Top 5 Accessories For Google Pixel 4a

Google’s all set to launch the new Pixel 4a at the end of this month. With a price tag of only $350, people are calling it the “most affordable smartphone” of the year. Its camera quality is a cherry on the top. As people are rushing to pre-order this beauty, we bring to you Top 5 Accessories For Google Pixel 4a that you should consider ordering along with the phone. Read More

Only Showing A Page’s Domain Might Protect Users Better, Google Chrome Will Soon Test

Chrome v86 will only show the domain in the address bar in hopes of solving the problem of URLs being manipulated to look like a legitimate website.

Since URLs are the chief way of determining the authenticity of a site, people are easily fooled into perceiving a domain as authentic by including the legitimate domain as part of a very long address that just gets brushed over.  Read More

Google Maps Now Available At Apple’s WatchOS And CarPlay Dashboard

Google Maps has been upgraded to operate with Apple’s CarPlay dashboard mode, which empowers users to display their current mapping directions parallelly with music controllers.The dashboard model was originally launched with iOS 13 previous year. It was confined to exclusively work with Apple Maps but ultimately released iOS 13.4 at the beginning of this year. Read More

Gboard Working On “Hands-Free” Voice Typing Feature

At Google IO developer’s conference held last year, the tech giant displayed speech transcription on Pixel work on-devices and in real-time. This version of the Gboard app is now being upgraded by adding a “hands-free” voice typing feature which is more helpful than speech-to-text and includes a more extensive “Google Assistant integration” as reported by 9to5Google.

When the new feature is launched, the users will be able to tap the mic to chat hands-free. The microphone in the Gboard app is reported to stay in the same position on the right but with the addition of a new interface which will display a note saying “Speak now to type hands-free.” Read More

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Google Replaces The Google Play Music App With YouTube Music

From the last few months, YouTube has been channeling Google Play Music audiences to YouTube Music, in order to allow them to shift their music libraries, personal taste selections and playlists to YouTube Music. This is because Google’s music and podcast streaming service and online music locker or Google Play Music is closing for all users in October and will be replaced by YouTube Music.

“We’re announcing two important updates. First, YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music by December 2020. Users will have the opportunity to transfer their music libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music in that timeframe. Second, in the coming months, Google Play Music users will no longer be able to stream from or use the Google Play Music app. Additionally, we are making changes to the Google Play store and Music Manager,” YouTube communicated in a blog post. Read More

Google’s New $350 Phone Packs A Killer Camera & Processor

Google recently announced the release of Pixel 4a. The phone will be available for purchase starting August 30 and will cost $350. Considering that the majority of the phones cost over $1000 it is a great price. Apple’s iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy 51 are available for similar prices. Samsung and Apple are definitely the most popular phones on the market but Google’s Pixel started rising in popularity since the release of Pixel 3A. When the phone was released Google saw the sales double year by year. The idea behind Pixel 4a is similar to that of Pixel 3 A. The phone is good, it has a great camera and an affordable price. Google had planned the release of the phone earlier this year but the COVID-19 pandemic interfered with the plans.

The factories were shut down and it became either hard or impossible to monitor and manage the production of the phones. Google will also launch its Pixel 5 that will support the 5G network and will be available for $499. For people who do not want to spend over $400 on the phone the Apple’s new iPhone SE and Google’s Pixel 4 are the best options. Pixel 4 a, similar to iPhone SE, is small and you can hold it in one hand. The screen has better colors than iPhone SE or Pixel 3 and covers the whole space from the top to the bottom. The fingerprint reader is located on the back of the phone, unlike iPhone SE that has the front fingerprint reader, thus taking space that could be used for the screen. Pixel 4a has a simple design. It is available only in black. Read More

Google Adds Smart Compose Autocomplete To Its Docs Mobile App For G Suite Users

Google is renewing its office software on mobile devices for G Suite users, affixing the latest features to the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps that might make it more manageable to get the job completed from the smartphone. The modifications done are mostly visual and incorporate a link preview feature with a new comment interface. Users can now react to comments on their files straight from Gmail. Read More

Google Launches Its Apple AirDrop-Like File Sharing Feature For Android Phones Called ‘Nearby Share’

Google has launched a ‘Nearby Share’ feature, an Apple AirDrop alternative for Android smartphones, which enables users to share pictures, files, links, and more to other nearby Android smartphones. It operates pretty much similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature for the iPhone.It is rolling out to devices running Android 6.0 and higher. This feature is accessible to some of the Pixel and Samsung devices but the company is working on rolling it out for a more extended audience. Read More