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Access Flyover City Tour In iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite

flyover city tour

During WWDC, Apple executives, while sharing the feature set of iOS 8, quietly mentioned a new Map feature, “Flyover city tours”. It’s not a default feature on iOS 8 betas, but recently developer Pierre Blazquez, using hidden debug menus in the latest iOS 8 beta releases, discovered the feature and teamed up with Mac4Ever to publish a related video of Paris city tour. Read More

Klaser For iOS — Now Keep Everything In Its Place

KlaserWe all have a lot of content on our phone, and it’s scattered all over the place. Some in albums, some in reminders, some in various recipe Apps and some in physical files, making it difficult to manage. To solve this problem, Upton Sp. z o.o. has launched Klaser, an organiser App for iPhone. It’s a single place for all your information with easy access. Klaser provides a methodological way of saving information and data, helping you store them in an organised way. Read More

Organize Meetings With Friends Instantly With FriendPlanner for iOS


If you have a lot of friends, setting up meetings or hangouts with them is quite frustrating. You can never be somewhat certain that they have received the message and will attend. But look no further, FriendPlanner is the solution to your problems. FriendPlanner, developed by Friendplanner Ltd, helps you organize parties, nights, and hangouts with your friends with tap of a button. Read More

The Yahoo! Weather App for iOS – Absolutely Stunning

yahooweatherYahoo recently put out a new weather App dubbed “Yahoo Weather” for iOS. The App is quite nice looking, and uses photos from Flickr to showcase current weather conditions and time in each area you place on your list. Yahoo Weather has a well designed, clean look to it. Although it is an iOS app, it kind of looks like something you’d see on a Windows Phone. As far as the functionality of the app, it’s pretty basic. Then again, you shouldn’t be expecting too much from a weather app. It does the job and it does it pretty well. Read More