WhatsApp Tests 2GB Media Files Sharing with Beta Users

WhatsApp Logo in a green backdrop
Image Source: WhatsApp

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is trying out several new features lately. Among these are beta tests of message reactions and features that give users better control while recording voice messages. Now, the messaging platform is introducing yet another new beta WhatsApp feature. This new feature gives users the ability to send media files as large as 2 GB.

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Meta Is Cutting “On Campus Amenities” Like Free Laundry And To-Go Meals

Recent reports claim that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is cutting some of the benifits its employees have gotten used to, leading to some very disgruntled workers. Seven Meta employees, who agreed to talk to The New York Times anonymously, confirmed the reports, stating that laundry services were being cancelled for Meta employees, along with dinner being pushed back to 6:30 pm, deviating from the previous 6 pm schedule.

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WhatsApp Prepares to Launch New Dedicated Communities Tab

WhatsApp icon in foreground, shadow of a hand holding cell phone in the background

Although there is no official release date declared, more and more details about the debut of the communities feature on WhatsApp are getting unveiled. You can find these even in the latest WhatsApp beta, i.e., the version of the Android app. New indications which suggest how the Meta subsidiary company has been proceeding quickly in integrating the functionality have emerged.

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New Instagram Updated Allows Users To Like Stories Without Sending DMs

The newest update rolled out by Instagram will allow users to like stories without sending the poster a DM. This means users can now ‘like’ a photo or video shared by someone on their Instagram Stories without showing up in their DMs. Instagram head Adam Mosseri made the announcement through a video which he shared on Twitter. Mosseri said in the video, “So now, as you go through Stories, between sending a message and that little paper airplane, there will be a heart icon.” Mosseri informed viewers that clicking on the heart icon will not send the poster any message, but will show up with the like count of the Story, along with it’s view count. This new feature is being called the ‘Story Like’.

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Zuckerberg Introduces New Company Values, Employees To Be Called ‘Metamates’

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday, introduced a new set of company values which encourage employees to be “Metamates” and treat each other respectfully as they work towards future goals. Zuckerberg shared the new company values on his Facebook page as a note to employees. The revised company values comes following a series of changes made to rebrand the Zuckerberg-founded company, which started with its renaming from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’ in October.

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Meta Threatens to Take Down Facebook and Instagram Service in the EU

Meta Platforms Inc. is yet again threatening to pull it’s services from Europe if it is prevented from exporting user information back to US servers. This threat comes in response to a new law in the EU that mandates all companies gathering user information within the EU to store and process it on European servers. However, Facebook and Instagram process their data on both European as well as US servers, which is essential for targeted ads and businesses operated on these platforms.

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Privacy Policy Changes to Cost Meta $10 Billion in 2022

iPhone 13 in assorted colours. Apple is introducing privacy policy changes

Tech giant Apple‘s iOS privacy policy changes reportedly will cost Meta $10 billion this year. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has accused that the privacy policy of the Cupertino company favors Google over app-based platforms like Facebook. Meta CFO David Wehner ha an earnings call with analysts late on Wednesday. Wehner mentioned they have seen revenue impact with iOS changes in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Instagram Remix Feature Not Exclusive to Reels, Expanded to All Videos

Instagram Remix feature introduced. Image of mobile screen with miscellaneous app, Instagram in focus.

Instagram, the Meta-owned image based social media platform, announces that it will be expanding the Instagram Remix feature to all public videos on their platform. They had first introduced the feature in 2021 for the short-video format available on Instagram, called Instagram Reels. Using this feature, a creator can ‘remix’ their own video with existing Instagram Reels by themselves or by other users. Therefore, the final outcome appears like a split view. Thus viewers are able to watch a stitched together version of both the short clips. As per the latest Instagram update, users can now use the Instagram Remix with more functionalities. Users can now create remixes with regular Instagram videos which are publicly posted. Moreover, the update will bring a longer time limit.

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Meta Takes Multiple Spots in the Most Popular Apps (2021) List

With the year wrapping to a close, it is only fitting to look back at the events of the year past. Thus, Apptopia, a consultation company, has come out with its ranked list of the most popular apps of 2021 globally.

Before beginning with the list, it should be kept in mind that there were some minor differences in the process of compiling ratings for apps globally and for the United States specifically. The list of most popular apps globally in 2021 includes apps that were downloaded the most number of times on both iOS and Android. With that, let us begin with the rankings of the most popular apps globally (2021).

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