T-Mobile Not Getting iPhone 5, Confirmed by CMO

tiphoneT-Mobile’s CMO has confirmed that they will not be getting the much-awaited iPhone 5 on their network. T-Mobile networks should be upset about this news as the iPhone 5 or maybe the iPhone 4S is all set to be announced at an event by Apple on October 4, according to a report by AllThingsD.

Sprint have already made some claims about the iPhone 5 being supported by their network. Although the device won’t be available on T-Mobile officially, users can always walk into an Apple store, get an unlocked device, and experience the network and data services offering by any carrier on the iPhones. Read More

Miss Moppet Is A Normal Cat and Mouse Book for iOS, Nothing Evolutionary

missmI love cat and mouse stories. No matter if it is Tom and Jerry or my mother’s own tale. If you like the chasing and crashing that is normally a part of such an adventure, then you can give “Miss Moppet” a swing for $2.99 from the App Store. It’s a short cat and mouse tale and I myself love it. Miss Moppet can be good for children, but is definitely not for adults. Read More

Amazon’s Appstore Reaches Other Countries

As is everything on Amazon.com, their Appstore has been a great place to pick up Apps for your Android devices. With the one paid App for free for a day program, Amazon has managed to capture a lot of Android hearts. However ever since it’s launch, this AppStore has only been available in the U.S.A, which is of disadvantage to users outside the country such as myself. It now appears though as if the restrictions have been lifted.
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