Solutionist For iPhone — Get Efficient With Your Calculations

SolutionistCalling Solutionist just a calculator would not only be misleading but also an underestimation. Solutionist by Dominic Francis is a powerful tool which makes everyday calculations simpler and incredibly efficient. A formula-based tool, it allows you to save any kind and number of formulae that you may need to refer to from time to time. Read More

This Is What Happens When You Reach Level 999 In Flappy Bird (VIDEO)

This is what will happen when you reach level 999 in Flappy Bird. Only if you will.

Top 5 Fitness Apps For iPhone

Fitness AppWith our lifestyles becoming increasingly sedentary — sitting in front of our computers at work, then ensconced on the couch watching TV — it helps to be a bit fitness conscious. But time is at a premium and not everyone has the luxury to hit the gym before, or even after, work. This is where our iPhones come into handy. There are several fitness Apps on the App Store which can help you to lead an active lifestyle without too much extra cost or time. And to save you the hassle of looking for the right one we have picked the top 5 fitness Apps we believe could serve you best. Read More

Apple Rejected My App Because Of The Word “Flappy”

Flappy Bird

This is a guest column by Todd Smith, sharing his experiences about why Apple rejected his recent App.

With the interest of Flappy Bird increasing with each day, many developers decided to try and create similar games to provide a variety for the millions of users. I created and submitted “Floppy Penguin – Super Fun Obstacle Dodge!” for review on February 5th locked and loaded with appropriate keywords. The next day I had a suspicion that the recent Advertising Identifier rejections (see a link to a great below) that many have experienced (me included) could hold this app up too. I quickly took a look at the code and found some issues that needed to be resolved. I fixed these issues, rejected my binary (losing one day) and uploaded the improved version. On February 12th, it went into review and was metadata rejected stating several reasons, but the main one said: Read More

Trambo For iOS — Beat The Deathray And Save The World

TramboEvil general Gunnar is threatening to destroy the world with a deathray. You are a private whose mission is to find the general’s four hidden power sources and destroy them before he annihilates the world. The path to these sources is full of death traps, shooting turrets and acid pools. Can you save the world? Play Trambo and find out. Read More

BlockPop! for iOS – Pop the Blocks (Review)

blockpopBlockPop!, developed by LPD Interactive, is an addicting and quite interesting game in which you need to pop some blocks with a twist. With tons of levels, restrictions and power-ups, BlockPop! is definitely an amazing App. Read More

Apple Hires Yet Another Biosensor Expert

Biosensor Expert

Apple has been focusing on the fitness and health aspect of its alleged iWatch lately, as they hired a new talent last month – Marcelo Lamego. Read More

Possible Leaked Images of the iPhone 6


We have something here that could possibly be leaked images of the iPhone 6. These images appeared on Twitter first posted by some random person, but later got picked up by Sonny Dickson who are famous for leaking the iPhone 5 back in its time as well as number of other Apple products. Read More

Get Noticed for iOS – Capture And Track Videos

getnoticedGet Noticed is a remarkable new App for iPhone and iPad that allows you to capture a video and quickly share it with a global audience. The idea is simple – you capture a video, upload to YouTube and share it with everyone. The unique selling proposition for this App would be its real time tracking and highlighting option that allows you to track people or objects in real time when the video is playing, which can then be later used for presentations or any other purpose. Read More

A Dedicated The Beatles Channel Added To Apple TV

The Beatles Apple TV

Apple TV now has a new dedicated channel for The Beatles celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary of breaking into the US market. The channel will allow you to view all The Beatles albums and songs and purchase anything you like right from iTunes. It also features a TV appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

Read More