Wave Alarm Is A Motion Sensitive Alarm Alternative for your iPhone

Wave Alarm is a new iPhone and iPod touch App that is motion sensitive. When the alarm goes off, you don’t need to touch your screen to close it or snooze it, just wave it off with your hands and the tool will recognize it. It also acts as a great on-screen time keeper with an amazing user interface. We have posted a video demonstrating how it works. It is available for free in the App Store with ads, but for $1.99 you can remove the ads. Read More

Google Drive Screenshot Leaked

Google DriveRumors say that Google will soon launch a new service dubbed Google Drive. The service will be somewhat like Dropbox and will help you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. TalkAndroid now has a new screenshot that gives us a glimpse of how the new webpage for the Google Drive will look like and it also reveals that Google will be offering upto a massive 5GB of free storage space for new users. Read More

1 Click Flashlight Turns Your iPhone Flash Into A Torch (REVIEW)

Logo: 1 Click flashlightOne of the major features added when the iPhone 4 was introduced was the LED flash which was designed by Apple to work only in the camera Application that is stock with every iPhone. Developers globally discovered this as a major window for development of a new app that people could use as a torch on their new iPhone. Some of the first applications built for this very function were ‘iTorch 4’ and ‘Torch for iPhone’. Both of which are still quite popular within Apple’s App Store eco system. 1 Click Flash is new on the App Store, and its definitely putting up a somewhat decent fight to compete against the other Apps in this category, and because of this 1 Click Flashlight has already received over 400,000 downloads. Read More

Weave iPhone App Review [VIDEO]

We have kick started our new App review videos posting on our YouTube channel. For the very first review, we focused on a very unique App from Intuit Inc. dubbed “Weave”. The App is an all-in-one task manager as well as a complete project management App with inbuilt features for adding expenses, income, to-dos and more. Weave has an excellent user interface which makes the entire experience seamless. Moreover, it is available for free in the App Store which just adds more value to it. Read More

iPhoto Gets Over 1M Downloads, Brings in $5M

iphotoAs Jim Dalrymple [The Loop] reports, Apple’s latest App, iPhoto, an extremely sophisticated photo editing App for iOS which is a part of the iLife mobile suite has achieved over one million users in just 10 days. Astonishing. For clarification, Apple said that these are 1,000,000 individual users, not multiple downloads on different devices by a user. Since there have been 1,000,000 purchases, and the App costs $4.99, Apple has roughly made $5 Million off one app in just 10 days. Wow! Read More