Alien Blue Coming to the Mac

alien blue

As App developers are returning back to the Mac and are porting their beloved iOS applications to the Mac, Jason Morrissey, the developer of Alien Blue – the powerful Reddit client for iOS plans to make his App available for the Mac too.

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Google Chrome 8 is Here

chrome stable

Chrome, the insanely fast web browser from Google has reached version 8 now and is the most stable version yet. Compared to its predecessor, the browser is now much more stable, smoother and snappier.

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iAd Coming to More Countries


Apple’s advertisement platform for Apps will arrive in more countries this December. Rich and interactive ads will be available for apps on the UK and France App Stores, with Germany to follow in January. Advertisements for Apps in the Japan App Store will arrive in early 2011. Developers can choose to be a part of the iAd network and display feature rich ads.

Tip – Scroll to Top in TweetDeck for Android

tweetdeck android

Follow loads of people on Twitter? Chances are that your home tab in TweetDeck for Android is always full and you’d need to scroll a lot to get to the top of your tweets.

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Slice It Christmas Edition Out Now

christmas slice it

Slice it is an amazing game for iOS and Android where you need to slice objects tactfully and divide them into the number of equal parts specified. Com2US, the developers of the famous game have pushed out a new Christmas edition of the title that brings in new features, levels and lots of excitement.

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Google’s New Social Service is Codenamed Emerald Sea

google emerald sea

Forget Google Me folks, it is Emerald Sea. What? Yep, you heard it right. According to TechCrunch, Google’s new yet to be announced social media service is called Emerald Sea and not Google Me.

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YouTube Leanback Gets Personalized Channels

youtube leanback

YouTube Leanback brings the power of YouTube to your television or large screen display. Google’s new YouTube remote App for Android devices allows you to control Leanback from your Android device too.

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20 iPad Tips – Force Close Apps from Multi-tasking

ipad tips

iOS 4.2 brought a lot of new additions to the iPad including multi-tasking, folders and game center. Multi-tasking has truly revolutionized the iPad and with iOS 4.2, the magical device is much more revolutionary than before.

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Essential Android Apps – Gesture Search

gesture search

Essential Android App #16 – Certain features are really unique to the Android platform. Android gesture recognition technology is mind boggling and dazzles anyone who uses it. Google has an amazing App in the market dubbed as “Gesture Search” that allows users to search by drawing gestures.

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Reeder Now Available for the Mac


Silvio Rizzi, the Swiss developer of the ultimate feed reading application for iOS has just released a Mac version of Reeder for Mac Draft 1 in Beta. The Mac version feels amazing and is good enough to make you forget Google Reader in your browser.

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