Google To Reopen Its US Offices In April

Google sent an email to its employees on Wednesday notifying them that they are likely to reopen their offices in the United States this April.

Several US-based technology firms like Microsoft Corp., Facebook Inc., Inc., and Uber Technologies Inc. had told about their moves to reopen their headquarters and campuses in the forthcoming months. After this only, Apple made this announcement.

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Google News Showcase Ropes In Italian Publishers

On Wednesday, Google had sealed a deal with some Italian publishers to allow some of their content to be available on Google’s Showcase news platform. Google News Showcase is a new platform that pays news publishers from all across the globe for their content. It allows partnering publishers to carefully create content and allow limited access to paywalled stories for users. Google News Showcase is a very latest launch which was launched in late 2020. The company is also in talks to launch a new video service called Threadit. Read More

Google Made It Easier For Students To Study And Get A Better Understanding Of Subjects

A new update has come out by Google on Wednesday. This update is specifically for the students and will help students get a better learning experience.

The first and foremost trait of this update is that over 2000 STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths has been added and given quick access. Going by this update if a student or user searches for any of the concepts of science or maths such as “covalent bonds”, they will be receiving huge amounts of educational overviews, useful examples, and helpful videos from all across. Read More

Here’s What The New Google Photos Update Will Contain

Google Photos has seen several major updates for some time now. There have been updates where the users have got an Explore page as well as a Favourites option in Library which wasn’t available earlier. Another feature that has been included in recent updates has been the ability to show high-quality photos in a bad light. Recent reports suggest that Google is in talks to release a big update to the app soon. Read More