Top 3 UK TV Apps

iphone tv

As part of the iPhone’s reach into every and any part of our daily lives previously unexplored by phones, TV guide apps are well represented. With a snappy interface, hooks into Facebook and Twitter and the killer feature of Sky’s Remote Record, a TV guide could just be the most useful application on your iPhone.

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Google Launches New Book to Educate People About the Web

chrome book

In an attempt to educate the masses about the web, the Chrome team have released a new book titled “20 things”. Coming from the Chrome team, the new book is online based, completely done in HTML5, and looks really interactive.

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20 iPad Tips – Space Bar Magic

20 ipad tips

The iPad keyboard is almost like a real full size keyboard and as Steve Jobs describes, it is a dream to type on the iPad. We continue to provide you some tips and tricks that would help you be more productive with your iPad and get tasks done efficiently.

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Safari Updated to 5.0.3

safari icon

Apple have pushed out an update for their browser that brings it to version 5.0.3. The new version is available for both PC and Mac and includes improvements to usability, compatibility, stability, accessibility and security, including the following –

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Edit Google Docs Documents from iOS

docs 2

Yesterday Google announced Google Voice for iPhone and today they have reached yet another milestone. Starting today, you can edit Google Docs documents from your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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Peachpit Press Titles Added to iBooks Store


Leading digital design and technology publisher, Peachpit Press have added their popular titles to the iBooks Store. Apart from its own titles, Peachpit Press would be adding more books from Adobe Press, Apple Pro Training, Apple Training and New Riders to the store.

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Essential Android Apps – Picasa Tool Pro

picasa web

Essential Android App #17 – Picasa Tool Pro is an excellent App for Picasa Web Album users that allows you to view, download, upload and share pictures from your Picasa Web Albums account.

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Google Voice for iPhone is Here

google voice

Finally! Google has released an Apple approved version of Google Voice which can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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Google Goggles New Marketing Experiment

google goggles

Google is launching a new marketing experiment with its brilliant labs application – “Google Goggles”. As you are already aware, Goggles is a feature with which you could search the web by taking pictures.

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The Beatles Come to iTunes

beatles itunes

Remember the charming message from Apple, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget”? Well, the thing that makes today so special is that the Beatles have arrived on iTunes.

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