Allow Your Music to Wake You Up With KitSound’s XDock (REVIEW)

XDock buttonsIf you’re one of those people who requires an alarm to wake up in the morning, KitSound have you completely covered with their XDock. This sleek and compact product will more than compliment your nightstand, due to its aesthetically perfect and integral design. With the inclusion of a dock for your iPhone or iPod you will be able to set your XDock to wake you up in the morning with one of your favorite, or not so favorite songs, whilst giving your phone a full charge. In addition to this you can use this docking station to play your tunes for leisure, both from mains and battery power (batteries are not included). An FM radio transmitter is also included within this docking station, which you can also be woken up to in the morning. Read More

Can You Shoot Your Opponent Before He Shoots You? Try High Noon Jonny for iOS (REVIEW)

High Noon Jonny is a game in which your aim is to surpass the score of your virtual or physical opponent. To portray this, you need to have a good reaction time, so that you can shoot your opponent before they can shoot you. Both you and your opponent are stationed still in a scene which looks as if it’s supposed to replicate the wild west back in the 20th century. Each needs to try and shoot the other after a bell is sounded. The person who kills their opponent first is the winner of that round. Many alternative rounds follow post to the first one, each with a random time for the bell to increase the difficulty and inspire one’s reaction time to be improved. Read More

5 Best Maps App Alternatives to Apple Maps for iPhone

Now that it is official that Apple Maps suck, we present the top 5 alternatives to Apple Maps that will help you find your way to your next destination instead of getting you lost. Google is working on a Maps App for iOS which is rumored to be available later this year, till then these nifty Apps already available for iOS should turn out to be extremely helpful for you. It is a good time to be a Maps App developer, for sure! Read More

Tim Cook Posts Apology Letter For Screwing Up With Apple Maps

Tim Cook today published an official apology letter on addressing all Apple customers. Apple has definitely screwed up with Apple Maps and accepting their mistake publicly is an extremely bold move. For the time being, Apple is recommending users to use alternatives available. Here is the official apology letter Tim posted today – Read More

HotDoc Is Your Document Friendly Manager for iPad (REVIEW)

HotDoc for iPad is a brand new documents manager for the iPad. The App will be your best friend when it comes to managing documents in any format. The user interface is something different and structures documents in a unique format. Gestures can be used to handle files. If an App acts as a document viewer, there are some key elements needed for it to be useful. HotDoc has got most of them. Read More

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Netflix Updated for iPhone 5

Netflix has been updated for the iPhone 5 with support for the larger screen. On a larger screen, videos now look even better than before. Netflix subscribers can now view all their videos on their iPhone 5 while enjoying the large 4 inch screen display. Just go to the App Store, tap the “Updates” tab and update Netflix now. Still waiting for YouTube to be updated.

Google Earth and Google Maps Will Be In One App for iOS

It is evident that Google is working on a Maps App for iOS devices. After Apple decided to remove Google Maps from iOS, and Apple Maps turned out to be horrible, Google’s stock pushed up higher and the folks at Google are now working very hard to make sure that a Maps App that uses data from Google is made available to the masses. Read More

Interact With Some New Friends in iHomies for iOS

iHomies is a newly released, complexly developed application from AS Mobile Applications. This application is designed largely fo kids below the age of 10. The main idea of this application, located within the ‘Entertainment’ section, is to provide your kids some new friends to interact positively with and allow them to increase their self confidence with talking to people. This application implements the iOS multitouch interface while allowing your children to know where to press on the screen to get the ‘iHomie’ to interact with them. Your children can send greetings to their new friends intuitively. Read More