Fingergram for Android and iOS (Cydia) Is A Wacky App (REVIEW)

Fingergram is a wacky little App for iPhone (available only through Cydia) and Android. The App allows you to send the middle finger to anyone with an email address in a whole new way. The App has been designed just so users can have fun to each other, and not to hurt feelings. Users can send the middle finger to anyone in a wacky new way. Read More

Clear for Mac With iCloud Support Will Be Available on November 8th

Clear for MacClear from RealMac Software for the iPhone makes to-do lists breathtakingly simple will soon be available for the Mac with iCloud support. The Mac App will be priced at $14.99 and be made available on the Mac App Store. Users can then keep their to-do lists in sync with their iPhone and Mac as the App will now support syncing over iCloud. Read More

TryGuessThis for iOS Combines Words and Pictures for Fun (REVIEW)

TryGuessThis is a new iOS game which combines words and pictures and mixes it extremely well with social gaming. In TryGuessThis, before you begin, you need to validate with your email or Facebook account. That’s the place from where the social part begins. Users click pictures and then leave it up to friends to decide what the picture is. Read More

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iPad Mini Will Ship With Smaller Charger

Your new iPad mini will be shipping with a smaller 5W charger. The same charger which Apple ships with the iPhone 5 will be shipping along with the iPad Mini. That’s a bit odd as the battery on the iPad mini is way bigger than that on the iPhone 5. Charging the iPad mini will take longer than charging an iPhone and the 5W charger might not be up for it. Read More

Scott Forstall’s New Role

Scott Forstall, former VP of iOS Software Development at Apple was recently ousted from the company after Tim Cook (Apple CEO) decided to do some major reorganization at the top of the company. From Apple’s recent 10-k filing, it appears that Scott Forstall is now a Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer. Read More

Scott Forstall Is Leaving Apple

Scott Forstall AppleApple’s VP of iOS Software, Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple in early 2013 and will be serving as just an adviser to Tim Cook (Apple CEO) till that time. While others at Apple have been awarded promotions, Scott and retail head John Browett will be leaving the company. Scott was extremely close to Steve Jobs and made an appearance in many of the Apple keynotes except the most recent one. Read More