Larry Page is Now Google CEO


Google’s Eric Schmidt has just announced that he would be stepping down from the position of Chief Executive Officer at Google and would continue at Google as executive chairman. Larry Page, the cofounder of Google would now be the CEO of the search engine giant and would manage all day-to-day operations.

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New Android Market Being Pushed to the Nexus S

The new Android market is revolutionary and features an amazing user interface that is highly interactive. Nexus S, the official next generation phone from Google, runs on Gingerbread, but still has the old market client.

According to reports, the new Android market client is slowly being pushed out to the Samsung Nexus S phones. Update is automatic, so be prepared to get surprised the next time you open the Android Market on your Nexus S.

Dolphin Mini Exits Beta, Enters the Android Market

The feature rich and the most desired browser for Android, Dolphin Mini is now available in the Android Market. The App has officially left the BETA status and has entered the Android Market. Currently on version 1.0, the release adds amazing new features like backup and restore and includes a few fixes.

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