Contacts+ for Android — Your Contacts On Steroids (review)


What if there was an App that would become the hub of your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and other social network contacts, storing it in one unified place without the need for you to switch Apps? And what if it also had a combined dialer along with it? You are in luck, as Contacts+ is an App that performs exactly as mentioned, but at the cost of some extra space on your phone. Here’s our take on the App. Read More

Lifesum — Your Calorie Mate For A Healthier Life (Review)

calorieThe health and wellness industry is booming with most people rushing to the gym for a workout, eating healthy and staying on a diet to get in shape or to shed fat. There are also people munching on high calorie food and getting all sorts of mass/weight/muscle gainers to put on some weight. Be it the former or the latter, or even if you just plan to be healthy, Lifesum — Calorie Counter has it covered for you. Read More

Selfio – HD Selfie Camera — Spice Up Your Selfies (Review)

selfioEver since the camera quality of phones has increased rapidly from just a measly 2 or 5 megapixels to 13 or 20.1 megapixels, along with advanced sensors, such as the ones from Sony’s exmor series, the advent of selfies came forth, which doesn’t need an introduction unless you live in a cave. For making your selfies more admirable, Selfio – HD Selfie Camera replaces your front camera interface and App. Read More

GK Quiz — Put Your General Knowledge To The Test (Review)

GK QuizThe Android market is filled with thousands and thousands of Apps, most of which are games, utility apps, or social networks. A very popular type of game is mixed puzzles which serve as brain-testers, such as 2048. GK Quiz — General Knowledge intends to serve as a complete quiz challenge without any gaming associated with it, so you don’t need to tap thumbs while you drag or click to test the ability of your wits. Read More

Free Cleaner 360° — Boost Your Gaming With Junk Cleaning (Review)

free cleanerGaming on android has increased since the release of Jellybean and Lollipop. People can even play PSP games (through an emulator) and Grand Theft Auto on their android smartphones now. But at the same time, limited hardware sometimes causes lag, even in games using under 500MB of memory. Keeping that in mind, Android Antivirus Free have designed Free Cleaner 360° which promises to clean up junk on your phone to speed up your gaming experience. Read More

Call Recorder 2015 — Record Your Important Calls Now

call recorderIn the busy world that we live in today, it’s unfortunate but common to lose track of important appointments, assignments, and many other things which we discuss during a phone call. Call Recorder 2015 aims to change this by recording every incoming and outgoing call on your phone automatically so that you can hear them again in case you forgot something. Read More

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Vidmate — Meet Your New Video Mate

vidmateDownloading videos from YouTube using a downloader from the many options available in Google Play seems a good way to go. But there are times when YouTube is just not enough. There are other major and minor sites you may need to use to find a video, movie, song, or other media content. That’s where Vidmate comes into the picture. Featuring in the list of the ‘top new apps’ on google play, we certainly can expect a lot from this App, Read More

Photo Eye Changer — No More Red-eyes

photo eye changerWith all the photo editing applications out there, one option is common and exists in almost all of them: red-eye reduction, and it’s good since no one would fancy a red-eyed photo. Speaking of fancy, what if you could actually change the color of your eyes in a photo to completely give it a different look and share it on your social networks? Photo Eye Changer attempts to do just that, distinguishing itself from the rest of the photo-editing Apps. How does it fare? Only one way to find out: Read More