iPad 2 Jailbroken

ipad 2 jailbreak

After just two days since its launch, the iPad 2 has been jailbroken by Comex, the developer of JailbreakMe.com. Comex today uploaded a picture that shows a white iPad 2 WiFi + 3G running Cydia – the jailbreak application store.

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iPad 2 and Smart Cover Unboxing Videos Hit the Web

apple ipad 2 box

People have finally managed to get their hands on the iPad 2. As expected, unboxing videos are being uploaded almost every moment. The packaging is neat as always, and the box includes a charger, 30-pin USB Cable, Apple Stickers, User Manual, and of course the iPad 2.

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iFixit Reports About the iPad 2 Interiors

iFixit is best known for tearing down electronic devices as soon as they hit the market. The iPad 2 is no exception, and the folks have managed to completely take the parts apart to give us a detailed look at the interiors of the device.

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iPad 2 Lines Are Forming, Videos and Pics

All across America, people are dying to get their hands on iPad 2. Just like every other product launch from Apple, people have been standing outside the Apple Store across America for hours to get an iPad 2. Some guys are so crazy that they have paid $900 to be the first in line.

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iOS 4.3 iPod App Now Plays Well With Ping

ipad music

Apple rolled out iOS 4.3 recently which adds many new features to your beloved iOS device. As MacStories.net discovered, the update also adds the support for Ping in the iPod App. If you use Apple’s social network for music – Ping, you can now use your native iPod App on your iOS device to rate and comment on the song you are listening to.

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Steve Jobs is the 34th Richest Person in the U.S, 110th Richest in the World


Forbes unveiled their list of the world’s billionaires yesterday. According to Forbes, Steve Jobs is the 34th richest man in the U.S and 110th richest in the world. Apple recently launched the iPad 2 which led to a rise in stock making Steve even more rich. For the past 11 years, Steve Jobs has been on Forbes’ list. Hopefully he does something good with that money (he already is).

Flipboard Now Detects Jailbroken iPads


Flipboard received an update today that adds amazing new features like Instagram support to the social-based magazine reader for iOS. The App is now also two times faster than before. Surprisingly, it also detects jailbroken devices and alerts you. If you fire up the updated version of the App and have jailbroken your device, you will notice a pop up that says, “Warning. Your iPad appears to be jailbroken. This may cause bugs, crashes or other unpredictable behavior.”

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Apple Uploads iPad 2 Guided Tours

ipad guided tours

iPad 2 is coming on March 11. Apple has today uploaded 14 breath-taking videos that demonstrate the amazing capabilities of this revolutionary device. Guided tour videos give you a tour of some amazing applications on the iPad 2 like FaceTime, Mail, iPod, AirPlay etc.

Warning – If you watch these videos, you would really want to get an iPad 2 instantly.

iOS 4.3 Out Now

ios 4.3

Apple has today released iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV. The update brings in great new features, including all those that were showed off by Apple at the iPad 2 event. The released build is the same as that offered to developers a week ago.

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Categorize Email Automatically With Smart Labels in Gmail Labs

gmail smart labels

A new labs feature called Smart Labels has been released today that automatically categorizes your incoming email into groups like “bulk”, “forums”, etc. All mails that are newsletter or informational type are categorized under “Bulk”, while mails containing important information like card statements, tickets etc are automatically categorized under “Notifications”.

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