FreakDroid Is A Robot With A Thing For Movies

FreakDroid is a new iPhone and Android App which includes a robot who has a thing or two for movies. The robot is witty and claims to know all about movies. In FreakDroid, if you think you are a movie buff and are up to the challenge, you can connect with your Facebook account to take a quiz which will ask you all about films. Questions seem to be updated on a daily basis. Read More

New MacBook Pro 15-Inch To Sport Retina Display and Ultra-Thin Design

9to5Mac claims that the upcoming new MacBook Pro 15-inch from Apple will look a lot different from the current one and will sport an entirely new ultra-thin design. With the MacBook Air selling so much, it was clear to Apple that even though the MacBook Pro offers better performance, the design had to be tweaked. Apple’s all new upcoming MacBook Pro for 15 inch will have an ultra-thin design and also include a shiny retina display. Read More

Simply Declare App Developer Speaks

simplydeclareSimply Declare is a travel App that has been designed to help the savvy traveller. The App allows users to add purchase items to their list so users can declare all purchases made in foreign countries back in their home country. The App also includes a very scintillating real-time currency update feature that automatically updates all different input currencies into your desired home currency. In this interview, we talk to Rae Mapey of Simply Declare to take a behind-the-scenes look and to see how the App was converted from ambition to achievement. Read More

Manage All Your Files on iPad With OrganiDoc HD

organidocOrganiDoc HD is a file management solution for the iPad which will allow you to manage all different file formats under just one App. You can handle audio, video, documents, PDF, zip and many more variable file formats using the App. OrganiDoc HD also has been integrated with all top-notch cloud based file storage solutions like Google Docs, ASUS Web Storage, Dropbox and more that allow you to simply import all your files from these services into the App for better management. Read More

Record All The Places You’ve Visited And Find Friends With Trip To Worlds

Trip to Worlds for iOS is an App that you can use to record all the places you’ve traveled and also to locate your Facebook friends on a map. You can add new places to your list of visited places and once signed in to Facebook, view the exact locations of your friends using the App. If you’ve been to London recently, you can always view the Travel page and “post and boast” to your Facebook friends that you’ve visited another place. Read More

Mac OS X 10.7.4 Out Now

mac updateApple has just released Mac OS X 10.7.4 which includes bug fixes, network changes and also fixes the major ““Reopen windows when logging back in” setting is always enabled.” bug. The update is available for 730MB and can be downloaded by firing up the “Software Update” tool on your Mac. Read More

MindFeud for iOS Require Serious Thinking

MindFeud for iOS is a new game that requires some serious thinking. Just like most board games, in MindFeud you are given a set of random tiles at first. Your objective is to arrange the tiles on the board in such a fashion that they are of the same color and same symbol. You can play against your friends or against ADAMA, the very powerful and intelligent bot. Read More

iCloud Notifications Adapt iOS Style

icloud notificationRecent notifications that have been popping up on appear to be exactly like the ones you will notice on iOS. Apple already has optimized the “alert” style notification if you enter the wrong password during login to, and now they have used the “banner” notification system on iOS as noticed first by MacRumors. Read More

Multi-User Support Coming to the iPad?

multi-userApple will probably bring Mac like multiple user support for the iPad. If you have many users working on one iPad, you wouldn’t probably want them to view your mails and files and vice versa. To solve this issue, Apple is rumored to be working on a multi-user experience for the iPad. An unknown developer sent the above email to Apple and got a response from the Apple developer community that said that the issue was being “investigated”. Read More

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