New MacBook Pro Could Be Launched

macbook via gizmodoAccording to 9to5Mac, Apple is constraining the supply of all current MacBook models, in anticipation of a refresh of the line of the product. They also claim that the part numbers for new MacBook Pros have shown up in Apple’s inventory. The model numbers are K90IA for the new 13 inch model, K91A for the 15 inch and K92A for the 17 inch model. Read More

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iPhone 4S Unboxing Videos Hit the Web

In some countries, it is about to be 8:00 a.m, in some lines are being formed at Apple Store for the iPhone 4S, while in others, people have managed to get their hands on the iPhone 4S, and have already uploaded videos on YouTube featuring the unboxing of the iPhone 4S. So here you go folks, grab a bit, sit back, and enjoy. Read More

iPhone 4S Lines Really Strong Around the Globe [PICS]

apple storeThis time, it is huge. Apple fans are lining up all around the globe to get their hands on iPhone 4S. Even Woz, Apple’s co-founder is in the line to get the much-anticipated device. People are believing that this is the last product on which Steve Jobs had his gold touch on, and so everyone is just wanting to get the iPhone 4S. We checked the Apple Store in Manchester, and the store just went out-of-stock. No more iPhone 4S available. What is the status about other locations? Let us know. Read More

iPhone 4S Teardown

Apple’s iPhone 4S which is going to be released tomorrow has already been used for a teardown. The cool folks at iFixit have disassembled the entire device to reveal its insides.

The battery in this device is larger compared to the iPhone 4 which is used up to support the all new A5 chip. It has also been confirmed that the device sports a 512MB RAM for increased performance. It appears that additional RAM is not required for Siri, and so it is unclear why the iPad 2 cannot support Siri.

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Navigate to It’s Now Available

20111012-214202.jpgiOS 5 was just made available, and with it comes iCloud. iCloud is the all magical cloud based service that revolutionarily backs up and allows you to access your data from any of your iOS or Mac. Now when you navigate to from your iPad for example, the website will automatically recognize your device, and help you either set up iCloud on your device, download Find my iPhone or Find my Friends (a new App).

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Apple’s Newsstand Now Available

newsstandPart of the latest iOS, Newsstand has just arrived for Apple iOS customers. Available via a link within the App Store, Newsstand can be accessed to view all the magazines and newspapers available via this unique service. Newsstand will be an App on iOS 5 that will reside on your home screen using which you can manage and view all your magazine subscriptions from one place. It also looks gorgeous.

Publications like GQ, The New York Times, The Daily and more are already a part of the service offered by Apple, and many other publications are soon being added to the ever growing roster. Newsstand won’t work without iOS 5. iOS 5 should also be released within the next few hours.