Review – Gua-Le-Ni for iPad

Gua-Le-Ni is one of the very first applications to be designed using biometrical measurements and technologies. This application uses a fantastic storyline to give you some interesting information and facts about medical biometrics and nature. The aim of this game is to name all of the creatures that appear on your screen within the time limit given, and thereafter you have to catalogue them within the ‘book’ so that the game can be completed. The physical gameplay comprises of 3D quadrilaterals which require a multitouch gesture to be rolled. Read More

Find a Way Jose for iOS Founder Speaks (DEVDIALOGUE)

find a way joseIn this DevDialogue, we have a very exciting and detailed interview lined up for you. We talk to the developer of Find a Way Jose for iOS – an incredible puzzle game which requires you to execute a proper strategy in order to claim victory. The design of the game is breath-taking and we talk to the founder – Baruch Richter to see how the idea was conceived, the marketing strategy and thoughts on Apple. This one is a good read, get inspired. Read More

Make Better Decisions With Votely for iOS

Making decisions could be a difficult thing to do especially with many choices. But now it will get a whole lot easier when you have input from your Facebook friends. Votely, developed by Planrly Inc, is an app that makes your decision making process fun. Votely provides a neat and innovative way of making decisions with the voting done by your Facebook friends. May it be a movie to watch or car to choose, Votely will tell you by getting rapid input from your friends instantly. Votely is completely integrated with Facebook, so you don’t have to add friends in to it. Read More

Find a Way José for iOS is a Great Brain Teaser – Review

Baruch Richter has created quite a bespoke and an interesting application for your iOS device which we think will catch your eye. With the exceptional graphical interface, we’re sure that navigating around this application won’t cause you any stress at all. This application is an arcade type game in which you have to solve the interactive puzzle in order to get ‘José’ to the finish line. There is an abundance of levels in which your job is to complete in order to finish the game. In this sense this game is reminiscent of that of the Angry Bird series. José is the main, Mexican style, character of this game and your aim is to set him free and get him to where he wants to be. You are to slide a bundle of regular and irregular shapes around the game ‘map’ in order to set him free. These blocks accumulate as you progress through the levels, which consequently makes the game more difficult. Read More

Powerful Integration With Evernote Makes Stringnote for Android a Handy Tool

Stringnote is a free handy tool for Android that allows you to instantly post a note, idea, picture or a reminder directly to your Evernote account. The App has a very elegant user interface that makes it fun to use. The way Stringnote works is enticing. Just hold down your power button for 2 seconds and take a picture or record a 15 second voice. The App will then automatically make a note of it and have it posted to your Evernote account. Read More

The Lion And The Mouse is an Animated and Interactive Storybook for iOS – Review

lion and the mouseThe Lion And The Mouse available on the App Store for $2.99 is a highly interactive and fun storybook that will keep you engaged. The App has a very advanced user interface that has been specially designed for children with full of interactive elements. Available for both iPhone and iPad, The Lion And The Mouse is a great time killer and with its animation, the App would make you drool. Read More

Following Apple, Amazon Acquires 3D Map App UpNext

Here comes Amazon into the whole 3D maps war. With Apple replacing Google Maps in iOS 6 and rolling out its very own 3D maps applications, Amazon wants to do the same thing, of-course. Amazon has acquired UpNext to signal that an Amazon powered Maps application could be making its way to the Kindle Fire, without Google’s permission. Read More

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Smart WiFi Pro for Android Makes Using WiFi Easy – Review

Smart WiFi Pro for Android is an exclusive tool to manage your WiFi settings on your Android device. With just one tap, users can toggle the WiFi on/off, check for WiFi hotspots nearby to connect, provide detailed information about all relevant hotspots and automatic switching if 3G is available. The App will search for all the nearest hotspots and present details about them in an intuitive format. Read More