Google Tablet in the Making

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Google is working along with Verizon to build a new Tablet. Of course, this is not new, but a sure shot confirmation. Google had to respond to Apple and so they are doing.

What really matters is whether the Google tablet will be able to compete with the iPad or not? iPad is currently the tablet king and shortly would be rivaled by Google and other few companies.

What do you feel? Would Google emerge stronger than Apple or not? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Design Prototypes Google Tried

Yesterday, Google revealed their completely new and redesigned homepage with better fonts, better logo, and a revamped interface. The new design was welcomed and cherished by a lot of users including Google fan-boys.

According to Jon Wiley, Google is still working on its design and plans to experiment with some other great design prototypes on its page. They tweaked the design a lot and some of the other designs which they tried were –

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Google Analytics Adds App Gallery

Today, Google added an App Gallery for Google Analytics. The App Gallery contains about 32 very interesting apps for Google Analytics and developers could even submit their own apps for inclusion in the gallery.

The App Gallery has 12 categories including Data Collection, Mobile Solutions, Content Management among others. Google would eventually offer AdWords support in Google Analytics to help those who have an AdWords Campaign. The App gallery even has an App known as Google Analytics HD which is for the iPad.

Google also mentions that the Apps are mostly developed by third parties or Google users in general and not by Google, thus the Apps could be a bit buggy, but we surely see another market emerging. Almost every website owner has the Analytics tracking code installed on their site and Apps would further enhance Analytics.

Picasa Web Albums Extends Sharing Options

We all love to share pictures online. Whenever we return from a picnic, vacation or a holiday, we share our pictures with our friends and colleagues online. Sharing pictures online has become so much fun with the help of services such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. Picasa Web Albums is another great way to share and save your pictures on the cloud.

Picasa Web Albums now gives you better ways of sharing your pictures with just a single click. Upload your albums to the cloud (Picasa Web Albums) and share your pictures easily via Twitter, Blogger or even Google Buzz.

Picasa Web Albums now has a new option in the sidebar – Post on. The ‘Post On’ option allows you to share a single picture or even a complete album on the above mentioned services.

The ‘Link to this Photo’ option is updated and you could allow your friends to view a particular picture only, without revealing the complete album.

LabPixies Acquired by Google

LabPixies, a leading developer of personalized web gadgets “widgets” including iGoogle, Android and the iPhone has been acquired by Google. Widgets help users improve their experience with a website and LabPixies was the very first developer to develop widgets for iGoogle. Later on, with the coming of the Android platform, LabPixies even started to invest in it and contributed by developing widgets for the Mobile platform by Google.

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Android 2.2 Will Support Flash

Google’s Andy Rubin in an interview with The New York Times has confirmed that Android 2.2 will support Flash. The next Android release, codenamed Froyo, for frozen yogurt would support Adobe’s Flash.

A giant leap for Android, a mobile OS with a mission to combine Web and Phone. Android would once again try to overcome the iPhone by putting Flash on its devices. According to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Flash only makes devices buggier, slower and eventually leads to crashes. This is quite true and by putting Flash into Android, Google is even playing with security.

A very surprising move by a company that believes in open standards. HTML5, a new version of the Hypertext Markup Language is completely open source and plans to eliminate Flash. Rubin also commented on Google’s commitment to keeping Android open — open for developers, open for API access, simply and completely open. According to Rubin, Google’s definition of openness “means not being militant about the things consumers are actually enjoying.”

XSS Vulnerabilities Patched in Chrome

Google Chrome’s highly critical Cross Site Scripting(XSS) issues have been solved in the recent update. Chrome is becoming popular these days and therefore is the target of malicious people. Cross Site Scripting is a security concern and only Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (using add-on) prevent you from these attacks.

The critical vulnerabilities detected in Chrome suggested that Chrome could be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting attacks or potentially compromise a user’s system. Fortunately enough, these loopholes have been covered and Google has released a new Stable version of Google Chrome thus fixing these and some other ‘critical’ vulnerabilities.

An unspecified error caused pages to load with privileges of the “New Tab” page and chrome://downloads could have been exploited to conduct cross-site scripting attacks. As soon as NoScript is available for Chrome, at least Chrome would be somewhat protected from XSS attacks.

Top 5 Google Wave Extensions

Google Wave, a complete collaboration tool launched by Google has reached a point from where neither success nor failure is guaranteed. Though many users including Google fan-boys hate the collaboration tool launched by Google, there are still some who seem to use it regularly. The slow, buggy and incompetent UI brought sadness to a lot of users. Google still seems to be working on the project. It has brought in Extensions for Wave in the hope that it would improve the user interaction and would probably win back the hearts of at-least some.

The Top 5 Extensions for Google Wave which could improve your experience ONLY a bit with Wave are –

1. – Install this extension and you could share the weather of your location or any other location with your friends and colleagues. The extension would ask you for a zip code, on entering which it would display the weather of that area. By determining the weather of a location, you and your friends could decide whether to meet there or not.

2. Goo-gly – This Extension uses the Google URL Shortening Service to shorten URL’s inside Wave. Highlight a URL in Wave and use this to shorten it. Works flawlessly!

3. Word Count – An excellent little extension which displays the word count of the selected words. If you are writing an article with your friend and need to put a Word Count at the end, nothing could be better.

4. Grocery List – Allows you to create the list of products which you have to purchase. Has three bars – Quantity, Name and Notes. This could also be used as a task manager for managing your daily tasks.

5. Draw Board for Google Wave – Let’s you draw in Wave, just like paint. Share with users and even draw together. It offers basic features like brush, pencil, eraser, paints etc.

Do let us know about your favorite Google Wave Extension.

Gmail – Drag and Drop Attachments

Now you could drag and drop attachments from your local computer to Gmail without ever hitting the attach button and then browsing for your file. This feature is also available on the Mail application on a Mac. Just open the folder which contains your file and drag the file to the compose mail box. Gmail would recognize your attachment and would come up with a message advising you to drop your file in the box. Just drop it and the file would be attached.

The Gmail Team plans to enable this feature on other browsers too, but currently it is only active on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.