You Can Now Start Group Chat With Attendees From Google Calendar Events

Google is adding more and more features to its apps every day. Now Google has added a new button to Google Calendar event on the phones and the web. Clicking on that button will allow the users to immediately open a chat with meeting attendees. Earlier this year, Google had launched its renamed version of Hangouts Chats for the users. Also, it kept adding more and more features to its video chatting platform-Google Meet.

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Here’s What Google Chrome 94 Has In Store For You

Google has now made it official that the Chrome 94 stable update is here and can be used through all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The Chrome 94 brings in a better security feature and takes better care of the privacy of the users. Google has also said that they have fixed 19 security issues thus making Google Chrome browser a safe browser for the users. The users are highly advised to upgrade their Chrome browsers for safety.

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A New Foldable Pixel Phone Under Development And Pixel 6 Pro To Support 33W Charging

Google is said to be increasing its charging game with the launch of the new Pixel 6 Pro. A new listing on Taiwan’s NCC database has shown that the Pixel 6 Pro (identifier GLU0G) will support up to 33W charging speeds. Initially, it was known that it will be having a 5,000 mAh battery. Although it isn’t known if the vanilla Pixel 6 will be getting a 33W charging. Google had already said that it won’t include a charger in the Pixel 6 series. The Pixel 6 series is expected to launch on October 19.

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Google Meet Low-Light Mode For Web Now Available

Google Meet has been constantly bringing in new and new features both to the app as well as to the web version. Now it is bringing the low-light mode to the web version. Google announced this in a blog post. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in this mode so that your video is adjusted automatically so that you are more visible in case you are in a dark area. This feature already exists in the app version and was introduced in 2020.

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This Is How Google Will Be Protecting Your Old Phones

Old Android phones are more prone to malware and malicious ad tracking. Google has come up with a way to protect them. Google is said to be introducing a privacy protection feature to all the old Android phones. In Android 11, Google had already provided auto-resetting permissions. This feature stops an app from accessing storage, mic, cameras, and other sensitive features if the app has not been used by the user for months. Thus, with this feature, apps would not be able to collect data in the background unless you provide access if the app hasn’t been used for a certain period. This same feature will be brought for the old Android phones.

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Google TV To Include Live TV Channels

Google is all set to bring free TV channels to Google TV, the Android-based smart TV platform. Google TV runs on Chromecast and some specific smart TVs from different brands including Sony and TCL. Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and other streaming apps support Google TV. Now it has come up that Google TV might reach a higher level by adding some free channels to its service. If reports are to be believed then Google is talking to companies who will provide free and ad-supporting streaming television channels.

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Navigation Voice Of Google Maps Is Changing To An Indian Accent Randomly

A new surprising event taking place in Google Maps these days is the random turning of Google Maps navigation voice into an Indian accent for some users. The transition from the default voice to the Indian accent takes place at random. For some users, the changed voice stays for a small-time while for some it stays for a longer duration and even throughout the journey. Google has considered this and has started working on a fix for this.

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