iOS 5 Will Feature Complete Voice Integration

assistantApple’s iOS 5 will feature complete voice integration just like Android. Along with iOS 5, Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 will feature speech recognition courtesy Nuance Technologies. An icon with the shape of a microphone will be available everywhere text input is available, and tapping it will apparently activate the speech recognition technologies that will allow you to perform tasks by simply speaking out your query rather than typing them. Read More

iPhone 5 in Cases Shipped to Carriers

Apple has apparently shipped all new iPhone 5s in boxes to carriers for approval and testing. Apple is as always using extremely careful techniques to prevent the details of the device to be leaked. As the Guardian points out, testing will be done in labs under high supervision. Read More

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iForgot is Here

iforgotThere you go folks, alongside, Apple has also revealed its awesome recovery tool dubbed “iForgot”. In the era of the “i”, iForgot is yet another addition which allows users to recover their forgotten passwords associated with their Apple ID’s or vice-versa in the Apple way.

iCloud Web Apps Do Exist, and Look Awesome is now live, and already available for developers to test. This now confirms that iCloud will also have web apps that will help users access their content from any device including Mac and PC directly via the browser. Not only the Apps are powerful, they look extremely gorgeous. Everything from the buttons, to the pop-ups to the typography is Apple-style. Amazing. Read More