iOS 4.3 GM Is Already Jailbreakable

iOS 4.3 is coming on March 11, and Apple recently pushed out the Gold Master version for developers. The gold master version is already jailbreakable using the latest Pwnage tool.

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Android Growth Faster Than the US Population

With every passing day more and more Android devices are being activated. The activation rate is so fast that it is 30 times more than the growth of the US population. The folks at Pestaola have uploaded an amazing video demonstrating the phenomenal growth.

Web Reader Feedly Coming to iPad

feedly ios

Web based feed reader, Feedly has announced that it will be shortly releasing a universal App in the App Store for iOS that would work on both iPad and iPhone.

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Apple Releases Joint Venture for Small Businesses

joint venture

Though this was not announced at yesterday’s Apple event, Apple has silently released its support program for small business owners called Joint Ventures.

By being a part of Joint Ventures, Apple will completely help you setup your new Apple devices including the software part and will also educate your employes on a one to one basis about Apple products. The program will cost $499 for up to five system, with each additional system coverable for $99.

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Share Ratings and Reviews of Places Using Hotpot on Twitter

hotpot twitter

Many use Hotpot to find and rate places nearby them. Google is today adding a new feature to Hotpot that allows you to share your rating about a place with your friends on Twitter.

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Twitter for iOS Updated – New Look, Quick Bar, and More

twitter ios

Twitter has just released an update for its iOS application that features a redesigned look, better support for hashtags and @username, improved DM conversations, and other cool new features.

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iPad 2 Has New Dock

ipad 2 dock

The accessories that Apple has to offer for iPad 2 are extremely useful and exciting. The dock that is used to hold your iPad in an upright position using the 30-pin connector has been updated, and this new one looks a whole lot cooler. It is now sleeker and gives you the perfect angle to type.

Simply adjust your iPad, and it will stay in an upright position. You can also get access to an audio line out to listen to music while your iPad is in the dock, or sync the iPad using the 30-pin connector on the rear end. iPad 2 Dock also supports other iPad accessories, such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter and the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

You can get the new dock for $29.00.

So When Can You Get iPad 2?

ipad 2

After looking at all those brilliant features, design, and Apps for iPad 2, you must really be wanting to get your hands on the device. So, when can you get an iPad 2? If you are in the US, you can get iPad 2 on March 11th at 5pm. Apple will also be shipping the iPad 2 on March 11 to 26 different countries, and users in other countries will need to wait a little longer. For those who still would love to own the first iPad, they can it from Apple’s website starting at $399, $100 off.

iMovie and GarageBand Come to iPad

ipad 2

iPad 2 is here, and it is pretty cool. Full of amazing features, and an all new design, the iPad 2 will surely blow your mind. Along with the iPad 2, Apple also introduced two new Apps that would set the bars for future iPad App developments.

iMovie and GarageBand were introduced today designed for the iPad 2. iMovie for iPad features a precision editor, multitrack audio recording, new themes, AirPlay to Apple TV, and the ability to share your videos in HD. You get most of the feature of iMovie that runs on your Mac, but in a much more intuitive and friendly user interface.

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Apple’s Revolutionary Smart Covers for iPad 2

apple ipad smart covers

Apple today unveiled the iPad 2 in an event in San Francisco. Coming to the accessories for the new device, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs introduced a magical new cover – not case, for this revolutionary device.

The new covers are called Smart Covers and will be available specifically for the iPad 2. As the iPad 2 is so thin, Apple designed these smart covers that won’t add any bulk to the device. The cover uses magnets, so when you open the cover, your iPad will turn on. When you close it, your iPad will sleep too. Revolutionary, isn’t it? These covers are so amazing that they even clean your iPad screen. “They grasp it, and auto-align it. I’ll show you a little video. It’s so cool. You can remove it in a second. It adds minimal weight and thickness. It’s got a microfiber cloth that cleans the screen,”, said Steve.

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