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Would the Google tablet be able to compete with the iPad?

iPad, the center of media attention and idolized by journalists, accepted by early adopters and even the common folks, has proven to be a milestone in Apple’s History. It is a device that would continue to be the unrivaled king of Tablet Bog.

Thousands of features set it apart from other tablets like the App Store, Huge Screen with IPS Technology, Multi-touch etc. A lot of companies including Microsoft, Sony and even Nokia are giving their best shot to create a tablet which would be royally known as the “iPad Killer”.

The problem is that Apple’s biggest competitor, Google, just stepped up into the game. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt told friends about an upcoming Google Tablet. Of-course, we knew this was coming. Google had to respond to Apple. Google’s Chromium OS website released quite a few pictures earlier this year which demonstrated how Google’s OS for netbooks – Chrome OS, would look like on a tablet. But Eric said that the Tablet would not run Chrome OS but instead run on Android – a mobile OS. Android would be a better choice for a tablet considering that it supports Apps.

Google even plans to introduce a new market full of Apps for the forthcoming tablet. Considering the success of the iPad, this indeed would be a good move as the Android market has failed to impress a particular section of the society. Google’s new product is rumored to be named as the gSlate or possibly the gTablet but we however are quite uncertain as the naming thing with Google is always “shaky”.

Google’s mantra is “Web Apps” whereas Apple and its numero uno, Steve Jobs believe in Standalone Apps. People also seem to like the native apps as they tend to offer much higher functionality. The Tablet era would not be dominated by the hardware running but the software that would make it a lot more functional. Apps are the “attention catchers” of this era and Google’s mantra seemed to have failed. Chrome OS, being only a browser would hardly be able to support native apps, while on the other hand, the iPad seems to be all about Apps. That’s the reason Google and its team have agreed to run Android on the Tablet and are following Apple’s path.

A tablet should be a ‘Laptop Killer’ and a replacement for a netbook. The iPad is just that.

Apple saw Amazon rise up with its ebook reader – Kindle. They took it as an opportunity and launched the iPad which is an ebook reader as well. Apple has iBooks Store available for download from the App Store which makes the iPad a perfect ebook reader. Apple has signed up with many leading publishers around the globe and the iBooks Store is a huge success. The Google Tablet is rumored to have its own Book Store and would be an ebook reader. Google would take help from its already established and much controversial – Google Books. Either the books app would be Cloud based or Google would incorporate it as an App in the Android Market.

Google once again is teaming up with HTC and plans to deliver this Tablet with features that would shock the world as Google has just derided the iPad as an over-sized iPod touch. Apart from the regular Apple-Google fight we also have Microsoft and Nokia in the market competing for the tablet market.

The Google-HTC duo do produce some great hardware and software. Keeping in mind the Nexus One, we could be rest assured that form and design would definitely be a factor in favor of the Google Tablet. This Tablet’s screen is rumored to be 10.5′ in size which would be slightly bigger when compared to the iPad.

It is also rumored that the tablet would be launched sometime during summer.

Would the Google tablet be able to compete with the iPad?

iPad, the center of media attention and idolized by journalists, accepted by early adopters and even the common folks, has proven to be a milestone in Apple’s History. It is a device that would continue to be the unrivaled king of Tablet Bog.

Thousands of features set it apart from other tablets like the App Store, Huge Screen with IPS Technology, Multi-touch etc. A lot of companies including Microsoft, Sony and even Nokia are giving their best shot to create a tablet which would be royally known as the “iPad Killer”.


Apple to Acquire ARM

According to a London Newspaper, Apple is going to acquire ARM. Apple is reportedly in talks with the leading company in Microprocessor Intellectual property who has supplied processors to Apple for its devices and even for the iPad.

Apple-ARM deal could mean big for the industry. ARM does not only deal with Apple but also is a supplier of microprocessors to other huge tech giants as well. The deal is rumored to be signed at 40 Billion US Dollars. Antitrust would definitely come in between and obstruct the deal from taking place.

If the deal takes place, Apple’s competitors would be left far behind because ARM even supplies chips to Sony, Microsoft, Dell and HP. This means that Apple’s competitors would have to find alternatives which would be slow and buggier.

Even this acquisition adds up to the Apple-Google fight, Apple earlier got P.A Semi which led to the development of the A4 Chip which Apple uses for the iPad. During the development some key members left the company and started a new company known as “Agnilux”. Agnilux employees include a lot of former Apple and P.A Semi members. The company (Agnilux) was acquired by Google just three days back and if this Apple-ARM deal comes true, the complete tech industry would be moved.

Through this anticipated acquisition, Apple will climb yet more higher on the ladder of performance recognition spelt out by TheAppleGoogle.

iHoldFree – The Future of the iPad

King Arthur rightly said “The old order changeth yielding place to new”. This age old idiom is the eternal truth. It is applicable to everything. We have seen great changes occur within a generation and it is more so applicable to gadgets and gizmos.

