Packing Pro Will Help You With All Your Packing Needs

packing proPacking Pro has been nominated as a finalist for the best App ever for the year 2010 and 2011. Packing Pro plans to help you with all your packing needs during the time of a travel. Available for iPhone and iPad, Packing Pro has a gorgeous user interface that makes managing a list of all items that have to be packed incredibly fun and exciting. Read More

Going to Great Britain? Keep mX Great Britain Guide App Handy

great britainmX Great Britain is a comprehensive application developed by Mobiexplore. It’s a personal guide for those who want to tour the Great Britain without getting lost. With numerous options, it’s got to be the best guide available for iPhone and Android for exploring Great Britain. With this app, you can explore the Great Britain on your mobile. Featuring a guide of more than 37 destinations, it packs every bit of information a tourist needs. Categorizing the information into transport, discover, rooms, eat, shopping, news and media, it presents a fairly simply interface. Read More

Automatic Downloads of Mac Apps Coming With Mountain Lion

automatic downloads9to5Mac have just discovered a new feature in the developer preview of Mountain Lion that further proves that the Mac is slowly undergoing – iOSification. As the screenshots shows, now when you download a new App via the Mac App Store and if you have “Automatic Downloads” turned on, the same App will instantly be installed on all of your other Macs with the same iTunes account. Exactly what happens with iOS. Read More

See How A Mail Travels in Google’s “Story of Send”

vYou’re gonna love this one. Have you ever imagined how a mail travels once you’ve hit the big red button that says “Send” in Gmail? In a latest story, Google explains with incredible interactivity how a mail travels such a long journey within seconds to reach the desired inbox. A lot of things happen along the way, and Google demonstrates it all in this epic “Story of Send”. Read More

Google Chrome Coming to iOS Soon

Google Chrome on AndroidFor the moment, Google Chrome is arguably the best internet browser for Macs and Windows computers, and now, according to a report by an analyst, you may be able to carry Chrome around in your pocket if you are an iOS device owner. That’s right, Google Chrome is apparently coming to iOS for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. Read More

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FreakDroid Is A Robot With A Thing For Movies

FreakDroid is a new iPhone and Android App which includes a robot who has a thing or two for movies. The robot is witty and claims to know all about movies. In FreakDroid, if you think you are a movie buff and are up to the challenge, you can connect with your Facebook account to take a quiz which will ask you all about films. Questions seem to be updated on a daily basis. Read More