Google To Remove Sign-In For Updating Pre-Loaded Apps

A new email from Google to the App developers spoke about the company working on a new feature on the Google Play Store that will allow updating the pre-loaded Android Apps on a phone without the need of signing into the Google account. This could be very useful for the users who would like automatic updates for their pre-loaded Apps and also for the developers to make it more convenient while releasing different versions of the App. Read More

Google Will Launch A Cheaper Smartphone This Year, Similar To iPhone XR

Google is looking to cash in the opportunity of its rival Apple, who are not doing good business with their 2018 iPhones. Sources claim that Google is working on a cheaper smartphone which would be similar in specs and priced lower than the iPhone XR. The Google phone is expected to launch this year alongside the high ended Pixel smartphone variants. Read More

Google Adds New Icons On The Assistant’s Slide Up Menu

Google Assistant’s slide up menu has been around for a long time on your Android phones, but it never had any new changes alongside some of the new features that were added recently. Google has finally added some new icons in this menu, that not only look attractive but also lets you know which App it is with a single glance. Read More

Now Simply “Tap And Hold” On An App Icon To Install It From Google Play Store

Google has made it convenient for its users by adding a new way to download or purchase Apps on the Play Store, with an easy “tap and hold” function. Earlier, the users had to press a tiny overflow button on the top right corner of the displayed App on the home screen of the Play Store. This was not very practical for the users who are already aware what the App does and they had to go into the App description page and then hit the download button. Read More

Google Maps Rolls Out AR Navigation For Select Users

Google has started launching its Augmented Reality feature on Google Maps, which is being currently tested by a few number of users in the US. The AR feature will allow users to see a mix of camera imagery and animations that will show on the Maps screen such as arrows, landmarks, animated creatures. This way you can know how to reach your destination while also knowing what’s around you on the phone screen. Read More

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Gmail Will Be Getting New Features From Inbox

Google will be shutting down their Inbox App soon, but the company will be using this platform to research and develop new features for the Gmail App. We could also see more of the Inbox features getting transferred to Gmail in the coming months, which will be useful for the users who earlier used the Inbox App. The company had earlier informed the Inbox users to switch to Gmail for the time being because of the shutdown. Read More

Google Removes Another Set Of Malicious Apps From The Play Store

Google has taken down a new set of Apps from the Play Store in a move to fight malicious Apps once again. The last time around it was a set of “GPS” Apps that the company had removed from the Store after it was found to be misleading the users and stealing their private information. The latest ones to be removed include “Beauty Camera” Apps, where almost 29 of them were found to contain malware. Read More

Google Takes A Jab On iPhone XS With The New Night Sight Ad For Pixel 3

Google wants to show off the Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones every now and then and this time they have done it by taking a dig directly on Apple’s iPhone XS camera in the low-light photography department. Google posted a small 4 second Ad on Twitter that compares the incredible Night Sight mode on Pixel 3 phones with low-light photography mode on iPhone XS. The result will surely make the iPhone owners disappointed. Read More

Google Pixel 3a Is The Real Name For Pixel 3 Lite XL, Shows Benchmark Leak

A new benchmark leak shows that the Google Pixel 3 Lite phone could actually come with the name “Pixel3a”. The leak also gives us a brief information on the specifications of the phone, which nobody knew about amid all the rumours and speculations on the cheaper Pixel variant. The phone previously called as Pixel 3 Lite XL, is now Pixel 3a and fans will be eager to know more on this phone and what they can expect. Read More

Gmail App Gets A Design Upgrade With Material Theme, Now Available On iOS And Android

Google is rolling out a newer version of Gmail starting today, based on the Material Theme design that can be seen across few of the other Google Apps. The redesign will come with unique stylings and fonts that can be seen on the latest update of the App in iOS and Android. This comes after Google had added the new design to the Gmail website last year and had received a good response from the users. Read More