Google Product Has An Apple Logo Bullying Android In Its Footer is a product that lets you make loyalty cards for your business, and is produced by Google. Here’s the surprising part, go to the GetPunchd website and scroll down till you see the footer, and you should see a picture of the ‘Apple’ logo bullying the ‘Android’ robot, that’s right, Google is showing its OS being bullied by its rival on one of its own websites! But why they did this is still not known. Read More

2,048×1,356 Can Be The Resolution of iPad 3

ipadThe much anticipated iPad 3 is on the way and predicted to be released early to mid next year. It is thought that it will have a pixel density of 264PPI and a native resolution of 2,048×1,356. This would follow on from the iPhone 4 and 4S’ exceptional resolution which out runs those of other high end smartphones. However this provisional idea is depending on weather the Korean manufactures (Samsung and LG) can mass produce this piece of hardware. Read More

Steve Jobs – Microsoft and Google Can’t Even Copy Properly

On 60 Minutes, Walter Issacson, the author of the official Steve Jobs biography appeared and he shared some audio clips that he captured during the 40 interviews that he conducted with Steve Jobs for the book. In the audio clips, Steve Jobs says that Microsoft does not have humanities and liberal arts in their DNA. They are a pure technology company, and they just didn’t get it. Even when Microsoft saw the Mac, they couldn’t copy it. Read More

iOS Feature Request – One Tap To Close All Running Apps

closeallWe have been wondering about this a lot too, but “FightThePowersThatBe” just shared the idea out loud on Reddit. Starting from iOS 4, Apple introduced multi-tasking for iOS, and from then on it allowed you to double tap the home button to switch between Apps. As iOS is now able to multi-task, users can also tap and hold the Apps in the bar that comes up to close already running Apps to save battery life.
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In-Store Pickup Of Online Ordered Apple Products Begins in San Francisco

apple in-store orderIt has been a while since Apple has been thinking of the idea to allow its customers to make purchases on the online store and pick their device up at their local apple stores, and finally, it is here for users in San Francisco. The program will gradually spread out to the whole of the US in just a matter of a few weeks or months. Read More

Siri Is Making Her Way To iPod touch Too

siri ipod touchWe were all disappointed when Siri wouldn’t appear on our iPhone 4 and iPad, but now 2 young hackers, euwars and rudolf77 have managed to come up with a jail break for the iPod touch so it can run Apple’s new assistant.

As you may have guessed, Siri isn’t fully functional on the iPod touch as it has to be connected to the internet to get a response from Apple’s servers, and these servers aren’t allowing Siri on an iPod touch to access it. From what I have interpreted from this, there is going to be a future update that will allow the ability to get a response from Siri and have the compatibility to function on other iOS devices. Read More

5 Incredible Design Tips for App Developers

ios designThis post has been presented to you by the developers of the amazing application “Par-Tee” You can watch the trailer video of the App here, and get it from the App Store.

The world of app development has been somewhat of a promised land for developers lately, especially after seeing some amazing rags-to-riches stories. However, it can be easy to get an app wrong and the people who buy from the App Store are often the most critical, dishing out poor ratings to apps with minor bugs, even if it cost less than a journey on the bus.
After their release of Par-Tee, the world’s first augmented reality golf game in late August, Adam Sideserf and Silvertech Studios’ Tom Millson give their top five tips on making a great app.

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