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Apply Real-Time Filters to Videos With Cinema-trix for iOS (REVIEW)

cinema-trixYou’ve probably applied effects to your videos after it has been shot. But how about adding stunning visual effects while you’re capturing the video? Cinema-trix allows you to do just that. With Cinema-trix for iPhone and iPad, you will be able to add real-time video effects to your video. Even photos can be captured with the App. There are many effects for you choose from. Select one and simply start capturing a video. Read More

DevDialogue – Mygazine App Developer Speaks

In this DevDialogue, we talk to the developer of Mygazine for iPad. Mygazine for iPad curates content from different sources and presents it in a remarkable format that makes it easier for users to read. Every day, all content from your subscribed sources are combined and presented in a magazine like format. It is like the combination of Flipboard and Pulse. We take a look at the behind the scenes picture in this interview. Read More

Popular iOS Photo App Snapseed Acquired by Google

You know how the old saying goes, “If you can’t compete with them, buy em”. Today is a huge day. Google has acquired popular iOS App Snapseed to compete with Instagram. Snapseed comes from Nik Software who also own various other photography Apps, but amongst all of them, Snapseed was their crowned jewel which now belongs to Google. Read More

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Zummer for iOS Lets You Connect With People Having the Same Interest – Review

zummerZummer is an application which resides under the ‘Lifestyle’ category in Apple’s App Store. This aesthetically pleasing application is a great way to get talking to people with similar interests as yourself. OmniTyke Ltd (developers) have allowed its users to share, by way of images, interesting things that they find in daily life. In addition to this users can contribute to topics by commenting something relevant to photos already uploaded. Each photo should be assigned to a specific category so that conversations can be started and other photos related to it can be uploaded after it. The most featured topics are presented to you upon launching this application. A topic of the day is picked by the amount of photos and comments posted to a certain topic everyday. For example at the time of writing this review the London 2012 Olympics are taking place, consequently this has been the topic of the day for about a week now. Read More

Facebook Announces Facebook Camera for iOS, Seriously Amazing

Following the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook has just launched a brand new camera app for iOS that will surely kill the entire purpose of Instagram. With a stunning user interface to match that of Instagram, a revolutionary social connection and a break-through concept, the “Facebook Camera” App appears to be a success at first sight. Facebook Camera allows you to instantly snap pictures, add effect, add tags and share with your friends and family via Facebook. Read More