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Apple iAd Changes Mobile Advertising Profoundly

One of the seven tentpoles from Apple’s Special Event held on April, 2010 was its new mobile advertising technology, iAd. iAd is a mobile advertising platform by Apple which Apple believes would help both publishers and advertisers. Apple’s new foray into the advertising market is sure to help iPhone developers who painstakingly develop for the iPhone and yet put their App for free in iTunes.

With iAd, they could now have some source of income and would be pleased as well. They could get nearly 1 Billion Ad impressions and these ads would provide them a new revenue stream.

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AppVersal Ad

App of the Week – iPicasso

Our tentative series App of the Week continues and this time we present an app which would help you with all your photo sharing and storing needs. iPicasso, an App developed by Uvento, is available for download from the App Store for $2.99 .

This App allows you to view your Picasa Web Albums on your iPhone. Not only that, it further allows you to have multiple Picasa Web Albums Accounts, Upload Photos from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, Select Album Order, Add and View Comments and a whole lot of exaggerating features. The App automatically adjusts your photos in the normal iPhone photo App manner and lets you flick through those precious memories in no time at all.

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App of the Week – Asphalt 5

It has been time since we featured a game in the App of the Week section. This week, Asphalt 5 and Asphalt 5 HD caught our eyes. Asphalt 5 is for the iPhone/iPod touch while Asphalt 5 HD is for the iPad.

Asphalt 5 is a car racing game with extraordinary graphics, improved accelerometer controls and lots of different cars and tracks to choose from. The App is developed by Gameloft, a popular company which has a lot of games up on the App Store.

You have a huge number of cars to choose from, including cars from leading manufactures such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati. The HD graphics allows you to see every detail and complete engrosses you into the game. While driving your Lamborghini or Ferrari, you could even play music from your iPod touch or iPhone and completely enjoy your drive.

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One Millionth iPad Sold

iPad, the device that brought glory and money to Apple is now owned by a million people. On the first day itself, Apple sold about 300,000 iPads and today it has sold about a million iPads in just a month.

Compared to the iPhone, this is really an enormous achievement which has been registered as the iPhone took 74 days to reach a million users. What really matters is whether the iPad sales would continue to grow or would come to a stop? Even more, what would be its share of the overall market in the next few years? All Apple fan-boys and nerds already own one and other technology geeks in general are most probably waiting for the next generation or other tablets.

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Twitter Launches Official Android App

There are loads of Twitter clients available for any device and the truth is that the best are the paid ones. Twitter did launch its own official App for Blackberry’s and now it has launched its official Twitter App for Google’s Android. Recently, Twitter acquired Tweetie because of which any day we could see an official Twitter App for iPhone appear on the App Store for free.
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LabPixies Acquired by Google

LabPixies, a leading developer of personalized web gadgets “widgets” including iGoogle, Android and the iPhone has been acquired by Google. Widgets help users improve their experience with a website and LabPixies was the very first developer to develop widgets for iGoogle. Later on, with the coming of the Android platform, LabPixies even started to invest in it and contributed by developing widgets for the Mobile platform by Google.

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Apple-ARM Deal only a Rumor, Acquires Intrinsity

Today Apple officially discarded the rumor about it acquiring ARM. ARM’s CEO did report that the leading company in microprocessor technology was not in talks with Apple but yet we did not have an official word from Apple itself. Apple has acquired a chip making company, Intrinsity.

Apple gobbled Intrinsity for about $112 Million. The credit for the development of the A4 chip which Apple uses in the iPad, would also go to Intrinsity because Apple uses the same technology which Intrinsity used for the development of its 1 GHz hummingbird processor in partnership with Samsung last year.

This acquisition would give Apple an edge over its competitors. Intrinsity is a maker of fast chips and Apple wants to put fast chips on their devices to improve battery life and performance. Fast chips is even a necessity for the iPhone OS considering that it now supports multitasking.

Every acquistion either by Google or Apple seems to add up to the Apple-Google fight as this too takes us back to the acquisition of P.A Semi by Apple. The employees of P.A Semi left Apple due to the compensation they had to make and started Agnilux which was acquired by Google earlier this month.

This acquisition does seem to be a response to Google acquiring Agnilux.

Android 2.2 Will Support Flash

Google’s Andy Rubin in an interview with The New York Times has confirmed that Android 2.2 will support Flash. The next Android release, codenamed Froyo, for frozen yogurt would support Adobe’s Flash.

A giant leap for Android, a mobile OS with a mission to combine Web and Phone. Android would once again try to overcome the iPhone by putting Flash on its devices. According to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Flash only makes devices buggier, slower and eventually leads to crashes. This is quite true and by putting Flash into Android, Google is even playing with security.

