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App of the Week: Easy Walk and Type

Easy Walk & Type is an innovative app that helps you keep an eye on the path in front of you while typing.

It is the safest and most convenient way for you to write email, notes or copy/paste to all popular apps like SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc. while walking. You are able to keep an eye on the surrounds whenever you type on iPhone.

And it’s cool!!!

Features include:
– Email on the move: Type in a transparent screen and press “send” button to launch the email app WITHOUT QUITTING THE APP
– Take notes on the move: Leave your notes in a transparent screen
– Do anything on the move: Copy the text and paste to any other apps

The price of the app is 0.99$
Ratings:- 9/10

Near Me Now!

Google’s latest location-based feature for mobile devices, which went live recently, will make it easier to find restaurants, bars, ATMs and more when you’re in an unfamiliar area. The feature, called “Near Me Now,” is available on the Google homepage on your iPhone (OS 3.0 or later) and Android (OS 2.0.1 or later) devices. Near Me Now is currently available only for United States users, and was first announced in December, alongside other new mobile search features including Google Goggles.
Say you’re standing outside a restaurant and want to quickly look up information about it before committing to it. You could google it by name (and do all that tedious typing), or you could just hit the new “Near me now” link.

“Near me now” uses your location aware cellphone (currently only iPhone and Android devices) to search for surrounding businesses by category (restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ATMs and banks, and more), then returns any nearby matches based on their proximity to you. So if you’re standing outside or near a restaurant you’re considering, all it takes is firing up Google, tapping the “Near me now” link, and then choosing the category. It really is considerably faster than typing (especially on mobile devices), and might be worth working into your mobile searching toolkit.

AppStore- The Secret Sauce

Many people sit, sleep, walk and even dine with their iPhones! The iPhone from apple is the biggest success of the generation. Google recently announced the nexus one which seems to be compelling. The nexus one operates on Android 2.1 which has a few improvements. But still some are scared of making the shift to Android. An android market is also available but with a few 20000 apps. Less when compared to the app store.
Google said that they have only 20000 because the rest of the apps are web based and only need a browser. The iPhone also followed the same strategy earlier but had to discontinue due to a popular demand of standalone apps.
Standalone apps have a completely different functionality. They are specific in their function and offer better features in a better UI.
The app store has millions of applications which makes it the secret sauce for the success of the iPhone.
Also with standalone apps developers get to sell their apps and earn profit. Hence the developers too are happy with the AppStore rather than the Android Market.

SmartPhones Comparison Chart!

The folks at BillShrink have made up a chart comparing the four major smartphones currently in the Market.

The smartphones are:-

1.iPhone 3GS

2.Palm Pre

3.Motorola Droid

4.Google Nexus One

The chart compares the following in terms of Battery Life,Storage etc.

Google Nexus One Specs!

ROM hackers have dugged well into the ROM of the Nexus one and have determined the specifications of the Google Nexus One.

The Specs are as follows:-

1.Android 2.1

2.Proximity and ambient light sensor accelerometer

4.a magnetic compass

5.WiFi, a stereo FM speaker

6.a noise-cancellation chipset

7.OpenGL ES 2.0-capable graphics camera with LED flash

9.512MB RAM and ROM

10.1Ghz Processor

11. Thinner and lighter than the iPhone!Wow

AppVersal Ad

Apple Tablet to run Chrome OS!

Ha Ha! With so many rumors about the Apple Tablet floating around the World Wide Web and people making predictions whether the much awaited Apple Tablet would run iPhone OS or MacOS, I thought why can’t it run Chrome OS instead. Funny and Impossible isn’t it?

But if you just give it a moment and think about it. It could be a great idea! It would give both the tech giants to co-operate with each other and resolve their rivalries. It would also help the users as the Apple Tablet would thus be comparatively cheaper.


GTA Chinatown Wars coming soon!

Rockstar has announced the arrival of its popular gaming series Grand Theft Auto to the iPhone/iPod Touch.
The first in the series to hit this platform would be GTA Chinatown Wars! The game is a 2D one and is fun to play on the Nintendo and PSP!
The game will be out in January or February!