Google’s New Tablet Look Generating Mixed Reactions

google new lookGoogle recently updated the way it appears to tablet users. The search engine was completely redesigned for iPad and Android based tablets, and now sports a newer look. With every major design change that a famous site undergoes, there are two view points that are formed. Following the tradition, Google users on tablets are generating mixed reactions, and they are reasonable. Which side are you on? Read More

Google Chrome Is Now Britain’s Second Most Popular Browser, Beats Firefox

chromeGoogle Chrome is now Britain’s second most popular browser, according to StatCounter. The analytical service recently revealed that Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox to become the second most widely used browser in Britain. Thanks to Google’s notorious advertising and marketing techniques, most people in Britain prefer Chrome over Firefox. Read More

Watch Live Streaming Videos With Your Friends Using Hangouts, Capture the Reaction

nullHangouts is a part of the Google+ social project which allows you to video chat with up to 10 people at the same time. Till today, users in hangouts could together watch YouTube videos, but now, YouTube Live product manager Brandon Badger has told GigaOM that users in hangouts will soon be able to video live YouTube streams, while chatting in Hangout. Read More

Google Page Speed Service Will Rewrite your Webpage to Increase Speed

google page speed serviceGoogle is paranoid about speed. Today, Google has launched a new service dubbed “Page Speed Service” that offers to re-write your entire webpage and render it to users in a way that will increase performance and speed. This latest tool from Google plans to speed up the web. You can sign up for the service by filling in a form, and by pointing your DNS to Google. Read More

Nude Case for iPad 2 Is Sexy [REVIEW]

nude case from switcheasyThe ‘Nude’ case series from SwitchEasy for iPad 2 simply helps you protect the back of your device without adding any bulk to it. It helps users keep their iPad 2 safe and at the same time experience the thinness of the device. The case comes in six gorgeous colors, and is only 1.8 mm thick. Nude for iPad 2 only covers the back portion of the device, and leaves all ports open for access. Read More

Here’s a Tour of the Fake Apple Store in China [VIDEO]

Apple Stores are famous all around the globe for their remarkable customer service, awesome products, genius design, and more. Fake Apple Stores are operating in China, and this video from MSNBC gives us a sneak peek at the stores. The stores offer the exact same Apple products, but the service offered is just isn’t the same, which leaves users confused. We presume Apple’s lawyers are all over this thing.

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