Google Planning To Lift Corona Virus Ads Restrictions

Google is going to lift the ban it has imposed on Corona related ads for Google Ads. This is because Google’s policy was under fire from the Democratic lawmakers who feared that this may lead to misinformation from the White house. Throughout the next few days, Google will allow government entities, hospitals, medical providers and NGOs to run the ad campaign related to Novel Corona Virus on its platform. Since this February, many non-government based advertisers have been barred from running any ads related to COVID-19 pandemic to keep organisations from spreading misinformation and profiting off the current global situation and cause even more panic. Read More

Google Wants Businesses To Mark As “Temporarily Closed”

Google has introduced a new option of “temporary closed”, as many businesses are shut temporarily. This option will not affect the ranking in any way. There was a concern that the “Closed” status will affect search ranking in a bad way, that is why this measure was taken. COVID-19 has forced many businesses to shut shop for some time, and Google has taken a good step to help those businesses. This was suggested to Danny Sullivan by a concerned business person, as their visibility was reduced. Read More

Google Won’t Be Doing Any April Fools This Year

COVID-19 or Coronavirus had a huge impact on this year’s business in more ways than you can imagine. Every year in the month of April, there is a tradition in all tech companies to come up with some sort of a prank. But this year, Google has decided not to participate in such a tradition. This is due to the global coronavirus outbreak. An insider said that an e-mail was sent to all employees stating that the company would not be participating in any kind of April fool activity. It also mentioned that they should be respectful and save their jokes for next April. The world is still fighting an enemy, which is Corona Virus and a tech giant like Google has decided to avoid any jokes or pranks. Google looks forward to a bright future ahead of humanity. Read More

Google Play Store Gets Dark Mode


Google has finally added the dark mode to Play Store after its long anticipation from the android crowd. It’s also not surprising as Google has recently added dark mode to the Google App on Android as well. As we always say, there is a new “Wave of dark mode” which is going around now. Mostly for Android, many including giants like Google and Facebook are adding the dark mode to their respective apps.  Read More

Google And MobiKwik Jointly To Launch Mobile Recharge Research In India

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World’s biggest search engine Google is now working with MobiKwik to introduce Mobile Recharge Research in India. The plan is to show and compare all the plans available for prepaid phones. The feature will be accessible through a Google search. You can type “Mobile Recharge Research” and then it will redirect you to this feature. Read More

Google’s Android App Gets Dark Mode For Beta Users

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Google has released its dark mode for Android users. The App is in the testing stages and that’s why it’s only available for beta users. This feature is available from February 12. This feature was only available for Google Pixel devices which operates on Android 10.

Google is now joining this new wave of dark mode on Android Apps. Facebook has already provided this feature to most of its apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Lite. Facebook is one of the biggest competitors in recent times and both of them are trying to boost the user experience of their respective apps.  Read More