Facebook Launches “Facebook Groups” For iPhone

Facebook groupsEveryone who uses Facebook has at least a few different groups they network with. What you share with your friends isn’t always fit for viewing by your family. Photos of your Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t something you’d necessarily want to share with your cycling group. And although using the “Groups” feature isn’t that difficult on the Facebook App, Facebook has made it even easier to access Groups for iPhone users with its new App, Facebook Groups. Read More

Apple Ordered To Pay $23.6 million For Violating Six Patents


Image Credit: AppleInsider

Apple’s lawsuit grief doesn’t seem to end. Just last week it was announced that Apple will have to face a federal lawsuit after being accused by users of preventing them from receiving text messages when they switched from iPhone to an Android device. Now, a report from Bloomberg confirms that Apple has been ordered to pay $23.6 million for patent infringement. Read More

Snapcash — Snapchat’s New Payment System

snapcashSeamless payment is in vogue, being made ever more popular with Apple Pay. Almost every day now more and more stores and banks are signing up to support Apple Pay, Apple’s NFC-based touchless payment service. Not one to stay behind the latest fad, Snapchat has come up with a brilliant new update which allows its users to transfer money to one another through the self-deleting messaging service. Read More

Top 5 Yosemite Features

yosemiteWith Yosemite Apple has introduced a lot of new features, most of which have proven to be exciting and helpful. This article outlines the five favorite features of TheAppleGoogle team. Some of these were announced by Apple during WWDC, while others are hidden away. Read More

FTC Questions Apple on Health Data

FTCEver since the release of iOS 8 Apple has only faced difficulty with its Health App. If the boring icon was not bad enough, Apple faced bugs in HealthKit even before the release of the latest version of the iOS and had to pull compatible third-party apps. The latest problem to come Apple’s way is in the form of FTC questioning it regarding Health Data privacy, reports Reuters. Read More