iWall Words Will Bring Graphically Beautiful Wallpapers to Your iPhone – Review

Under the Rainbow Media LLC have created an application in which will satisfy your iPhone’s wallpaper needs. With 180 Retina (960px x 640px) quality, in house designed wallpaper images for your iPhone we’re sure that the majority of you will be able to find a wallpaper to fit your needs. Upon opening this application you will be greeted with a straight forward menu in which directs you to the place to get your wallpapers as quickly as possible. In addition to this you will find a very brief set of instructions which simply informs you on how you are to set the images as your wallpaper on your iPhone. However, in spite of this its very self explanatory to save the wallpapers and we feel that this part of the application is rather unnecessary. Read More

Google Glass Announced, Pre-Orders Start From $1500 for US Based I/O Attendees

Google today at Google I/O finally revealed Google Glass, something that holds the future of augmented reality. Sergey Brin did a long demo explaining all the features of the Google Glass and mentioned that US based Google I/O attendees will be able to pre-order these cool glasses for $1500 and that the Google Glass will start shipping in early 2013. Read More

Gmail for iOS Finally Adds Support for Notification Center

After a long time, Google has finally added support for Notification Center on Gmail for iOS. The App allows users to access only Google Mail in an intuitive format and has acquired full credit for its user interface design. When released, Gmail for iOS was a complete disaster. The App was released on the App Store and then even pulled back as it did not function as advertised and contained a lot of bugs. But, Google survived the PR storm and again made it available on the App Store for iOS users. Read More

Store your Passwords, Credit Card Details and Bank Info Securely With Securis for iOS

Securis for iOS allows you to store your passwords for sites, credit card information and other website details all in one place. The App is very secure in itself and allows you to store details and sensitive information securely. You get instant access to them when you need it. It uses 256-bit AES encryption which makes the details inside the App extremely safe. Read More

Review – Backgammon – Short Narde for iPad

Backgammon is a relatively new strategy game for Apple’s iPad in which you aim to defeat your virtual or physical opponent in order to win the game, however there is a slight twist to winning on this graphically brilliant application. There are many ways in which you can win this game, for example you can remove all of the ‘stones’ from the board before the other player, all of the different ways to win gain the player a different number of points – which is a nice touch. With similarities to that of the classic game, blackjack, we know that this game will be nothing but popular as it matures in the App Store. Read More