DevDialogue – Cupco Games Developers Speak

Splat AttackCupco Games recently launched Splat Attack, a thrilling game in which your objective is to squash the incoming bugs by aiming and shooting at the right direction with the perfect precision. The game appears to be doing quite well on the App Store and in this DevDialogue, we have a chat with the development team at Cupco Games to know more about what inspired them to develop Splat Attack, their marketing strategy and thoughts on Apple’s developer ecosystem. Read More

Firefox Coming to the iPad

At Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy event, the open-source giant revealed a prototype of Firefox for iPad. Alex Limi and Trond Werner Hansen were the two designers that showed off Junior, a web browser from Mozilla that is meant to serve the purpose of Firefox on iPad, but does not appear to be like Firefox in any way. Limi said that Safari on iPad is “a pretty miserable experience” and that with Junior, the team will “throw out everything we know about browsers so far” to “reinvent the browser for a new form factor”. Read More

Shoot Bees in Splat Attack for iPhone (REVIEW)

splatattackSplat Attack is a new game for iPhone and iPod touch from Cupco Games which features exciting graphics and a stunning gameplay. Your objective is to kill the upcoming bees by shooting at them in the right direction. Sometimes, bees just don’t get killed in one attempt, so you have to shoot in the right direction to hit them down. You are the turret in this exciting new title. Read More

Find Nectar in BeeJuice for iOS (REVIEW)

BeeJuice for iOS is a game in which your job as a bee is to roam around in the sunshine and collect nectar. You are a busy bee and you need to constantly keep roaming to find for nectar and along the way you will encounter other bee enemies as well as some flowers that are not suited for you. The game is fun-filled and has got many levels. Starting levels are easy, but as you progress, it keeps getting harder. Read More

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Stunt Bunnies Circus for iOS and Android Review

Chilibite Games is a new publishing company developed by ex-members of ‘Polarbit,’ the developers of Reckless Getaway and many more popular titles. They have published their first gane on both, the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, which is ‘Stunt Bunnies Circus.’ This is a ‘Pick n Play’ game, which is the category in which Chilibite games hopes to publish future Games. Read More

Ashton Kutcher and Co-Stars Pics in Steve’s Family Home

The movie jOBS: Get Inspired appears to be well underway, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. The movie star along with his co-stars have been spotted and camera-clicked in Steve’s family home at Los Altos, CA. If you’ve ever watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and Jobs when he was young, it is very clear that Ashton looks very similar. Read More

Sony Announces Socially Connected Xperia Miro

Xperia MiroAs you may know, Sony had a countdown timer on their site, and when it reached zero, they were supposed to announce something new. But, like us, Sony couldn’t hold onto it much longer, and made the countdown timer tick to zero, about a week before it should have, and what they announced, isn’t something which you might consider really special. Read More