All of Steve Jobs Videos in One Place

videoWouldn’t it be great if you could see all videos of the ultimate showman, Steve Jobs in just one place instead of typing different terms on YouTube?’s Scott Hurff has got THE solution for us. All videos are now available in just one place and people can instantly watch them, share them and even pour in their thoughts. The interface is also very neat which makes navigation simple. Read More

Spirits Game Comes to the Mac

spiritsSpirits has been an incredibly popular title by Spaces of Play. It is so popular that the game was downloaded over 800k times during a recent campaign whereby the App was made free for iOS. To further embark on this journey of success and fun, the developers of the game have ported Spirits to the Mac. In Spirits, your objective is to guide a group of leaf spirits to their destination using the special powers allocated to the spirits. Read More

Interview With The Developer of Kinetik [DEVDIALOGUE]

kinetikKinetik is an App that allows you to share with your family and friends the App that you are using. It also hosts the directory of the hundreds of thousands of the Apps available in the App Store online. The App has received a lot of press coverage and has already hit the top spot in terms of usage. In this interview, we talk to Raul Moreno, the CEO of Kinetik to discuss the future of the App and the App ecosystem in general. Read More

Temple Run for iOS Hits 36 Million Downloads. Wow!

Temple Run, the highly addictive free game that has been on the top charts lately has just hit 36 million downloads via the App Store. More than 36 million people have been playing this game and are loving it and referring it to family and friends. In the game, you simply swipe and use your device’s accelerometer to navigate, collect coins and stay away from monkeys. Read More

The Ultimate Note Taking And Drawing Tool – NoteLedge for iPad

There are many note taking Apps in the App Store. But none come even close to NoteLedge. This powerful and dynamic App from Kdan Mobile Software is something that will blow your mind at first sight. NoteLedge for iPad allows you to not only take notes, but do loads of exciting things with it. You can draw with your fingers or use an iPad stylus and the drawing experience would feel absolutely natural. Read More

Check Out Google’s Surprise for Valentine’s Day

google heart graphGoogle is really famous for the neat tricks and surprises it presents its users with. We are already well-aware of the “Do a barrel roll” and “Let it snow” tricks which charmed a lot of users (including us). Here’s another pleasant surprise by the search engine giant which would satisfy all math nerds. Just type the below or simply paste it in the Google search bar and check out the result. Read More