Revised iPad 2 Receives Some Processor Changes

a5 ipadAs you may already know, Apple have continued the manufacturing of their previous generation iPad 2, only in 16GB configuration, to allow the iPad in general to be more affordable. As the new iPad 2 is still fast enough and very much functional compared to the rest of the tablets in the market, Apple decided to keep in it stores and continue selling them. Read More

HTC Addresses One S Ceramic ‘Chipping Issue’

htc one SAccording to multiple reports, users of the newly released, dual core toting One S were experiencing a big cosmetic issue with their devices.
The HTC One S is covered in a micro-arc oxidation coating, and many users have complained that parts of this coating from the backs of their devices are chipping off, leaving the supposed ‘most beautiful’ HTC phone in an ugly mess. The somewhat good news for those who did experience similar issues, HTC has issued a statement saying that customers experiencing ‘extreme chipping’ issues can return their One S handsets to their place of purchase, or have them repaired under warranty. Read More

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Google Uploads Google Offers Video For Businesses

Google is trying to capture the daily deals market with Google Offers and so far, it has been working amazingly well. Today, Google uploaded two new videos on YouTube demonstrating how Google Offers for small businesses works. In the first video, Google explains the whole concept of Google Offers whereby merchants can set up their own personal offer page and even work with the Google Offers team to help expand their business. Google will charge 20% of the sale your make via their platform. Read More

Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1 Billion

instagramMark Zuckerberg on his Facebook timeline announced that his company has acquired Instagram for a massive amount of $1 billion which will be provided in cash and some in terms of stock. With only 8 employees and approximately about 550 days of operation, Instagram has been acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. This news comes as a huge surprise to the entire tech industry. Apparently, Instagram just completed a $50 million funding series which valued it at $500M before the news was announced, and even the investors did not know about it. Read More

Pocket Snapper Allows You To Take And Edit Photos of Models

pocket snapperPocket Snapper from Kdan Mobile allows you to take and edit pictures of models directly on your iPhone. If you are a professional photographer, this App is a must have as you will be able to access stunning editing features with this App including frames, filters and many special effects to enhance your picture. It is basically a photo taking App which also is very useful for taking pictures of models because of its many different backgrounds and effects that it is able to render. Read More

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Now on 2.9% of all Android Devices

android icsAs of today, Android’s most popular version is Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), with its latest version (4.0.X) still standing quite low. According to a new report and graphical representation in a pie chart, Android 2.3.X runs on around 2/3rds of ALL Android devices, with the ancient Android 2.2 running on like 25% of all Android devices. We also have the third Android release running on about 10% of devices, and the first two releases running on an extremely small number of devices.  Read More

Google Announces Gmail Tap, Kills The QWERTY Keyboard

gmail tapGoogle has just announced Gmail Tap, a brand new way for users to type using the Gmail App on their phones. Gmail Tap eliminates the use of a traditional QWERTY keyboard by just placing two keys on the display. Using the concept of Morse code which includes just a dot and a dash, Google has transformed the way users will be able to type using Gmail Tap. Read More