With BroadwayBarks for iOS Your Children Will be Entertained for Hours – Review

broadwaybarksInteractivity is key when creating a teaching aid for young children. The iPad has revolutionized the way in which small children learn to read. CJ Educations have portrayed their best efforts into allowing BroadwayBarks application to be simplistic, but however at the same time exercise a child’s mind. BroadwayBarks is an application in which immediately after launch the user is presented with a screen to go straight to the book, this menu screen utilizes the full amount of space in the iPad’s screen but at the same time doesn’t appear to look cluttered. We feel strongly that the majority of children would be able to navigate to the books on their own. The book contains a storyline involving a dog which speaks for the majority of the time for as you progress thorough the book. Read More

Incredible New Easter Egg Found in Mountain Lion

timestamp app masWith Mountain Lion, the previously banned easter eggs are back. Steve Jobs did not like them and so he banned the use of Easter Eggs in every software product made by Apple. But now, they appear to be back. When you download any App from the Mac App Store and go to your Applications folder quickly, you will notice the timestamp on the App to be “Jan 24th, 1984”. If you don’t know, it was on that day that Apple launched the very first Macintosh. Read More

Social Media – The Different Faces Of This Book

Facebook DominanceIt has been just a few years since the birth of the internet based social media but it is a rage all over the world. Facebook provided the platform for people to connect with each other and has been an unparalleled success. However, history has taught us that “all business models are replaced with new ones”. There would yet be so many underlying needs of people which have not yet been addressed and that are where the root of the new concept lies. For one thing is for sure that social media is here to stay and would evolve by leaps and bounds to transform the way we communicate, interact, plan, do business , play, gain information, share emotions, buy, collect groups, achieve results and do a host of other things.

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Win 3 Cases From CaseInity (GIVEAWAY)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

TheAppleGoogle.com has teamed up with the awesome folks at CaseInity to give away three Cord-on-Board iPhone cases by CaseInity. The case features a custom-sized USB cord which is attached right on the back of the case so you can charge your iPhone anytime you want with the accessory being available at your disposal at all times. Regularly, this incredible case from CaseInity is priced at $29.99, but TheAppleGoogle.com readers can get it for FREE. Please find the details on how to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget above. Good luck to you all, and a huge shout out to the incredible guys at CaseInity.

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Dark Summoner is a RPG with Incredible Graphics for Android – Review

Dark Summoner has made it to the Android platform after being long available on iOS. Dark Summoner is a role playing game with incredible attention paid to the graphics. Your objective is to defeat your enemies with your monsters. You need to raise powerful monsters, help them acquire great power and then command them to attack your enemies. You also need to keep up with your allies, build up a clan and defeat the dark lord. Read More

Sparrow Acquired by Google

sparrowUnbelievable, right? I know it. Sparrow, the extremely famous mail App for Mac and iOS has been acquired by Google. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed by the Sparrow team or by Google. The Sparrow CEO has made it clear that they won’t be releasing any updates to the App as they will now focus on their work at Google. The entire Sparrow team will be moving to Google to work on future products. Hopefully, a better Mac Gmail client will be made available, but for avid Sparrow users, this is sad news. Sparrow will however provide updates for critical bugs and also support for users. Read More

CrossWolf Is A Visually Stunning 2D Runner – Review

CrossWolf by Blazing Soft for iOS is an incredible new 2D running game which has got breath-taking graphics. You are a wolf and you need to keep running across a challenging terrain by dodging enemies and collecting powerups. The design elements of the game clearly make it a winner. The gameplay is just like Temple Run where you need to keep running while staying far away from enemies and collecting incredible power ups along the way. Read More