Even the Verizon iPhone 4 Has Antennagate Issue

iphone 4 verizon

Well, Apple is not perfect. Consumer Reports is reporting that even the new Verizon iPhone 4 has got the Antennagate issue first experienced on the AT&T iPhone. Just like the AT&T iPhone, when you now grip your phone in a way such that your hand covers the area between the two pieces of metal, the call drops.

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iFixit Tears New MacBook Pro


The folks at iFixit have got their hands on the new MacBook pro 15 inch and have given the product a repairability score of 7 out of 10. After thoroughly breaking down the device, the team came to the conclusion that Apple has made some good design choices that make the new models more easy to repair.

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Google’s New Algorithm Targets Content Farms

spam google

A few days ago, Google’s Matt Cutts wrote a blog post about the current situation of spam in google searches results and noted that Google is doing sufficient amount of work to fight spam on a day to day basis. He even mentioned that the next target of the search engine would be to push down sites which are often regarded as content farms, and also those who use black hat SEO techniques.

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Interview With the Creators of Foodstream [DevDialogue]

foodstream icon

Foodstream provides local results on food prices, bargains, pictures, new products, dining deals, happy hours, etc. With an amazing set of pictures of all kinds of foods, brilliantly designed application, complete integration with major services, and remarkable user experience, Foodstream is a service that would make an impact on the type of food you eat next. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Paul Lo – CEO and founder of Foodstream explains how he got the idea, the future of the application, and experience with Apple.

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Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs

steve jobs

Today is the birthday of a man who has influenced and changed the world. Today is Steve Jobs’ Birthday. Visionary, charismatic, dynamic, and revolutionary are the words often used to describe Steve, and he has done so much with Apple that has touched the lives of millions.

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Humor – iPad 2 Leaked Video

YouTube user “Exkild” has uploaded a new video that is a hilarious parody of Apple’s upcoming next generation iPad. The video includes a large coffee table sized device which the uploader humorously calls the “iPad 2″. In the video, the device runs a whole lot of applications and can do just everything you want.

All New Mail App Coming With Lion

lion mail app

Apple has today released a developer preview version of Lion, and has also updated the page for Lion on its website. The page hints at a completely new version of the Mail App version 5 that includes the look and feel of the Mail App on iPad.

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Lion Now Available to Developers via Mac App Store


Along with introducing the all new MacBook Pros, Apple has also released a developer preview version of the next generation of Mac OS X, Lion. The file will be available to developers to test from the Mac App Store. Lion will be released to the masses this summer, and will include amazing new features including Mission Control, Mac App Store, LaunchPad, and lots more.

If you are a developer, go get the developer preview version now.

New MacBook Pros are Here

macbook pros

The Apple online Store is now back up with all new MacBook Pros available for purchase starting at $1199. There are three models including the 13inch, 15inch, and a new 17inch that are equipped with the most powerful combination of hardware and software ever.

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17 inch MacBook Pro Specs Revealed

macbook pro 17inch

The new MacBook Pros are only a few hours away from being available to the world. The Apple Store is down, and Apple will shortly unveil the new laptops. A new photo leaked reveals the specifications of the upcoming new 17 inch MacBook Pro model.

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