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4 Things That Could Have Failed Apple

Apple is a huge company and is quite successful. But it wasn’t like this always. Once, Apple was only 90 days away from going bankrupt in it’s early days. But Steve Jobs and his men continued to fight and made some really great products. The company had it’s ups and downs on it’s way and some of the products could have failed the company terribly, but didn’t.

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Gadgetstronomy – iPhone 4G Beats iPad and Nexus One

A few months ago, TheAppleGoogle conducted a poll asking users to vote for their most favorite gadget. The nominations included the best gadgets in vogue. These included iPhone 4G, iPad, Nexus One, Android Smartphones, Project Natal, Asus EEE Keyboard, Ford Sync, Chrome OS Netbooks, Canova Dual Screen Notebook, Lenovo Skylight and Sony Xperia X10, thus making the competition pretty hard.

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