Apple Store 2.0 Pictures From Around the World [PICS]

apple store 2.0 in chadstoneThe Apple Store upgrade is dubbed as “Apple Store 2.0″ and fans around the world are just going bonkers about it as Apple starts to make the concept live in different parts of the world. In this post, we will cover the top pictures and videos that demonstrate the renovation that is taking place. Specific details about Apple Store 2.0 can be found here. Enjoy! Read More

Apple Using Interactive iPads to Sell Other Products

store2Apple’s much hyped retail meeting took place overnight in different parts of the world, and one of the key changes include the use of the iPad to promote other Apple products including the iPod, Mac, and even the iPad itself. MacStories and MacPricesAustralia have posted a few pictures which can be viewed below. Read More

Apple Prepares iCloud Launch

icloudAs WWDC approaches, Apple is planning to surprise us with another amazing product dubbed “iCloud” which will satisfy all our music needs while residing in the cloud. According to sources, Apple has signed deals with record label EMI and is very close to signing deals with Sony Entertainment Music and Universal Music Group. Read More