Essential Android Apps – WiFi Widget

wifi widgetToday, we are announcing a new series dubbed “Essential Android Apps” that aims to feature the top 20 Apps every Android user should have from various categories.

#20 – Our new series will focus on Apps that Android users should install. Android is without any doubt highly customizable and its openness is one of the reasons of its enormous success in such a short span of time. It allows you to add widgets to your home-screens that enhance functionalities and make the phone easier to use instead of only plain icons.

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Google Instant Beta Shows Up on iPhone

instant iphone

Google has already demoed its latest offering in search, Instant on Android devices, but today the feature is being made available to some iPhone users in beta form.

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Apple Now Accepting Mac App Store Submissions

mac app store

Apple’s Mac App Store is going to be another huge success and just as its iOS counterpart developers need to submit their Apps to Apple for review. The Mac App Store would be opened shortly and starting today, Mac App developers can submit their Apps to Apple for review.

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Are MP4′s days numbered?

iphone 4 video

MP4 conversion, I hate it. I’d spend hours converting avi movies to mp4, copy them to my library, sync to my iPhone, watch them back and then the audio would be out of sync. A mouth would flap but no words would be heard or vice versa.

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Feedly Coming to the iPhone

feedly iphone

Feedly, the most sparkling feed reader that works as an extension in all major browsers has been submitted to Apple for review. The App will port the amazing feed reading application to the iPhone and will present your feeds in an exciting manner.

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Google Offers ‘Recent Changes’ Box to Android Developers

android market changes

The Android market has got a minor update today that allows Android developers to enter any “Recent Changes” that have been made to the App instead of the 325 characters box that had to be used to describe both the features and the changes.

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Giveaway – Grazing Web Browser for iPad

grazing ipad icon

Grazing Web Browser is an incredible browser for iPad with a unique tabbed browsing experience, ThumbPad, extraordinary search bar and a gorgeous thumbnail view.

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Google Sites and Docs Get Updated

Google has just pushed out an update for its Google Docs and Google Sites web applications that add a few important features to the products.

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Apple Uploads New Ad for iPad

A new iPad TV Ad has been uploaded by Apple on its website that proves how the “iPad is” good is so many ways. According to Apple, its magical device is of-course magical and revolutionary as well as full-size, academic, cinematic and even electric.

Extension of the Week – Trash Can

trash can chrome

Trash Can is a versatile and helpful extension for Chrome that saves your time by allowing you to quickly re-open tabs that you recently closed. If you accidentally closed a particular tab or want to reopen the last web application that you were using instantly, Trash Can will be helpful for you.

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