Number Splash for Android – Underwater Math Learning for Kids

numbersplashNumber Splash for Android is an incredible educational App for kids that will help them understand all about numbers in a fun and dynamic new way. In Number Splash for Android, the entire scenario is underwater which implies that all of the math learning that your kid will be doing is going to be underground. There are over six different game modes and the way in which Number Splash captures the entire gameplay is simply stunning. If your child is bilingual, Number Splash is the perfect solution. Read More

App Store Reaches 40 Billion Downloads, Still Growing

appsThe Apple App Store reached 40 billion downloads today as announced by Apple in a press release. Perfect way to distract people from the CES. In December alone, thanks to the holiday season, Apple had more than 2 billion downloads from the App Store. According to Apple, there are also more than 500 million active accounts registered to the App Store, with 775,000 Apps on the App Store in total, including 300,000 being native to the iPad. Read More

Edit Powerpoint Presentations on your Android Device with EasyPPT

easyppt2EasyPPT is an app that allows users to remotely control their presentations on the PC screen with their Android smartphones. It basically deals with PowerPoint presentations, hence the .PPT extension in the name. EasyPPT utilizes the powerful .Net framework which gives the users the ability to connect to their PC in real-time and provides complete freedom of control over their presentations. Read More

Top 5 Finance Apps for iPad

Finance App iPadFinancial applications for mobile devices are yet to flourish in the various App Stores around today. However there are definitely some very promising developments, which have a vast potential to be transformed into something, significantly more powerful and suitable for replacing the use of the traditional PC.

For the most part, these applications are designed for the user to keep track of their personal or corporate income and expenditure. They allow you to keep track of the transactions made on your various accounts and budget according to what you are spending at any point in time. Read More

jOBS Movie on Steve Jobs To Be Released in April

Steve Jobs MovieThe Steve Jobs biopic dubbed “jOBS” will be released in April for the masses. The film is set to be previewed at the Sundance festival from Jan 17th to Jan 27th. Ashton Kutcher will be playing the role of Steve Jobs in the movie. The movie is directed by Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matthew Whitely, and shot by Russell Carpenter, Oscar-winning “Titanic” cinematographer. Read More

Apple’s Incredible “Dream” TV Ad for iPhone 5. Just Wow!

Apple has launched an incredible new TV Ad dubbed “Dream”. The ad focuses on the “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS which makes sure that while you’re sleeping you do not get disturbed by unwanted calls and messages. In the ad, you’ve got tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams competing against an unknown first person. After a series of awkward Apple ads, this one’s really strong. Read More

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