iPad Arrives in Malaysia

ipad malaysia

Apple authorized premium reseller in Malaysia, Switch has just notified its customers about the new iPad that has hit its stores. There is no plan required and people targeting the 3G version of the device and get a separate plan from Maxis.

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Apple’s Merry Monday Sale

After offering an enormous sale on Black Friday on almost every Apple product, Apple is having another sale for Cyber-Monday which is christened as “Merry Monday”. Merry Monday is a sale ongoing at Apple.com that offers cheap deals on Apple accessories.

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Groupon Acquired by Google [RUMOR]


Groupon, a location based service that offers deals that are valid within your location has reportedly been acquired by Google. According to Vatornews, the search engine giant has payed about $2.5 billion for Groupon.

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Interview With the Developer of StayFocusd Extension [DevDialogue]


Extensions or add-ons help a browser to grow and enhance its features. The extension market has almost become as huge as the App arena and is growing with every passing day. While the world is just crazy about applications, developers are now also focusing on developing extensions that would increase the functionality of a browser. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Mr. Warren Benedetto – the developer of the popular StayFocusd extension shared his thoughts on the extension market, browsers and his Eureka moment.

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War Time – Apple Rejects Android Magazine App


The war between Apple and Google continues as Apple has rejected an Android Magazine App from residing in the App Store. The story comes as no surprise as this is pure Apple behavior and was already expected.

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Cut the Rope Adds New Levels

cut the rope

As promised, ZeptoLab have updated their top-paid (not currently) App in the App Store – Cut the Rope. The update adds new levels to the game bringing in much needed fun and excitement.

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20 iPad Tips – Change Notes App Font

notes app

The notes App on iOS is really handy for creating quick notes. With the recent release of iOS 4.2.1, Apple now allows users to change the font of their notes created using the notes application.

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Great Deals on the Way, Apple Store is Down

apple online store

Oh boy! The Apple online store is down today indicating that some great deals are on the way. Apple has already made an announcement about its special Black Friday sale and today it seems that they are updating the prices.

Update – The store is now live with amazing deals. Check it out!

DevDialogue – Diacarta App Developer Speaks

diacarta app icon

To-do applications are common for any platform, but a to-do application like Diacarta is unheard of. Diacarta for iPhone completely redefines a to-do app with its revolutionary user interface, breath-taking concept and an amazing planner. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Jake Yanchar from the Diacarta team shares his views on the road ahead with the iPhone version and the new features.

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Google Street View in the News

street view

Google Street View has delighted Googlephiles and armchair explorers alike, yet flirted with controversy and provoked outrage at what critics see as an invasion of privacy. Whilst personally I love the unique detail offered, and use it regularly with success to find football stadiums across my country to write match reports the sheer volume of visual data gathered has made for whole new stream of news.

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