Google Chrome Introduces New Side Search Panel

Google Chrome has brought in a new interesting feature that is the introduction of a new ‘Side Search’ panel. This way the user will have an easier way to access the recent search results which will be seen in a side panel on the browser. As of now, the user needs to hit the back button to go to the search results or they need to open a new tab and search to find the search results once again. Introducing the side search panel will make the search engine even more interactive.

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Google Introduces Google Illustrations

Google is bringing in new and interesting features back to back. On Monday, Google announced that it has created some new images which can be used as your Google profile picture. These new images are called Google Illustrations. The images are quite nice and are very convenient for those users who want to put a profile picture but do not want to give their pictures.

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You Can Now Start Group Chat With Attendees From Google Calendar Events

Google is adding more and more features to its apps every day. Now Google has added a new button to Google Calendar event on the phones and the web. Clicking on that button will allow the users to immediately open a chat with meeting attendees. Earlier this year, Google had launched its renamed version of Hangouts Chats for the users. Also, it kept adding more and more features to its video chatting platform-Google Meet.

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Here’s What Google Chrome 94 Has In Store For You

Google has now made it official that the Chrome 94 stable update is here and can be used through all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The Chrome 94 brings in a better security feature and takes better care of the privacy of the users. Google has also said that they have fixed 19 security issues thus making Google Chrome browser a safe browser for the users. The users are highly advised to upgrade their Chrome browsers for safety.

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