Google TV Remote App Hits the App Store

google remote appGoogle TV users will be somewhat delighted as they can now use their iOS devices to control the stuff on their TV. The App was originally released only for Android, but just like all other Google mobile Apps, it has now migrated to the iOS platform. Read More

Google Will Now Guess Movie and Video Game Release Dates

google guesses movie and video game release dateGoogle is always adding new features to its search engine. A latest new feature allows users to search for the release date of an upcoming movie or video game. If you need to know the release date of a movie or video game, simply type in your query and add the word “release date” in the end. Read More

Reeder Adds Readability Support

reederThe most awesome feed reading application, Reeder for iOS has been updated. The update adds support for Readability and fixes a few bugs. Readability is a service that allows users to save articles for reading later. The service also strips out all the ads and other irrelevant stuff, and presents the user with just plain text. Read More

A Stunning Steve Jobs iPad 2 Auto Tune

All hail iTunedSteveJobs! iTunedSteveJobs is a YouTube user who uploads amazing auto-tuned videos of Steve Jobs. The user has uploaded three videos till date, and all have been a hit. This new one is about the iPad 2, and features Steve Jobs introducing the device with some style. Read More

New iPhone TV Ad Series – If You Don’t Have an iPhone

Apple has just launched a new series of TV commercials that begin with the tagline “If you don’t have an iPhone”. At present, Apple has aired three commercials that mention the iPod App, iBooks App, and the in-built App Store. The commercials say that if you don’t have an iPhone, your phone does not have an iPod, something as good as iBooks to read book or even something close to the App Store with thousands of Apps designed specially for the iPhone.

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Djay App Comes to the iPhone


Djay, a DJ application developed by Algoriddim has hit the iPhone App Store today. Djay has earlier been very successful on the Mac, and iPad, but this new much more portable version makes it even more fun. All features that are available in the iPad version are also available in the iPhone version, but the interface has been redesigned to accommodate many features.

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Google Search App for iPhone is Way Too Cool

iphone search google app

Google today updated its iPhone App. Firstly, the App has been renamed to Google Search App, and has been completely redesigned. The new interface is now much more simple, sleek, and fast. Once you fire up the App, you’ll instantly notice the simple new interface that contains a search bar, Google logo, redesigned navigation bar, voice search, and images.

You can instantly search for something using voice search or type in the query into the large search box. You can swipe down to see the search bar or change your settings. Google Apps users can click on the App button at the bottom of the screen to quickly access their accounts. Tapping on the camera icon allows you to search for something using Google Goggles.

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Will the iPad 2 Blend?

The folks at Blendtec have the courage to blend appealing consumer electronics. You could blend the original iPad using Blendtec’s amazing techniques, but the question is that will the iPad 2 blend?

iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, faster, and better, but will it blend? Blendtec performed their tests on the iPad 2, and the answer is “Yes”. The iPad 2 can blend. Not much can be said about the process. Just look at the video above and try to control your emotions.

iPad 2 Launch Delayed in Japan

ipad boxAfter the recent disaster in Japan, Apple has decided to delay the launch of the iPad 2. Japan was among the 26 other major countries in which Apple planned to sell the magical iPad 2 starting March 25th, but reports suggest that the company has delayed the launch in Japan. Read More

“Steve Jobs is Personally Responsible for Killing the Music Business” – Bon Jovi


Some people (including me) thank Steve Jobs and Apple every single day for inventing the iPod and also for saving and redefining the music industry. But there are also people like Bon Jovi who think that “Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.”

In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod that didn’t just the change the way we listen to music, it changed the entire music industry. According to recent interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Bon Jovi said the below about the leader of Apple and the person who has changed the world in so many ways for the better.

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