Here’s a Tour of the Fake Apple Store in China [VIDEO]

Apple Stores are famous all around the globe for their remarkable customer service, awesome products, genius design, and more. Fake Apple Stores are operating in China, and this video from MSNBC gives us a sneak peek at the stores. The stores offer the exact same Apple products, but the service offered is just isn’t the same, which leaves users confused. We presume Apple’s lawyers are all over this thing.

PlainText App Developer Speaks [DevDialogue]

plaintextPlainText is arguably the most popular and clean writing App available for iPad and iPhone. The App tries to keep the user interface simple by removing tons of options, and instead just allows the user to focus on the text. PlainText has gathered so much hype because of the free ad-based model it follows. In this interview with TheAppleGoogle, Jesse from the PlainText team explains the entire process, working with Apple, and the future of Apps. Read More

ProCamera Is A Camera App As Well As A Photo Editor for iOS

procameraProCamera is a camera application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to instantly capture pictures and video from the App, and also view it directly from within the App. The best part of ProCamera is that it does not lag between pictures. Clicking pictures is almost instantaneous, and unlike the native camera App for iPhone, ProCamera can be used to capture multiple pics in a super fast way. Read More

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 4 With Over-the-Air Updates

iOS 5 UpdateThere is a lot going on in the Apple universe. Lions are roaring, Ports with speed comparable to that of Thunder are being attached to Macs, and even the world’s most advanced operating system is growing like crazy. Today, Apple has released iOS 4.3 Beta 4 for developers via Apple’s website or for the very first time get the update magically over-the-air. Read More

Lion Gestures Redefined [HUMOR]

lion A lot of new gestures have been made a part of Lion, the current generation of Mac OS X. Swipe with two or three fingers, and boom, things fly off or magically appear on your screen. Users simply love the new gestures which help them be more productive and finish tasks in a much more efficient manner. Apple has listed down most of the gestures on the “Features” page, but here are few gestures that Apple probably forgot to mention. Read More

Google+ for Businesses Now Open to Everyone

google+A new beta version of Google+ for businesses will be coming sooner than expected, and the beta will be available to everyone says Christian Oestlien, Google’s Group Product Manager, on Google+. It appears that at the moment, Google+ is requiring businesses to associate a personal individual from their company who can share links. Google+ for Businesses will be a good move, and will go head on with Facebook’s Business Pages. Read More