TheAppleGoogle continues its quest on “imagineering” and would like to bring to present the gadget of the future – the new iHoldFree.

Concept iHoldFree will mark the convergence of all gadgets and technology under one platform. Wearing the gadget on your hands would enhance portability and open up a whole new world of Apps and functionalities.

Fingertips Touch Keyboard – It features bubble based, touch sensitive and skin thin wearable pads. Each Metacarpal of the finger would represent an alphabet, alphanumeric or a symbol as per the keypad.

Voice Recognition – Inbuilt Mic which would support. Features such as Voice to text would help dial numbers, send emails and write up an article. The gadget would become your personal digital assistant and would mark the beginning of a whole new era in technology.

2 Estate LED backed LCD display screens – Two 2.6 inch bright LED back-lit LCD Displays with IPS technology to be placed on reverse side of both palms. Alternatively, to allow free use of the palm, the LCD’s can be worn as watches on the wrists of both the hands. Bluetooth connecting its two screens with each other.

Touch screens – The LCD’s on the palm of your hand or on the back of it would be touch enabled which would further help while playing games and interacting with apps.

Mobile – Of-course, this would be mobile. Your hand goes wherever you go. As this would fit your hands you could take in anywhere. Mobile also implies that this would be a phone. You could send an SMS, MMS or even call a person.

Front facing camera – A 3MP front facing camera for video calls and video conferences. Exponential increase in the number of Apps. Skype and note taking apps would dominate the apps market.

OS – That’s a tough one. Designing an OS for a small screen could be a tough and laborious job, if Apple plans to deliver this unique gadget they could very well run iPhone OS on it. Otherwise, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Android could be good.

Accelerometer – An inbuilt accelerometer would mean that you could work on it either horizontally or vertically.

Processor – The main and the foremost requirement of iHoldFree would be faster speed and multitasking. The new Snapdragon 1GHz processor which is used on the Nexus One could be great for such a device as it needs to handle many bluetooth connections together and Apps would altogether require a fast and snappy processor.

Graphics – nVidia’s Tegra is a graphics processor designed for mobile devices and would be definitely be great on the iHoldFree.

Ultra Slim– Slimmer than an iPad. Water and sweat proof – Would not stop functioning even if immersed in water. Sweat too wouldn’t affect it. Light weight as it would be based on ultra light super conducting nano material.

Recently Apple even hired Richard DeVaul, a veteran of the wearable computing field and co-founder of Aware Technologies, a technology company focused on creating products for the fitness and “wellness” markets.

For this product, let the War begin !

Google Docs Improved

Google Docs, a free web based online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form and even cloud storage just got updated. Google is releasing preview versions of the new Google document and spreadsheet editors and a new standalone drawings editor, all built with an even greater focus on speed and collaboration.

The new version tries to make Docs faster and brings real time editing experience to documents. Google has even brought another feature from spreadsheets to documents : Sidebar chat, which lets you chat with your friends and colleagues and together work on a document. Spreadsheets is now faster than before with speed and performance improvements. Also, Google says that come May and for the foreseeable future, users will no longer be able to work with Google Docs offline.

According to Google, faster browser technologies such as faster JavaScript processing helps them make Docs faster. The new collaborative drawing editor gives users the ability to collaborate on drawings and make them accessible directly from the docs list. The acquisition of DocVerse by Google has further helped Google improve Docs. DocVerse was a company that focused on creating collaborative tools within Microsoft Office. The antagonism between Google and Microsoft is increasing day by day.

Future Check for Apple on the Rungs of Performance Recognition

If  “Think Differently” was the mission of Apple and the mandate of Steve from his Board, it is a job well done by him and his organization. Apple is undoubtedly the recognized leader of innovative technologies in the mobile devices space and Steve, the crowned king. What Sony did to the world with the Walkman sometime back, has been done today by Apple. The world is at Apple’s feet and is asking for an encore.

Business, however, recognizes innovation only if it is commercialized in form of a new product. A new product is given accolades and aplomb, only if it captures the market. The market share has the winning streak, if the margins are good. And the investors would be happy and recognize the performance of the business if the profits get translated into an impressive market capitalization.

Having released the iPhone and the iPad, Apple has convincingly moved up the ladder of performance recognition by a rung. In terms of the market share, which is the second rung, the facts need a scrutiny.

Thus, for the mobile devices space, its iPhone market share has to be compared with that of Nokia, RIM and others. If the frame of reference are the smart phones and if its market share increases steadily over Nokia and Blackberry, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG and others, then it will have the going good for itself.

And for the iPad, which is supposed to change the game, just in the same way as the iPod did to Sony’s Walkman, it would have to replace the laptop and the net books. In doing so, it will capture the business from Intel and Microsoft too.

