Nexus S is Here With Gingerbread

Though the Nexus One is not available now, we all could agree that it proved to be an extraordinary phone – after all it came from Google. Today, Google is introducing its next generation phone dubbed “Nexus S”. Nexus S is the successor to the Nexus One and runs on Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

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Google Launches eBookstore

Google has just stepped into the eBook war with its new eBook Store. The Google eBookstore, a long awaited service has been launched today in the US and looks really intriguing. Google will be selling books via its online eBooks Store and users can download and read it on almost any device including the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony’s Reader, Android and the web.

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Google Street View in the News

street view

Google Street View has delighted Googlephiles and armchair explorers alike, yet flirted with controversy and provoked outrage at what critics see as an invasion of privacy. Whilst personally I love the unique detail offered, and use it regularly with success to find football stadiums across my country to write match reports the sheer volume of visual data gathered has made for whole new stream of news.

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