WhatsApp Is Limiting The Frequency Of Message Forwarding

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp has announced that it will be limiting the ‘forward messages’ only upto 5 times. This means that a user cannot forward a message more than this, owing to spread of misinformation among millions of people who use this App on a daily basis. The update has started to roll out today and will be completely functional once the user has the latest version of WhatsApp. Read More

Facebook Adds New Feature For Creating Petitions

Facebook is providing its users a new way to speak their opinions on the social media platform with the “Community Actions” petition feature. Although you can build your own pages and make your voice heard by getting followers and likes, this new feature will help many people to grab the attention of higher officials and possibly get the required action taken immediately. Read More

Amazon Launches Echo Input In India

Amazon has added another new product to its Echo lineup called “Echo Input” and has been launched in India for a price of Rs.2,999. This is not another smart speaker from the company, but a gadget that turns your existing speaker into a Alexa controlled voice assistant. It is an ideal buy for users who don’t want to spend much money and make use of regular speakers and convert them into their personal assistant. Read More

Biggest Slot Game Developers

Just as the casino market is getting stuffed with fierce competition always striving to be the best and become the market leader, so too are the game developers always innovating, coming up with new bonuses and gameplay mechanics in order to draw in more players.

With such fierce competition, there are a few developers who are beginning to stand out from the rest of the crowd, working on games that you’ll see everywhere from the smallest start-ups to the big boys like Paddy Power. Here are a few of the big names you should keep an eye on. Read More

YouTube Adds Swipe Video Feature On iOS

There is a new way to navigate through YouTube videos, if you seem to have got bored by vertically scrolling through subscribed videos on the home page of the iOS App. Users can now jump to the next video by simply swiping to the left and so on. The video starts playing immediately once you hop on to the next video and you can also choose to go back to the previous video by swiping to the right. Read More

Instagram Has Made Things Easier For Reposting, With Support For Multiple Accounts

Instagram has added yet another new feature for all of it’s iOS users. The feature will let you post your feeds on all of your accounts at once. Earlier, this was not possible and users had to separately login in to each account for posting. Looks like the company is continually making things easier for the users and not letting any shortcoming get in the way for the App. Read More

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How To Make A Snapchat Group With Your Close Friends

Snapchat has been lately introducing several new features including group chat on both iOS an Android with an effort to improve the declining user base and get more users to participate in different activities. The lenses for dogs and cats have been added and you can also check your 2018 Snaps with a nostalgic “Year End Story” feature. The Group Chat feature is great but it has actually left many users clueless on how to use it. Today, we will guide you how to make a Snapchat Group with your friends. Read More

ReviewsCollect Helps You Track Your App Reviews

Checking for your App’s progress has become way easier than before and no matter which type of App you have and irrespective of whether it is in the nascent start up stage or at the peak delivery business stage, you have multiple sources on the internet to check every statistics of the App. While revenues and bottom line are the key indicators, you also would like to know what the end users are saying about your App and how you can make it better. Reviews are the “voice of the customer” and if you pay attention to their honest opinions and suggestions, it can’t stop you from leading over your competition. Read More

Easy Cut Studio – An Innovative Cutting Software To Create Solid Designs

For amateur to professional designers who create designs and graphics on a daily basis, they need an equally robust software to bring their creativity to life. Easy Cut Studio is an excellent software for both Windows and MacOS platforms, which will help you craft great designs without compromising on the image quality. It has been rated as the best vinyl cutting software and its no surprise considering all the amazing features on offer for a reasonable price of $59.95. Read More

5 Best Sleep Apps For Insomnia

Sleep is an essential part of everyday life and lack of it can make you sulk even with the simplest of tasks from morning to evening. Whether you are failing to sleep for 7-8 hours or you suffer from Insomnia, here’s our list of 5 best sleep Apps for both iOS and Android platforms which will help you get the much needed rest. You will feel completely relaxed and calm as these Apps track your sleep pattern and paint a better picture of your overall health. Read More