8pen for Android is Now Free

Android users, rush to the Android market. 8pen, the magical keyboard that reinvents writing on touch screen devices is now available for free in the Android market.

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Essential Android Apps – NewsRob

Essential Android App #18 – NewsRob – NewsRob is an advanced feed reader for Android that lets you read and manage your feeds efficiently. With a few taps, you can choose to view all your feeds, view all unread feeds and refresh content.

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Upload HD Quality Videos to Picasa Web Albums

Picasa users love to share their pictures and videos with family or friends using Picasa Web Albums. The unique web interface allows users to securely share photos, edit them with Picnik and even backup pictures using Picasa Web Albums.

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How To – Control YouTube on your TV from your Android device

youtube remote

Watching YouTube videos on-the-go is fun. While some may call YouTube as “amateur hour”, we believe that YouTube is the best platform for videos and higher quality videos also play well on large screen devices such as your TV.

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Preview Pages Before Clicking Them With Google Instant Previews

In a quest to offer a more snappier and better search engine results page, Google has today announced a new “Instant” feature that allows users to preview pages before clicking on them.

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Google Search App Comes to Windows Phone 7

google windows phone 7

Google has just announced that its search app is now available for Windows Phone 7 and can be downloaded from the Marketplace. The App brings the rich and powerful features of Google to your phone and allows you to search the web, images, local, news, and more.

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Evernote for Android Gets Major Overhaul

evernote 2.0

The ultimate note taking application that allows users to create all kinds of notes and access them from almost any device has been updated to version 2.0 for Android devices. The new Android version adds a slew of features and is the biggest leap evernote has ever taken on any platform.

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Essential Android Apps – Cover Art Downloader

cover art downloader app

#19 – You probably have more than a thousand songs in your music library, but some of them would be missing album artwork. The openness of Android has allowed the existence of Apps that allow you to update your songs with cover art that look great on your screen.

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Google Celebrates the Discovery of X-Rays With Interactive Doodle

google doodle

Google has been uploading very interactive Doodles lately. Today, Google is celebrating the 115th anniversary of the discovery of the X-Rays with yet another entertaining Google Doodle.

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Extension of the Week – Window Resizer

extension chrome window resizer

Window Resizer allows you to quickly resize your tabs or windows in Chrome to any preferred size. The extension can be extremely helpful for web developers as it offers many different window sizes to choose from.

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