Motorola Droid Gets Update, Not Gingerbread

droid 2.3

After a complete Google driven day, a new update for the Motorola Droid has been pushed out. If you see an update message appear on your screen, don’t get hyper, it is not Gingerbread. It is just a minor update.

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Nexus S is Here With Gingerbread

Though the Nexus One is not available now, we all could agree that it proved to be an extraordinary phone – after all it came from Google. Today, Google is introducing its next generation phone dubbed “Nexus S”. Nexus S is the successor to the Nexus One and runs on Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

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Google Launches eBookstore

Google has just stepped into the eBook war with its new eBook Store. The Google eBookstore, a long awaited service has been launched today in the US and looks really intriguing. Google will be selling books via its online eBooks Store and users can download and read it on almost any device including the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony’s Reader, Android and the web.

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Case of the Week – iDress and iTee for iPad

Today, we are starting a new series that aims to feature a new case every week. Different cases from different manufacturers would be highlighted in this section dubbed “Case of the Week” every week.

Looking for an extreme case for your iPad? Well, here’s one. The iDress and iTee are kangaroo pouch clothing to hold your iPad. The built-in pockets are specially designed for the iPad and hold the device perfectly.

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20 iPad Tips – Auto-fill

ipad tips

The iPad completely changes the way we experience the web. While browsing around, you come across many sites that require you to fill in forms. Filling in the same details is a cumbersome task and thus Auto-fill, a great feature available in mobile Safari would come to your rescue.

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Get Amazing Wallpapers for iPad With Amazing Wallpaper HD

amazing wallpaper hd ipad

The iPad is a highly personal device. You’ve got all your music, documents, photos, email and even videos on it. Apple also allows a bit of customization by letting you create folders and change the home and lock screen wallpaper.

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Alien Blue Coming to the Mac

alien blue

As App developers are returning back to the Mac and are porting their beloved iOS applications to the Mac, Jason Morrissey, the developer of Alien Blue – the powerful Reddit client for iOS plans to make his App available for the Mac too.

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Google Chrome 8 is Here

chrome stable

Chrome, the insanely fast web browser from Google has reached version 8 now and is the most stable version yet. Compared to its predecessor, the browser is now much more stable, smoother and snappier.

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iAd Coming to More Countries


Apple’s advertisement platform for Apps will arrive in more countries this December. Rich and interactive ads will be available for apps on the UK and France App Stores, with Germany to follow in January. Advertisements for Apps in the Japan App Store will arrive in early 2011. Developers can choose to be a part of the iAd network and display feature rich ads.

Tip – Scroll to Top in TweetDeck for Android

tweetdeck android

Follow loads of people on Twitter? Chances are that your home tab in TweetDeck for Android is always full and you’d need to scroll a lot to get to the top of your tweets.

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