iCloud Notifications Adapt iOS Style

icloud notificationRecent notifications that have been popping up on iCloud.com appear to be exactly like the ones you will notice on iOS. Apple already has optimized the “alert” style notification if you enter the wrong password during login to iCloud.com, and now they have used the “banner” notification system on iOS as noticed first by MacRumors. Read More

Multi-User Support Coming to the iPad?

multi-userApple will probably bring Mac like multiple user support for the iPad. If you have many users working on one iPad, you wouldn’t probably want them to view your mails and files and vice versa. To solve this issue, Apple is rumored to be working on a multi-user experience for the iPad. An unknown developer sent the above email to Apple and got a response from the Apple developer community that said that the issue was being “investigated”. Read More

Collect Berries And Make Jam In Panda Sweet Tooth for iOS

Panda Sweet Tooth is a fun and exciting new game for iOS in which you need to run and collect berries to make jam while staying fit. The App is one of its kind and is defining a whole new category. When you first play the game, it feels like the classic Mario type running game with a panda instead, but it is way more than that. Read More

Here Are Steve Jobs’ Notes for Keynotes. Even They Are Beautiful

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist, everyone knows that. He paid a lot of attention to detail. Even the smallest things mattered to him. On Reddit, someone has managed to capture the notes that Steve Jobs referred to during the 2007 first iPhone launch event. Even these are aesthetically pleasing. Look at them (picture above), so crisp and clear with icons loaded. Read More

Record Audio Instantly on iOS with Instant Audio Recorder

instant audio recorderiOS has an in-built voice recording application that is good, but not up to the mark. It lacks some key features. Instant Audio Recorder for iOS is one App that allows you to record quick audio fragments and even tweet them instantly. The App comes in very handy for situations where you would want to only record the audio without the video and serves its purposes very well. Read More

Handmade Felt Sleeves for iPhone, iPad and MacBook Provided By Biblio (KICKSTARTER)

biblioKickstarter is a great way to fund new and exciting projects as well as raise capital for that ‘billion dollar’ idea of yours. A new project tagged under the “iPhone” category is rather interesting. Biblio aims to provide handmade felt sleeve cases for the iPhone, iPad and Macbook that will help your device stay safe and also make you feel rather charming when you take out your device. Read More

Facebook Messenger App for the iPad in the Making

9to5mac facebook ipad appFacebook already has a brilliant messenger App for chatting with your Facebook friends on the iPhone and as 9to5Mac now reports, a native iPad App is also being developed. The Facebook Messenger iPad App will be a dedicated IM client for Facebook and will offer one-to-one chatting and realtime push notifications. While the App appears exactly like a blown up version of the iPhone App, it serves a very specific market and can be used for quick chat instead of the large Facebook native App. Read More

Finally. An Extension For Safari That Prevents App Store From Opening Automatically

nomoreitunesWhenever you visit an App page via Safari, it leads you to iTunes on your computer. Finally, an extension has arrived for Safari that prevents this from happening. With NoMoreiTunes, you can easily prevent App Store and iTunes pages from opening using the desktop App. The extension disables the script that triggers that action. Read More

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