Apple Revamps Its In-Store Back-lit Wall Graphics

wall graphics

A recent report by IFO Apple Store shares information about Apple revamping its back-lit wall graphics. Previously the graphics had white background with close-up shots of Apple products. The new visuals are colourful and rather than showing the products alone show the capability of the products. The display shows people using Apple products for services like Map, Music, camera and more. With the new visuals, which are inspired from their recent TV advertisements and iPad promotion campaign “Your Verse”, the mood of the store is also changed. Read More

Download The Android L Keyboard

android lAndroid ‘L’ has been released as a developer preview strictly for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but it seems the rest of us can get a taste too. Extracted and repackaged as an installable APK, the Android L keyboard has been released on the Play Store. Read More

T-Mobile LG G2 Gets Knock On/Off And Improvements

lg g2

If you bought an LG G2 on T-Mobile‘s network you were deprived of the popular Knock On/Off feature that came with the device, until now. An update that started rolling out on Monday will allow you to simply double tap the screen to wake it, and double tap the status bar or the screen (in specific situations) to put the device to sleep. Read More

Apple Launches ‘Back to School’ Program

back to school

Apple has launched its annual Back to School promotion today. This year the promotion has similar offerings as last year’s with slight modifications. The promotion offers a $100 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of Mac and a $50 gift card with iPhone and iPad purchases. In last year’s Back to School promotion Apple gave away gift cards that could be redeemed for purchases made at iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore. The other change this year is the inclusion of iPhone in the offer; previously only Mac and iPad were participating products, though Mac Mini is not a part of this promotion either. Read More

TBWA Ads Performed Better Than Apple’s Own


Recently we reported on Apple moving its TV advertising in-house and loosening ties with old partner TBWA/Media Arts. Bloomberg has done a study along with Ace Metrix to capture audience responses to Apple’s recent in-house advertisements vis-à-vis TBWA/Media Arts advertisements for Apple. The report shows Apple’s in-house efforts yielded a low response rate compared to TBWA Ads. It was only Chicken Fat Ad (famously known as Strength Ad) that managed to score a good number of eye balls. The comparative study was done for three TBWA/Media Arts and five Apple in-house Ad. The recent ‘Parenthood’ Ad was not included in the study. Read More

Employees At Apple Avoided Lunch With Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

David Black, an ex-employee of Apple, in discussion with Business Insider talked about why Steve Jobs used to eat his lunch alone. Apple is Apple today because of Steve Jobs’s high standards and his interest in product design and development. According to Black, who worked with Apple for 12 years, Steve Jobs used to be very motivating and wanted his employees to be ready at all times. This meant being ready to answer Steve on what they were working on whenever they were with him. To avoid this meeting with Steve, employees used to finish their lunches within 15-20 minutes of Jobs entering the patio for lunch. Read More

Google Shutting Down Orkut On 30th September

orkutWith Google+ crossing its third year a few days back with over half a billion users, it only seems fitting Google would want to get rid of older social networks. Orkut, one of the earliest social network that has been around for almost 10 years now, will finally be shut down by Google this September. Read More

Apple Maps Gets Updated Everyday

applemapsIt was reported widely that Apple Maps had a good number of issues with its Map data. Tim Cook had also apologized publicly for the Map errors and said Apple is working on this issue to make Maps better. We last reported about users’ feedback being used by Apple to fix errors. According to a new Reddit post, it’s quite clear Apple is very seriously working to correct the Map data. Read More

Apple Airs New iPhone TV Ad Dubbed “Parenthood”

Apple from has started airing a new iPhone 5S TV Ad called “Parenthood“. The Ad focuses on different iPhone 5S features, Apps and products that are of use by parents for various day to day activities like baby monitoring, finding a lost dog, learning, turning off lights, recording health data and more. The features of the device that are focused in the ad are FaceTime, Flashlight, and Camera. Read More

Android L Notifications On Your Phone — Download Now

notificationsAndroid L was announced at Google I/O and a developer preview was released for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t crave a taste of the new Android. Luckily for us, Woodblock Without Co. have just the solution. Read More