Learn your Way for Android Will Help Kids Learn While Having Fun (REVIEW)

Learn your Way for Android is an App that serves a purpose. It has a user interface that has been very neatly designed and the App helps kids learn about things while having fun along the way. The App is perfect for kids between 2-6 years old and will help them memorize things, recognize them and match them for better understanding.

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Giveaway – Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS

cleanupcontactsCleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS is a very handy App that cleans up your entire address book and by merging partially matching contacts into just one contact and by removing 100% matching contacts entirely. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS is very neat and should be downloaded instantly. We’ve got three promo codes to giveaway. Read More

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Get a Job At Apple As a Pizza Cook

Want to just somehow work at the place where it is all happening? If you have “extensive experience making pizza dough from scratch”, then you should consider applying for a position at Apple as a “Pizza Cook”. You’ll be required to cook delicious pizzas for all the designers and engineers. Interesting… Read More

Apple Working on Standalone Camera

iSight cameraApple seems to be working on a standalone camera. Not the one you find on your iOS device, but something entirely different. Steve Jobs always wanted to disrupt the camera industry and it seems that work on a point-and-shoot standalone iSight camera has already begun. As noted in a guide published by iLounge, sources say that Apple is closely working on this project. Read More