Google Will Discontinue The Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google is set to shut down the Chrome Cleanup Tool, which is meant to discover and get rid of undesirable, harmful software for Chrome users on Windows. Beginning with the launch of Chrome 111, users will no longer be able to scan their computer with the help of the Chrome Cleanup Tool through the internet address bar Safety check element facility in Chrome, as the tool will be eliminated from user systems. Google is also getting rid of a Chrome feature that regularly scans Windows computers for unusual activities.

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Some Android Phones Can Now Be Used As A WebCam

Google is developing a feature that enables users to use their Android smartphones as a webcam. With the rise in popularity of video conferencing during the lockdown period, there was a need for webcams. Still, not all users had access to one or had low-quality webcams on their laptops. To address this issue, Google is working on a solution that doesn’t require purchasing a separate webcam.

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Users Can Now Lock Incognito Mode

Google has rolled out a feature that provides better protection to users that use Incognito tabs. A report suggests that users can lock their Incognito tabs on their phones by using biometrics authentication. This will help prevent any unauthorized access to the tab.

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New Material Design Spotted On Google Manage Accounts

Google has recently redesigned the Account Switcher feature with a Material You design. This design includes rounded corners, a profile avatar with the user’s name and email displayed alongside it, and a “Manage your Google Account” button. If the user is logged into multiple accounts, those will appear along with an “Add another account” button. The “Sign out” or “Sign out of all accounts” option is available in the background, along with the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service.” 

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Google Stadia Platform Shuts Down

Google announced that they will be shutting down their game platform Stadia, which was launched in November 2019 in the UK, leaving many users disappointed. The app will shut down on January 19th, 2023 at 8:00 am UK time. The company has also promised to refund users who made any purchases through the platform, including downloads, games, and controllers. Stadia allowed users to stream video games at 4k resolution.

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Google Is Launching A Location Tag Tracking Of Their Own

As we know, Apple has its own AirTag, but now Google plans to launch its own locator tag called GR10 or Groguaudio. Google has taken the assistance of the Nest Team to develop the product. 

The gadget has in-built speakers and an ultra-wideband for Bluetooth Low Energy – technologies used for radio-based communication for short-range usage scenarios.

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