Here’s Steve Jobs’ Calendar [HUMOR]

Steve calendar
Now that Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple as CEO, TheJoyofTech gives us a close humorous look at Steve Jobs’ calendar. All it’s got is to keep a close eye on Tim Cook (new Apple CEO), and still run the company as efficiently as ever.

Best line – “Call Woz, and ask him how can he handle being away from Apple.”

Oh Steve, Why Did You Leave the Job And What Will Apple ‘Cook’ In The Future?

steve jobsIt’s hard to imagine Apple without Steve Jobs. Steve was the soul of the company, and converted it from just two people in a garage to the world’s most valuable tech company.

He’s going to go down in history as the most important technical leader we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, at least,” Wozniak said of Jobs in an interview with Bloomberg. “He thinks very much about getting technology out of the picture. From the very start until today, it’s about how you make something seem like it’s not a piece of technology in the way that you don’t have to learn all these geeky, techie steps to get something done.” Read More

Apple Seeds OS X Lion 10.7.2, iCloud Beta 9 and iPhoto Beta 3 to Developers

mac os x updateApple has just released a new version of OS X Lion 10.7.2, an update to iCloud for Mac beta 9 and an update to iPhoto beta 3 to developers. The downloads are available via the Apple’s Developer website. The iCloud update for Lion integrates the various iCloud for web feature with the Lion App, and provide better syncing capabilities. Read More

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Apple Posts New Executive Line-Up Chart

appleToday, things in the computer industry changed dramatically. Steve Jobs who founded Apple, and played a major part in the entire computer revolution stepped down as Apple CEO. It’s a sad day for all Apple fans. Tim Cook has been appointed as the new CEO of the company, and Steve is now the chairman of the board. Apple has also updated it’s official executive organization chart implementing the changes. Read More

Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO

steve jobsI had a tear in my eye when I read this one. Steve Jobs, the dynamic and visionary Apple CEO has resigned from the company he founded in a garage. The story is developing, and for now here is the letter from the man himself. We’ll miss you on stage, Steve, and wish you could go on and on. You changed so many of our lives, and we just can’t thank you enough for that. Read More

Supercow Is An Exciting Mario-Type Farm Arcade Game for iOS

supercowSupercow from Nevosoft is an extremely addictive mario-type game in which you control Supercow, a cow with special super powers. In this thrilling adventure, you need to help Supercow save his live-stock friends. As the game is like the classic Mario-type, you need to control Supercow, collect money, unlock secret, gain powers, fight enemies, and find exits. The graphics of the game is simply stunning, and the developers have done a marvellous job designing each level with perfection. Read More