A very surprising move by a company that believes in open standards. HTML5, a new version of the Hypertext Markup Language is completely open source and plans to eliminate Flash. Rubin also commented on Google’s commitment to keeping Android open — open for developers, open for API access, simply and completely open. According to Rubin, Google’s definition of openness “means not being militant about the things consumers are actually enjoying.”

App of the Week – Articles

Accessing Wikipedia Pages on the iPhone and reading them is so much fun but with native Apps to help you, Wikipedia is that much better. However, while the mobile site of Wikipedia is good, it has got certain deficiencies. You cannot store pages and images for later reading, cannot efficiently zoom in and out etc. With Articles, you can do these things and a lot more. It is a Wikipedia App for iPhone OS which helps you easily read and discover Wikipedia Articles.

The App feels as the iPhone Safari browser with similar looks. The Multiple Tabs button and Add a Bookmark button exactly replicate the browser. With the tap of a button, you could simply open up your Bookmarks pages and then navigate through various options available such as Artists and Famous Paintings, thus making the App a Wikipedia Page discovery App. History would help you read articles, which you previously stored while surfing through articles using the App. “Surprise Me!”, loads up a random Wikipedia Article which enhances its capability as a discovering tool.

You could even Add and Delete Folders in the Bookmarks Page. Opening Multiple Wikipedia Apps in the form of Tabs is even possible with the help of this genius App known as, Articles. Tapping on images inside Wikipedia Articles would fit the images to the whole screen. It has the same Progress bar as in safari which makes it almost identical to Safari on the iPhone.

The App responds very well to the Accelerometer on the iPad as well as the iPhone. The font size and text is attractive and the visual display of the App is fantastic. You cannot access your saved articles (history) with the single tap of a button and navigating too it is a pain. You cannot navigate the Table of Contents of the Article and can’t change the font of the article .

For $2.99, this App is a must-have. Head over to the App Store and get it now.

Performance – 9/10

Features – 8/10

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iHoldFree – The Future of the iPad

King Arthur rightly said “The old order changeth yielding place to new”. This age old idiom is the eternal truth. It is applicable to everything. We have seen great changes occur within a generation and it is more so applicable to gadgets and gizmos.

TheAppleGoogle continues its quest on “imagineering” and would like to bring to present the gadget of the future – the new iHoldFree.

Concept iHoldFree will mark the convergence of all gadgets and technology under one platform. Wearing the gadget on your hands would enhance portability and open up a whole new world of Apps and functionalities.

Fingertips Touch Keyboard – It features bubble based, touch sensitive and skin thin wearable pads. Each Metacarpal of the finger would represent an alphabet, alphanumeric or a symbol as per the keypad.

Voice Recognition – Inbuilt Mic which would support. Features such as Voice to text would help dial numbers, send emails and write up an article. The gadget would become your personal digital assistant and would mark the beginning of a whole new era in technology.

2 Estate LED backed LCD display screens – Two 2.6 inch bright LED back-lit LCD Displays with IPS technology to be placed on reverse side of both palms. Alternatively, to allow free use of the palm, the LCD’s can be worn as watches on the wrists of both the hands. Bluetooth connecting its two screens with each other.

Touch screens – The LCD’s on the palm of your hand or on the back of it would be touch enabled which would further help while playing games and interacting with apps.

Mobile – Of-course, this would be mobile. Your hand goes wherever you go. As this would fit your hands you could take in anywhere. Mobile also implies that this would be a phone. You could send an SMS, MMS or even call a person.

Front facing camera – A 3MP front facing camera for video calls and video conferences. Exponential increase in the number of Apps. Skype and note taking apps would dominate the apps market.

OS – That’s a tough one. Designing an OS for a small screen could be a tough and laborious job, if Apple plans to deliver this unique gadget they could very well run iPhone OS on it. Otherwise, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Android could be good.

Accelerometer – An inbuilt accelerometer would mean that you could work on it either horizontally or vertically.

Processor – The main and the foremost requirement of iHoldFree would be faster speed and multitasking. The new Snapdragon 1GHz processor which is used on the Nexus One could be great for such a device as it needs to handle many bluetooth connections together and Apps would altogether require a fast and snappy processor.

Graphics – nVidia’s Tegra is a graphics processor designed for mobile devices and would be definitely be great on the iHoldFree.

Ultra Slim– Slimmer than an iPad. Water and sweat proof – Would not stop functioning even if immersed in water. Sweat too wouldn’t affect it. Light weight as it would be based on ultra light super conducting nano material.

Recently Apple even hired Richard DeVaul, a veteran of the wearable computing field and co-founder of Aware Technologies, a technology company focused on creating products for the fitness and “wellness” markets.

For this product, let the War begin !