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Apple Press Conference Video and Smartphone Antenna Performance Page Now Available

That was quick. Apple is really trying to prove that the iPhone 4 is still the best smartphone in the world and does not have any antenna issues. Apple held a press conference at its Cupertino campus today where Steve Jobs gave a possible solution for fixing the iPhone 4 reception issues. As soon as the conference got over, Apple posted the event video on its website and even put up a smartphone Antenna Performance Page to further prove its point.

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YouTube Mobile Upgraded

YouTube Mobile

As the world continues to go mobile, websites need to be optimized for a better mobile experience. YouTube has been a tremendous success on mobile devices and companies like Apple have thought of it to be a major part of the internet and have incorporated it within the operating system itself. YouTube received many hits from standalone apps and millions of playbacks from devices like the iPhone.

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The Electrifying AppSpark

AppSpark is an initiative by TheAppleGoogle under which we spotlight on a particular App every week with a complete review of the App along with a fully featured video. Till date, we had been doing regular sections where we featured a particular App every week under the banner “App of the Week”. Along with the App of the Week, we even do an “Extension of the Week” section because we think extensions too are just like Apps and they open up a wide range of possibilities.

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AppVersal Ad

iUltimate – The Great White Shark Strategy of Apple

Having tasted the iPod, iPhone, iMac and the iPad, Apple fans are now watching with bated breath as to what would be Apple’s next dream product. Professors in Universities are quoting Apple and Steve Jobs in their classes as the new success story. Strategists are wracking their brains as to what would come out next from the stable of the Apple Corporation.

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