New Leak Shows What The Google Home Hub May Look Like

Ahead of the October 9th Google launch event, we are getting new information from a leak about the new device called The Google Home Hub, which the company might be launching soon. The device could be from the family of Google Home devices and the leaked images does show the familiarity with the fabric on it. Read More

Google Pixel 3 Will Also Launch In Mint Colour, Shows Google Website

Google is giving everyone a hint on its website about the new colour that could be coming to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. The colour displayed on the website looks more like a mint or turquoise colour. This new addition could actually improve the overall appeal of the Pixel phones to make it look more trendy than ever. Read More

Google Will Help You Plan Your Trip – Google ‘Touring Bird’

Travel planner and vacationers around the globe will soon be able to plan out their holiday trips without much hassle. Google is bringing the new App in the form of a travel guide called ‘Touring Bird‘. This App is being developed by Google’s in-house start-up ‘Area 120’ and will help tourists with the list of tours, activities and attractions for all the popular travel destinations. Read More

Google Is Working On A Dark Theme For Google Feeds

Google will be soon adding the Dark Theme for the feed section for Pixel and non-Pixel phones. Currently, the Pixel users are used to the dark theme in the background for Pixel Launcher, app list, Quick Settings, and the Google Feed. But, the theme is completely dependent on the wallpaper and is not available for the entire interface. We are expecting the feature soon as Google is testing it out. Read More

Google Will Launch New Pixel Phones On October 9th

We have been looking at many rumors and leaks surrounding the Pixel 3 phones lately and Google hasn’t revealed much on the phone in the invites that it has started sending out for the launch event. The invite shows a I <3 NY phrase with a number 3 in the heart emojicon, where the numeral probably indicates the Pixel 3 launch. Still, the leaks have already revealed every detail and design on the phone, leaving no surprise as such for the customers. Read More

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Google Pixel 3 XL Images Have Been Leaked Online

Google is all set to launch the Google Pixel 3 XL phone in October and fans have got a glimpse of the smartphone through a new leak reported by Android Police. The reports says that the phone was discovered by a Lyft driver after one of the several passengers left the phone back on the seat. The driver quickly took a photo of the pre-production unit of the Pixel 3 XL before returning it back to the owner. Read More

Google Assistant Gets The Bilingual Feature

Google announced that it is adding the support for two languages at once, that can be understood by Google Assistant. This comes ahead of the IFA tech show in Berlin, which will see Google Assistant dominating in every device and gadget on display at the event. This is no surprise as we have been watching the establishment of Google’s personal assistant in all the Google integrated devices lately. Read More

Google Has Added Text-To-Speech Support On Its Go Search App

Google has included a new feature on its Go search App, which will read out the entire text on websites. This feature is aimed at developing countries where users can read any website aloud at the touch of a button. The feature is basically a text-to-speech command which is powered by Google’s AI and also pretty lightweight to use on poor internet networks like 2G.

The Go search App was launched last year in India, with an aim to get more people using this low-data usage browser without having to compromise on quality and features. Google sees the users in India as big potential as population in the country has the second highest internet users and as many as 40 million new users coming online every year. Read More