We are witnessing an increase in the sale of iPhones and from the zero base the iPad is also expected to stoop to conquer. But perhaps the time has come for Apple to look at the complete market space and not only at the niche markets to establish its overall dominance. There is so much money to be earned from the complete market rather than only through the niche ones. If making money too for the investors by a larger measure from the entire market space is Apple’s aspiration, then it is time for it to think differently.

Snow Leopard Updated to 10.6.3

Apple released a new update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard which brings it to version 10.6.3. Though there aren’t any great features but there are a lot of fixes and an update is recommended. It addresses various security issues and includes a lot of patches and fixes.

Some of the important fixes are:

  • a color issue in iMovie with HD content.

  • printing reliability

  • the reliability of certain third-party USB devices.

  • an issue in which the microphone level in iChat may not increase the volume after reducing it to prevent a feedback event.

  • an issue that could cause Mail to delete mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange server that is hosted behind an Internet load balancer.

The file is 784MB in size and a list of all the fixes can be found here.

Should I get an iPad or not – Confusion Confounded no More

Apple accepts preorders for the iPad or you could even reserve one. But if you are confused or are in a dilemma whether to get one or not, then take a look at this list.

Yes, I want one because

1. It has a large 9.7 inch display with IPS technology, multitouch display,LED-backlit glossy widescreen and Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

2. It is a content creation device. You could work on your iWork documents, paint with brushes etc.

3. It is a perfect replacement for the kindle. You could buy books from the iBooks store.

4. The best way to experience the web – sans flash.

5. A great display for watching HD Movies, photos , videos and reading books.

6. Has amazing accessories including a keyboard dock, camera connector and an elegant cover.

7. A revised iPhone OS.

8. Apple’s A4 chip which enhances the speed and improves performance.

9. 150000 apps and counting. Apps add so much fun to the device. Games further add to the capability of the device.

10. It is extremely light and thin.

11. I know how to operate on it as I already own an iPod Touch/iPhone.

12. It integrates well with my Mac. I could use iPhoto on it.

13. I could customize its looks.

14. It has Bluetooth.

15. It combines your iPod Touch/iPhone and your Kindle.. It is an all in one device.

16. It is perfect for bloggers and podcasters.

17. There is going to be a huge rush of developers and I see a new market emerging.

Nah, I don’t need one because

1. It is not a complete netbook.

2. I am much more comfortable with a hardware keyboard.

3. It does not have support for wired internet connections.

4. It does not have an inbuilt camera.

5. The screen size is small for me.

6. I already own an iPhone/iPod Touch and a Kindle, so i dont need one.

7. It is not extremely portable. I cannot jog with it, run with it, eat with it etc.

8. It does not support multitasking.

9. It has iPhone OS and not Mac OS.

10. I’ll wait for reviews and maybe go for the 2nd Gen.

11. Maybe I’ll go with Microsoft Courier.

12. The WiFi+3G version is too costly for a tablet.

13. Typing’s gonna be weird. I need to keep it on a stable surface and then I could use both my hands. I cannot type while I’m on the go.

14. It is definitely not the best way to surf the web. It does not support flash.

15. The name sucks.

In any case , an iPad would be a good buy.

Google kills IE6 in a few days

Google has announced that it is going to stop supporting Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer version 6.0. It says that the browser is slow and buggy which could pose a threat to the internet.

Killing IE6 implies that Google would stop supporting their services such as YouTube and Google Docs on the browser. Nearly everyone in today’s world use these Google services and they are an essential part of their internet experience. By not being able to use these services, IE6 users would have no choice but to switch their browser or upgrade their version of Internet Explorer. YouTube would do this by 13th of March. Users could watch videos on the browser but new features won’t work. Google Docs and Google sites hosting services would stop on 1st March, 2010.

Google has taken a stand to remove the browser as it even was involved in the recent China attack. Much of the measured IE 6 usage originates in China. According to NetApplications, IE 6 is still used by 20% of the surfers worldwide.

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Google’s attempt to kill IE6

The kill IE6 mission was a bit of a success . But now it seems that Google has taken the responsibility of completely killing Internet Explorer 6.0.
A mail was sent by Google to many users and here’s what it said:

In order to continue to improve our products and deliver more sophisticated features and performance, we are harnessing some of the latest improvements in web browser technology. This includes faster JavaScript processing and new standards like HTML5. As a result, over the course of 2010, we will be phasing out support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as other older browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers.

We plan to begin phasing out support of these older browsers on the Google Docs suite and the Google Sites editor on March 1, 2010. After that point, certain functionality within these applications may have higher latency and may not work correctly in these older browsers. Later in 2010, we will start to phase out support for these browsers for Google Mail and Google Calendar.

Google Apps will continue to support Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox 3.0 and above, Google Chrome 4.0 and above, and Safari 3.0 and above.