Google Search For Desktop Now Gets Dark Mode

We all know about Dark Mode in our phones and on different apps that we use. Now, it has come up that Google will be getting a new Dark Mode on desktop. With this, it will be easier for the users to use the website at night. The Dark Mode of the website will be using a minimum contrast ratio for readability which will help in reducing eye strain. Just like as in smartphone apps, in the Dark Mode of the Google Search on desktop too users will be able to change between the three modes.

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Missing Alarm Issue Of Google Clock App Fixed

It’s been almost a week since users have been complaining about the missing alarms on the Clock app on their Android mobile phones. Finally, the problem has been solved by issuing an update. On Reddit, a Google representative has confirmed that the Google Clock triggering alarm has been repaired and from now onwards the users will not have to face any issue regarding this.

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Google Pixel XL Might Have 5X Zoom Ultra Tele Lens

We had already reported that the Google Pixel 6 will be Google’s launch for this year. Previously it was known for some time that the larger of the two models will be called the Google Pixel 6 Pro as opposed to the usual ‘XL’ naming system offered by Google. Now, some new papers uploaded by Google for new Game Mode APIs show that the phone might be called the Pixel 6 XL. The Google Pixel 6 XL will be the first Google smartphone to have a triple rear camera setup. A recent report has come out which states that the phone might have a 5X zoom “ultra tele” camera.

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Buses In Delhi Can Now Be Tracked Through Google Maps

Google Maps has brought in a new feature for the lakh of daily bus passengers of Delhi. Now, the people of Delhi will be receiving real-time bus information in Google Maps. For this to happen, Google has partnered up with Delhi Transport Ministry, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), IIIT Delhi, and Lepton Software. Through this collaboration, Google Maps will be able to provide real-time information about the arrival times of buses for Delhi on Google Maps.

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Google Now Brings Drive For Desktop To Sync Files Across Devices

Google has brought in a new set of features. Google has now introduced Drive for desktop (Windows, macOS). This includes a unified tool that allows the users to synchronize their content through all their devices and the cloud easily. Google has announced that in the upcoming weeks, Backup and Sync users will find prompts that will ask them to transition to Drive for desktop. Google also said they recommended the transition by September 2021.

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