Apple Removes All 3G Based Devices Except For iPhone 4S From German Online Store

German Apple StoreEarlier this week Apple’s online Store in Germany appeared to have removed all of their devices with 3G technology, with the exception of the iPhone 4S. This was done due to the conflict with legal patent rights with the company, Motorola. This operation has been formally named ‘December injunction’. Despite this, German iPhone and iPad customers will still be able to pick up these 3G based devices in an official Apple Store and from an authorized re-seller. Read More

iPad 3 Will Include A6 And Launch in March

iPad 2Ever since the day the iPad 2 was released, the rumours were in the pipeline for the next generation iPad, which is proposed to be called the iPad 3. A report corporation claimed that they were in possession of an iPad 3 prototype. They then sent a mock-up of development pictures to a technology based site so that they could reveal more info about the potential new iPad 3.

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iSafe N Secure App Developer Speaks [DEVDIALOGUE]

isafe and secureiSafe N Secure is an App for iOS that allows you to store your important files and information. In this DevDialogue with Mike File from the “House of File”, we take a look at what it takes to have an App that is targeted at a particular niche, having multiple Apps on the App Store and deciding the pricing strategy. Read More

Funny Apple Siri Commercial for Apple Scotland [VIDEO]

Some people really like to trouble Siri, the humble personal assistant. Now here is another humorous commercial that is targeted at Apple Scotland. Siri cannot understand the Scottish accent properly and that is what this commercial is aimed at. It includes certain spoilers, so before starting make sure the volume is a bit low. Read More

Apple Represent 17% Of Worldwide PC Sales

iPad PCYou can probably imagine that Apple as a company is very proud, this is because of the record breaking quarter that they had in Q4 2011. They were recently named the “most valuable company” in the world and the number one smartphone maker, but it appears that they have been ‘awarded’ another trophy to treasure on. They have been named as the number one PC maker in the world. This is quite an achievement on Apple’s part. Read More