Kids – Run your Own Pizza Store in Bamba Pizza for iPad

Bamba Pizza, developed by Mezmedia, is a game that allows your child to bring out the inner chef in him/her. Bamba Pizza lets kids make a pizza from their imagination and put them to work. And when an App lets you or your kids do all sorts of thing from your imagination, it does get interesting. Bamba Pizza allows players to choose one of the four characters – Timmy, Peppi, Sammy and François – the robot chef. Read More

Star Splitter 3D for iOS – Perfect Space Shooter Game (REVIEW)

Star Splitter 3D for iOS and Android is a extraordinary space shooter game. It is simply brilliant. Star Splitter 3D features remarkable graphics completely done in 3D and unparalleled gameplay with easy-to-use controls. Here’s the scene – you are an intergalactic pilot and your job is to keep the enemies from entering your territory. You have an aircraft (space shooter) and you need to keep it strong and navigate in a way in open space so that your enemies cannot reach you. At the same time, you need to defend your turf. Read More

DevDialogue – Mygazine App Developer Speaks

In this DevDialogue, we talk to the developer of Mygazine for iPad. Mygazine for iPad curates content from different sources and presents it in a remarkable format that makes it easier for users to read. Every day, all content from your subscribed sources are combined and presented in a magazine like format. It is like the combination of Flipboard and Pulse. We take a look at the behind the scenes picture in this interview. Read More

Aaron Sorkin Reveals Details on Steve Jobs Movie

Steve Jobs MovieAaron Sorkin, the screenwriter for the upcoming Steve Jobs movie today revealed some details about the movie. The Steve Jobs biopic will have only three scenes. These three scenes will be half an hour each and will all take place before a product launch. The first product launch being the Mac, the second one being the “NeXT” and the third one being the “iPod”. Read More