Apple Uploads iPad 2 Guided Tours

ipad guided tours

iPad 2 is coming on March 11. Apple has today uploaded 14 breath-taking videos that demonstrate the amazing capabilities of this revolutionary device. Guided tour videos give you a tour of some amazing applications on the iPad 2 like FaceTime, Mail, iPod, AirPlay etc.

Warning – If you watch these videos, you would really want to get an iPad 2 instantly.

iOS 4.3 Out Now

ios 4.3

Apple has today released iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV. The update brings in great new features, including all those that were showed off by Apple at the iPad 2 event. The released build is the same as that offered to developers a week ago.

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Categorize Email Automatically With Smart Labels in Gmail Labs

gmail smart labels

A new labs feature called Smart Labels has been released today that automatically categorizes your incoming email into groups like “bulk”, “forums”, etc. All mails that are newsletter or informational type are categorized under “Bulk”, while mails containing important information like card statements, tickets etc are automatically categorized under “Notifications”.

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Top 5 iPad Apps for Creating Mockups


Creating mockup designs on the iPad is a charm considering the large touch screen display. With over 60,000 Apps that allow you to do some amazing stuff, it is hard to select the best. Some of the Apps mentioned below will help you create Mockups for your next project on your iPad.

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YouTube Next Will Help Video Creators

youtube logo

Google has today acquired NextNewNetworks, a video network with a huge user base. While Netflix, Amazon and other companies provide a way to view licensed content at a premium, YouTube’s next step would be to increase its user generated content.

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New Open Now Feature Comes to Google Mobile Search

google mobile open now

Google has introduced a new feature for Google Mobile search that allows you to search for places that are open now at your local location. So before visiting a place, you can now check using your phone if the shop or mall is open or closed.

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iOS 4.3 GM Is Already Jailbreakable

iOS 4.3 is coming on March 11, and Apple recently pushed out the Gold Master version for developers. The gold master version is already jailbreakable using the latest Pwnage tool.

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Android Growth Faster Than the US Population

With every passing day more and more Android devices are being activated. The activation rate is so fast that it is 30 times more than the growth of the US population. The folks at Pestaola have uploaded an amazing video demonstrating the phenomenal growth.

Web Reader Feedly Coming to iPad

feedly ios

Web based feed reader, Feedly has announced that it will be shortly releasing a universal App in the App Store for iOS that would work on both iPad and iPhone.

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Apple Releases Joint Venture for Small Businesses

joint venture

Though this was not announced at yesterday’s Apple event, Apple has silently released its support program for small business owners called Joint Ventures.

By being a part of Joint Ventures, Apple will completely help you setup your new Apple devices including the software part and will also educate your employes on a one to one basis about Apple products. The program will cost $499 for up to five system, with each additional system coverable for $99.

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