Apple’s New Security Update – iOS 7.0.6

ios7096Apple released its new update iOS 7.0.6 today which addresses a major SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer issue. SSL encrypts the internet traffic, without it in place your activities online are exposed. The software initially had problems validating the authenticity of the connection, which has been fixed with the new update. This will avoid hackers from obtaining this data and making any changes to it. Read More

iPhone Battery Life: 4 Quick Tips


“Siri, what in the world is wrong with my iPhone’s battery life?” This is what I found myself asking my “personal assistant” after a couple of days with fighting with my new iPhone 4S battery. She didn’t answer of course, but if she could, I can think of 4 easy things she would have told me to try. I’m here to pass those along to you.

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Apple Gives Sudden Attention to iPhone 4S Battery Problems (Updated)

Battery on 4S

When you picked your iPhone 4S, you might have been too excited to care about the battery life, even though Apple says that it remains the same as the iPhone 4 inspite of the increased performance, and now it may be causing you some problems. Apple has now placed this issue in its high priority category. Read More

20 iPad Tricks – Soft Reset

ipad trick

While the iPad is extremely prone to freezing, it is still a device and freezes at times. To solve the issue many people love to use the soft reset trick to reboot the device.

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20 iPad Tips – Change Notes App Font

notes app

The notes App on iOS is really handy for creating quick notes. With the recent release of iOS 4.2.1, Apple now allows users to change the font of their notes created using the notes application.

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20 iPad Tips – Cancel Backup

ipad backup

Though Steve Jobs believes that iTunes for Windows is like giving a glass of fresh ice water to someone who is in hell and iTunes for Mac is the best possible entertainment solution anyone could ever get, syncing your iOS devices to your PC/Mac can be problematic at times.

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20 iPad Tips – Capturing Screenshots

ipad tips

Just got an iPad? Are you still amazed by the thinness and the features of this truly magical product? In this new series we will provide some tips that would help you love your iPad even more.

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