iPad 2 is Here – Thinner, Faster, Camera, HD Video, A5, and More

ipad 2

Steve Jobs unveiled the second generation iPad in an event today at San Francisco. The iPad 2 is remarkably thin, fast, sports an all new design, and includes two cameras.

The iPad 2 will be available in white and black, and this time white iPads will be available from the very first day, unlike the iPhone 4. 3G versions of the device will now be offered by Verizon and AT&T.

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Can you Buy an iPad 2 Today? Apple Store is Down

apple store down

We are just minutes away from Apple iPad 2 Event, and the online Apple Store is already down. Today, Apple will reportedly release the next generation iPad which will feature two cameras, FaceTime, better display, A5 and many more cool things.

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iPad Production and Shipments Ceased


According to reports, Apple has stopped the production and shipment of the first generation iPad, and retailers are trying to sell them as fast as they can.

While the iPad is still not available in many countries and some countries have just got their hands on the device, reports suggest that global retailers also cannot get the device.

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Jony Ive Will Make $30 Million, Wants to Move to England

jony ive

Apple’s design guru, Jony Ive is reportedly going to make a whooping $30 million, and wants to move to England. According to a friend of Jony who spoke with the Sunday Times, he and his wife want to move back to their home country of England to raise their children.

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Former Sun CEO’s Wish They Had Bought Apple

apple logo

Former Sun CEO’s Scott McNealy and Ed Zander told eWeek that if on that one night Sun would have bought Apple, things would have been so different. Of-course there wouldn’t have been any iPads, Mac, iPods, iTunes etc, but even the brand power of Apple wouldn’t have been so strong.

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Unlimited Storage in Picasa

picasa web

Google has issued an update to its service for managing photos called Picasa. The new update as InstantFundas points out can help certain users gain unlimited storage on their Picasa Web Albums account.

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Apple Will Release Find my Mac App

find my mac

It appears that Apple will soon port its existing software for the iPhone that allows users to locate their iOS devices using some other machine, and also wirelessly enable certain restrictions to the Mac. As 9to5Mac reports, Apple will soon release Find my Mac.

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Even the Verizon iPhone 4 Has Antennagate Issue

iphone 4 verizon

Well, Apple is not perfect. Consumer Reports is reporting that even the new Verizon iPhone 4 has got the Antennagate issue first experienced on the AT&T iPhone. Just like the AT&T iPhone, when you now grip your phone in a way such that your hand covers the area between the two pieces of metal, the call drops.

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iFixit Tears New MacBook Pro


The folks at iFixit have got their hands on the new MacBook pro 15 inch and have given the product a repairability score of 7 out of 10. After thoroughly breaking down the device, the team came to the conclusion that Apple has made some good design choices that make the new models more easy to repair.

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Google’s New Algorithm Targets Content Farms

spam google

A few days ago, Google’s Matt Cutts wrote a blog post about the current situation of spam in google searches results and noted that Google is doing sufficient amount of work to fight spam on a day to day basis. He even mentioned that the next target of the search engine would be to push down sites which are often regarded as content farms, and also those who use black hat SEO techniques.

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