iPad Mini is Here and it’s Every Inch an iPad

iPad miniToday at an event in the California Theatre in San Jose, Apple announced the iPad mini. The tagline for the device – “Every inch an iPad”. The iPad mini delivers the complete iPad experience but is smaller and thinner. The screen measures just 7.9 inches diagonally and the number of pixels remain the same. The device is 23% thinner than iPad and 53% lighter than iPad. Read More

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Coverage of iPad Mini Event

We will be covering the iPad Mini event. Major items will be covered as separate blog posts, but the rest will be highlighted on our Twitter handle (@theapplegoogle). Stay tuned.

Play Exciting Ball Games in Throw Em Balls for iOS, Extremely Fun (REVIEW)

Throw Em Balls for iOS is simply amazing. Believe me, you’ll have tons of fun playing the game on your iOS device. In fact, I just gained 10,000 points by playing the game quickly. Alright, so let’s get to the point. In Throw Em Balls, you’ve got various ball relate sport games which you need to master in order to gain some cool points and unlock other games. Read More

Make your Android Battery Last Longer With GreenPower (REVIEW)

You would, most probably, have come across that one moment when take your phone out of your pocket and then you notice it is dead or your phone was just 100% charged and then in the blink of an eye it was 0%. Nowadays our smartphones are using too much juice in the background that hardly any of it is left for the user. So Binary Mango AS made came up with GreenPower to make sure that your phone last longer while doing the same stuff. Read More

Only Allow Selective Calls With On Call for Android (REVIEW)

On Call for Android is a real life saver. There are times when you wish that all calls be blocked so you can probably attend the extremely important meeting of yours, but still be able to receive calls from your closest friends or family. On Call does exactly that. You can filter calls. Those contacts on your On Call favorites list will be allowed to call you when OnCall is activated. The rest will be blocked. Read More

Track Almost About Everything Going On Your iPhone or Android Device With Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy allows you to track iMessages, text messages, web activity, phone calls, photos, videos, email and lots of other things via an incredibly powerful control panel. Mobile Spy is monitoring software for mobile phones which helps users track activity logged on mobile phones like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and even Symbian. The software is extremely powerful. Working as a SaaS, MobileSpy will help you track every single activity performed via a mobile device. A demo version of the software can be viewed here. Read More

The New iPod Touch Does Not Include An Ambient Light Sensor, Here’s Why

Light SensorThe all new larger screen iPod touches don’t include an ambient light sensor for automatic adjusting of the screen brightness. In an email sent to the read of iDownloadBlog, Phil Schiller (Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing) explains that a light sensor cannot be accommodated in the device because it is extremely thin. There appears to be just no space for it. Read More