will shock you. Read More

Evernote’s Smart Peek Uses Smart Cover to Power App

smart peekThe most amazing thing about the iPad 2 is the Smart Cover. Smart Cover auto aligns magnetically to the iPad 2, and wakes the iPad 2 when opened, and puts iPad 2 to sleep when closed. Evernote has announced a new App that use the power of the Smart Cover. Smart Peek from Evernote helps you remember things in a much more fun filled way. Read More