Pulse News Reader Now Free for iOS and Android

pulse news reader

Pulse News Reader, the critically acclaimed feed reading application for iPhone, iPad and Android has now gone free. Alphonso Labs have announced that their application will now be available to users for free across all platforms.

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Major iTunes Announcement Tomorrow

itunes announcement

If you navigate your browser to apple.com/itunes today, you’ll be greeted by a message that says, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you won’t forget”.

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Top 5 Games for iPad – Round 1

ipad gaming platform

The iPad has emerged as a really strong gaming platform and with every passing day newer and better gaming titles are being added to the App Store. This “Top 5” section looks at the top games for the magical device that make it so much fun.

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ReaddleDocs Free Till Monday

readdledocs iphone icon

The price of ReaddleDocs has been dropped from $4.99 to free till Monday. ReaddleDocs is an all-in-one document reader for iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to create, share, edit and do all sorts of things with documents.

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Ping Added to iTunes App for iPad


Apple has silently added Ping to its iTunes App on iPad. iTunes for iPad now has a new tab in the bottom dubbed “Ping” that allows you to access Apple’s social network for music directly from your iPad.

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Evernote Adds iOS 4.2 Compatibility


Developers are working hard to add support for multitasking to their Apps and make their creations compatible with the new version of iOS for iPad and iPhone – iOS 4.2.

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DevDialogue – Capo App Developer Speaks

Capo for Mac and iOS completely redefines the process of learning music. With its revolutionary interface, mind boggling engineering and extraordinary features, Capo helps you learn how to play your own music from your iTunes library. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Mr.Chris Liscio shares with us the idea, his thoughts on the Mac App Store and the development process.

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20 iPad Tips – Capturing Screenshots

ipad tips

Just got an iPad? Are you still amazed by the thinness and the features of this truly magical product? In this new series we will provide some tips that would help you love your iPad even more.

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Extension of the Week – StayFocusd


How many times have you logged on to the internet and have thought that you won’t just troll, but do some work? Sites like Facebook, Google, Gmail and Twitter have taken hours of your precious time? StayFocusd would come to your rescue.

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SugarSync Now Lets You Store Data Up To 5GB for Free


SugarSync is an amazing file-syncing service that allows you to store data on the cloud and access them from anywhere and from almost any device. The company offers a lot of payment plans currently out of which one is a free plan.

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