The Worst Apple (Steve Jobs) Imitating Ad Ever. Action Pad from Taiwan. YUCK.

adIt even pains us to give coverage to something for this. But, to get it to our readers about how companies are trying to imitate Apple and in particular the visionary Steve Jobs, we thought it to be appropriate to bring to your attention this “absolutely horrible” ad from about the Action Pad from Taiwan. The ad was run on AXN-Taiwan and is also available on YouTube. Read More

iPhone 4S Now “In Stock”

instockApple’s iPhone 4S has now finally been marked as “In Stock” on the store website. Since its release day, the iPhone has been “most-wanted” all across the globe and the huge demand made the supply short. Now after these many days, it is “In Stock”. It may not be in stock in all countries, but it is definitely available in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Read More

Another Third Party Tethering App Has Been Made Available On The App Store

quasidiskThere have been many attempts by various developers to secure a third party tethering App on Apple’s App Store and this isn’t the first time that one has managed to escape the Apple App review guys and make it to the store. “QuasiDisk” is described as a “simple file manager to take any of your files, photos or documents with you on the go” functions by way of a proxy service, which Apple strictly disallow from their App Store as it could potentially compete with their own service, iCloud. One of the benefits of this App is that it allows tethering without having a carrier plan. Read More

AppVersal Ad

Google Add ‘One Click Download’ To Google Music

Google MusicIt appears that cloud services aren’t just making their magic with Apple, Google music has recently inherited the use of cloud services with their Google music service. The results have come out pretty impressive. Phandroid say “Google has heard the cries of those who want a quick and easy way to download their collection…That was by far my biggest complain about the service and now I’m quite comfortable with buying music from the service.”. It’s definitely clear that Google have listened and acted to the feedback of their users. Read More

30 Million App Copies Sold Worldwide. Neon Play Speak. [DEVDIALOGUE]

paper gliderNeon Play have been delivering success after success. The startup delivers games for iOS that have been cherished by users globally. Paper Glider, a title by the company was recently the 10th billion App downloaded ever and it got further glory to the development team. After a few years and more games in the App Store, the company recently hit 30 million App downloads globally. In this interview with Oli Christie of Neon Play we try to convince the team to spill out their secret formula as well as give some tips to budding developers. Read More

Clear – A New App That Will Help You Manage Your Tasks [VIDEO]

clear for iphone
Clear is a new upcoming App by RealMac Software and a new studio dubbed “Impending”. The App has a pure motive of helping you manage your tasks in a clear and much more efficient way. It features a bright orange background that really looks neat. At the moment, only a video demonstrating the App has been uploaded which really looks amazing. Read More

Fast Analytics Presents Google Analytics In An Elegant Way on iPhone

Fast Analytics is a new App for iPhone and iPod touch that presents Google Analytics data in an elegant manner. The user interface of the App is well-designed and should please most users. If you run a blog or a website, the App is worth downloading as it is available for free at the time of this writing. You can easily swipe sideways to change the duration of the analytics from yesterday to the last 7 days and so on. Read More

Tim Cook To Talk About “Exciting New Things” At Meeting [UPDATED]

Apple’s Tim Cook has sent out a mail to all employees asking them to report at the Cupertino Town Hall at 10 A.M to discuss about some “exciting new things”. Just after the iBooks announcement and after the record breaking fiscal quarter, Apple will be holding this meeting. At the earnings call, Tim carefully tackled the question about Apple TV which could mean that it comes under the “exciting new things” category. Read More

Twitterlator Neue Now Includes Push. On Sale for 48 Hours

twitterlatorTwitterlator Neue, the Twitter client for iOS 5 wiht inline photos and an incredible user interface has been updated to v1.1 which includes push notifications, a much-awaited feature and displays pictures in a better manner. The App is also on a 48 hour sale and is available for just $0.99 instead of the regular $2.99. It’s an amazing Twitter client, and if you are in the market for one, now should be the best time to get it. Read More