Reign of Conquerors Strategic Game for iOS (REVIEW)

reign of conquerorsReign of Conquerors, developed by Minoraxis Inc, is a uniquely immersive online RPG based strategic game that basically puts you into command of a very vast empire. Being the commander of your empire, you also get the opportunity to improve it by fighting battles and building strategic alliances with other players. Once players install the game and play it, they will be prompted to create an account (to play an online game you need an online account and internet) and select their game server which will send them straight to a mission that includes completing a tutorial and listening to a narrative story on their kingdom’s history. Read More

Wanna Stay Happy? Get Happy for iOS Will Help You To Do Just That

get happyIf you’re looking to stay happy and are in need of some inspiration, simply download Get Happy for iOS. Get Happy for iOS presents you ways to increase your happiness by providing daily tips to help you stay focused in life. The quotes and tips will help you stay motivated in life and also give you a whole new way to deal with the problems in your day-to-day life. The concept is very strong and the execution has been done in a great way. Read More

Keep A Track of All Your Trip Details With Triplog for iOS

triplogTriplog allows you to store all details of your trips and manage them later. With Triplog, you can track your gas mileage, trips and the related costs and also get the correct tax deductions automatically. Based on the data received from the GPS in your device, Triplog automatically calculates the costs related to your driving and presents highly detailed reports for better management and higher productivity. Read More

Free Music Download Pro for iOS – Download Legal Songs, Videos and More

freemusicdownloaderThere are many apps on the App Store that can download free and legal music and videos, but it is really hard to figure out the best amongst them. Free Music Download Pro, developed by ASPS Apps, allows you to download music for free and delivers its promise. The reason why Free Music Download Pro works well is because it tries to perform as advertised. Read More

A Pilgrimage To The Home Of The ‘Insanely’ Great Apple Founder (PICS)

Steve Jobs HouseFor a man who set out to change the world and who managed to do so……Steve Jobs continues to live in our hearts. Like Einstein said for Gandhi “generations to come will not believe that there once walked a man like him in flesh and blood”. Similarly, Steve Jobs will continue to be remembered as a legendary CEO and it will take several generations for another one like him to take birth. His name and achievements are so awe-inspiring that many of his fans walk down across his house, as if it is a holy pilgrimage for them. One of our readers has sent us some pictures. Read More

Facebook’s Poke App Becomes Top Free App

pokeappFacebook’s recently released “Poke” App is now at the #1 position on the Apple App Store under the “Top Free” category. In the last 12 days, Facebook started work on the Poke App and Mark Zuckerberg was heavily invested in the project. He was the one who invented poking and now the App sits at the #1 position on the Apple App Store. Read More

Apply Real-Time Filters to Videos With Cinema-trix for iOS (REVIEW)

cinema-trixYou’ve probably applied effects to your videos after it has been shot. But how about adding stunning visual effects while you’re capturing the video? Cinema-trix allows you to do just that. With Cinema-trix for iPhone and iPad, you will be able to add real-time video effects to your video. Even photos can be captured with the App. There are many effects for you choose from. Select one and simply start capturing a video. Read More

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