Perform Stunts and Entertain Yourself in MegaStunt Mayhem Pro for iOS

MegaStunt Mayhem Pro is a great game. It is extremely thrilling and interesting. The game is developed by Level Eight AB and the Pro version can be downloaded for $2.99, although there is a free version also available. MegaStunt Mayhem Pro has got phenomenal graphics and it looks stunning on a retina display. Read More

Sprint To Offer Apple iPad

sprintAccording to a report on Wednesday, the American carrier, “Sprint,” has finished preparations with Apple, and will offer the iPad to its customers, reportedly following the iPhone 5’s supposed release (7th October). The iPad that Sprint plans to offer will be a CDMA version. Read More

Android Optimized For Intel Processors


Google and Intel announced some exciting news this morning regarding Android and the hardware that the OS will be running on. ThisĀ announcementĀ confirms the efforts that Google and Intel are making to produce Android devices running on Intel’s hardware, mainly their Atom processor line. Read More