Apple Releases The Schedule For London’s iTunes Festival

festIn July Apple announced the upcoming iTunes Festival that is to be held in London during the month of September. Apple has just released the schedule of events for the festival that will kick off from September 1 and will feature around 40 artists. Deadmau5 will be the first artist to perform in the festival followed by Beck and Jenny Lewis the next day. The 30 day event which will be at The Roundhouse in London will end on September 30. Read More

TSMC Prepares For Manufacturing A9 Processors

a7According to a recent report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is in the process of rolling-out a new 6nm FinFET fabrication process that would give a monthly output of 50,000 wafers. With A8 expected to launch along with iPhone 6 on September 9, TSMC wants to ensure it doesn’t lose majority orders of A9 Chip to other chipmakers. The current chip size is 12-inch, though there is no mention in the report for the wafer size for A9 processor. Read More

Developers Need To Use Latest Beta Version For CloudKit Functionality


Apple has sent out an email to developers encouraging them to use the latest beta versions of operating systems on their iOS and OS X systems. The Cupertino company has informed the developers that from 26th August developers will have to use iOS 8 beta 5 or later for mobile devices or OS X Yosemite developer preview 5 or later for desktop in order to continue developing Apps that require integration with iCloud functions: Read More

iPhone 6 Might Come With New USB Power Adapter But Same Lightning Cable

With the latest rumours about the new lightning cable with reversible USB and a new power adapter expected to come along with iPhone 6 making the rounds, third party vendor, through its blog, shared a slightly different news. According to the blog, the new lighting cable would not be a part of iPhone 6 and it would have the same cable as current phone model. As for the new USB adapter, there is a possibility the new iPhone will come with a new design for the USB power adapter.

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Always BHappy For iOS — Stay Happy With A Little Digital Help (Review)

bhappyAlways BHappy, developed by Ana Isabel Chimeno, gives you a rather interesting and challenging way to stay happy during the day. The App provides many ways for a person to stay or become happy and contributes to a person’s well being. With Always BHappy and its light-themed interface and challenging proposal system, your mood will improve significantly. Read More