Google Blogger is Down

bloggerGoogle is busy updating Blogger, its easy to use blogging platform. The Blogger home page is down, and all blogs powered by Blogger are now in read-only mode. Google notified users about this upcoming maintenance upgrade earlier and mentioned that “Blogger will go into read-only mode Wednesday (5/11) 10:00PM PST for about an hour for maintenance”. Read More

Connector for Samsung’s 10.1″ Tab Looks So Identical

samsung connectorApple has probably done the right thing by suing Samsung. The latest Galaxy S phones look pretty much identical to the iPhone, and when compared, the icons of certain Apps almost resemble that of the iPhone. The picture above displays the connector for Samsung’s latest 10.1″ Galaxy Tab and even this appears exactly as the iPod/iPad USB connector. Wow. Read More

Angry Birds Comes to Chrome Web Store for FREE

angry birds chromeAngry Birds is now available on the Chrome Web Store for free. At Google I/O today, Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO of Espoo, demonstrated the power of the game on the web. Google recently made “in-app” purchases available for Chrome based Apps which means that you can get Mighty Eagle for $0.99 from within the App. The web version is as smooth as the native version, and the experience is good. Read More

Planetary App Developer Speaks [DevDialogue]

planetaryA new App dubbed “Planetary” took the entire community by surprise with its amazing new interface. Planetary is an App that converts your plain iPod music list into something more interesting – a solar system. Songs, Artists, and Albums are represented as planets, and the animation is simply stunning. In this interview with Tom Carden of Bloom, we discuss the idea, the future of the App, and how data can be visualized into something much more intimate. Read More

Movies Can Now Be Rented from the Android Market

android moviesThe Android Market is becoming better every day. Google at Google I/O announced that they are adding the ability to rent movies through the Android Market. Users will be able to rent movies for 30 days through the Market and stream to their device. A new option called “pinning” will allow users to watch movies when no connectivity is available. Read More

Google Music is Now Live

google musicAt Google I/O today, Google announced its much anticipated music services that compete with iTunes and Amazon Cloud Player. The Google Music service is currently in “beta”, and is available to users in the US only. It appears that Google has still not been able to convince the music labels, thus the service is limited at the moment. Read More