Understanding Online Gambling Adjustments

The recent pandemic has led to a huge surge in new players in online casinos and betting sites, and as sporting events begin to return across the world it’s expected that this number will only continue to grow and that many of these players will be retained. During this period of time there have been a number of restrictions put in place in an effort to reduce the number of problem players that may use these sites – it may be important to understand what these restrictions are and how you can work around them to continue to play on these sites. Read More

The Real Losers Of The Smartphone Wars

We’re becoming increasingly reliant on our smartphones for our day to day, from utility such as paying our bills and checking our bank account, to more active use as they have become keys for our cars – increasingly we see that they’re also being used as a primary entertainment device too as live streaming video and music have taken over and mobile gaming continues to be the most popular platform too, another surge is very much on its way as major sporting events begin to return bringing back the popular use for sports betting on our mobile devices despite recent adjustments to regulation to make it more difficult for growing numbers of players to participate, Max give a great non gamstop list available for this very purpose – but as we begin to rely more on our devices, we’re more willing to pay the price of upgrading where possible for new features and advancements – and there’s only one loser to these smartphone wars, the users themselves. Read More

How Does Blockchain Online Casino Work?

In the world of online casinos, the question of secure transactions is always an ongoing issue and game developers are always looking to come up with new technology in this domain. There are not many security issues related to payments when you are visiting the traditional casino where your chips will be exchanged for cash and vice versa. The virtual world of online gaming is a place full of potential frauds or hacking schemes that can severely damage your cash flow, but this may all change thanks to our use of new revolutionary technology. We are talking about blockchain and everything that this concept has to offer to the gaming world. The world of online gambling is experiencing a change that started some time ago with this invention of a mysterious digital currency. Read More

Best Websites And Apps To Get Wallpapers For Your OnePlus 7T

The background or wallpaper is the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. So, it ought to be something pleasing to your eyes or something you are able to relate to. It could be a happy picture of you, a small quote that inspires you, or a wallpaper depicting the beauty of nature. Here we have a few Wallpaper Websites and Apps suggestions for your OnePlus 7T.  Read More

Samsung To Launch New Galaxy Buds X To Compete With Apple’s AirPods

Samsung’s true wireless earbuds have been in reports for quite a while now. It was awarded FCC certification (Federal Communications Commission) on July 8 . Reports suggest that the company is expected to launch the new pair of wireless earphones ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event to be held on August 5. For that reason, we can expect the earbuds to launch by the end of this month alongside the new Galaxy Watch 3.

The most interesting part about the Buds X has to be its bean-shaped design, made to fit perfectly in your ears. Images surfacing show three color variants that the earbuds will be made available in – black, white and a chic rose gold color. The FCC certificate reveals that they will measure approximately 26 x 15 x 14 mm and weight about 5 grams. Each bud feature two microphones, which signals toward noise- cancellation tech, as well as the ability to take calls and support for voice command. It even appears each earbud has two contact points for charging, and the case has two LED indicators to communicate headset battery life. The product will be sold at a price similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which were priced at $149.  Read More

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Top 5 Widgets For Your iPhone with iOS 14

Honestly, quite a few of us do not put widgets to its right use. Just with a little effort you can make your smartphone so much more productive. Apple introduced the ability to add widgets in iOS 10, but they have been confined to the Notification Center since then. This will soon change with the release of iOS 14. iPhone users will now be able to add customizable widgets on their homescreen. With widgets you can quickly glance at the information that might be important to you without actually opening a particular app. Of course Apple includes widgets for a number of built-in apps, but what gives the feature more importance are the widgets from third-party apps. Here are some of the widgets from apple as well as third-party apps that you should definitely be using with iOS 14 to make your day easier:  Read More

Gameplay On Diamond Strike Slot

Little Richard used to sing ‘Tutti Frutti’ in one of the most famous songs ever written. Thanks to all those fruits, Diamond Strike at Starslots.com can make you rich, and like Richard’s song says, “this almost drives you crazy”. The charm and the fatal attraction that only an old-style slot can have. An endless energetic jingle plays in the background and a series of animations create the right atmosphere. Read More

Conversation Starter For Couples Review: Talk2You App For iOS And Android

The ongoing pandemic is tough for all of us. We miss going out on dates to fancy restaurants, on long drives, or simply taking a stroll, and while doing all of these, talking our hearts out to the person we admire the most. But during this time when we all need someone to take away our lonliness, a healthy and deep conversation could do wonders. A relationship becomes more beautiful over time and honest conversations provide a basis for that. Being said that, this is exactly what Talk2You helps with. Talk2You is a conversation starter app for couples. The app provides with 400+ stimulating questions from 10 different categories, specifically curated for couples to connect with each other on a deeper level. You no longer need to force a conversation when you find yourselves having nothing to talk about. Sometimes you feel like you have talked about everything and have nothing interesting or creative left to talk about. You might not realise it but there’s always a lot to know about a person before you can finally say that I know you inside and out. Let’s get into how the app works towards building a healthy relationship with your partner. Read More

Google Maps For Android Tests Detecting Traffic Lights On Roads

After Apple Maps added the feature for showing traffic light in iOS 13 last year, it is Google now that is testing the feature for Google Maps in its Android app. As spotted by droidlife, Google Maps is showing the location of traffic lights in several intersections around cities in the US. The feature notifies the users when they are about to approach a traffic light and make them better informed to avoid any delay. It is not the first time that the feature has been spotted, Japan has had it for a number of years now. But, it surely is a considerable expansion for the feature. Google is testing the new feature in US cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and says it plans to expand it globally over time. Read More

Gmail on iPad Will Finally Allow Users To Multitask With The Split-View Feature

Technology has proved to be of significant help in enabling users to multitask and get a lot done at once. Google’s latest update for Gmail on iPad will finally support Split-Screen mode, allowing you to keep the Gmail pane functioning on one side of the screen and simultaneously keep other apps active on the other side of the screen. You no longer have to open a full screen to scan through your mails or send a quick reply in between doing something else on your iPad. The feature will work with iOS apps that support split-view multitasking.

Google introduced the feature saying, “When using an iPad, you’re now able to multitask with Gmail and other iOS applications. You can use Gmail and Google Calendar at the same time with Split View to check your schedule before replying to an email to confirm a meeting time. Or, you can easily drag and drop pictures from Google Photos into an email without leaving Gmail”. Read More