ADI Is The Future Of Web Design

The Internet is a living, breathing organism that is in a state of constant motion and change, similar to the ocean. The comparison between to two goes a bit deeper; we’ve barely begun to scrape their potential, and they are big, dark, limitless voids waiting to be explored. With continuous advances in science and technology, web design has come a long way in the past 25 years. The web is so sophisticated now, we actually have artificial intelligence that is able to do the design work for us. Read More

6 Ways Phones Can Improve Work Productivity

In the last decade or so, smartphones have insidiously invaded our entire lives. While they’re an incredible commodity, more often than not, they can be a hinderance to our completing our daily tasks.

But what if we are just using them incorrectly? Smartphones are incredibly powerful and capable devices. They’re versatile, portable, and in our hands constantly. What if we used our phones to maximize our productivity and become more efficient? Read More

Top Technologies For Students In 2020

The use of technology in education has gained popularity in recent years. Technologies never replace teachers but improve the learning process, enabling students to engage more in educational activities. Students are benefiting from the incorporation of emerging technologies and innovations in the learning. Here are some technological resources for you: Read More

Best Apps And Online Services To Help In Studying

Technology is advancing at such a rate that other means of learning cannot push students to their potential. The development of applications, internet, and online services offers platforms for learning, sharing information, and interacting. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops will help you achieve learning goals using these apps and websites. Read More

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Plant Nanny 2 Review – Drink Water In Real Life, Feed Plants In Game

Drinking water is the best and easiest way to maintain your health, but not everyone drinks enough water throughout the entire day. Our hectic schedule has made it impossible to remember that drinking water helps you lose weight, keep your kidneys in shape, reduce blood pressure, lubricate the joints, flushes body waste, resolves constipation and keep the skin in good condition. But there is a way to remember to drink water regularly, and that way is Plant Nanny. Read More

WHO’s Corona Virus App Leaked

WHO already arrived on WhatsApp for updates on Corona Virus and now we have leaked pictures of an official WHO Corona Virus App making its way on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The App will be dubbed “WHO MyHealth” and will make way on the App Store, Play Store and also offer a web based version. Read More

Three Tech Accessories You Need for Remote Work

Everyday technology connects us. In this time of increased digital presence and work from home culture, you must have everything you need to succeed in the digital space.

Technology gives us a way to get the job done. But without the right tools and additions to your setup, basic tech can only take you so far. That’s why we’re suggesting the three best accessories you need for your gear, whether you’re on the go or working from home. Read More

How To Properly Simplify Your Web Design

These days web designers are a ubiquitous group of technical specialists. In any labor market having a competent grasp of the skill sets necessary to make you a marketable web designer is critical. Overlooking the basics can be disastrous.

Regardless of whether you are starting a career or a journeyman designer with years of experience, knowledge of the essential elements of a web blueprint is necessary. In an age where simplicity is king, seeking applications that add speed and ease to project completion are the norm.

Without hard knowledge and balanced understanding, ease and speed are an enemy when things go wrong. Without a professional and thorough perception of the basics over-simplification of the processes we use can complicate matters and damage a professional reputation. Read More

Some Tech Based Gadgets That Make Our Lives Easier

Technology has brought a revolution in our lives. The advent of such new technological advances has a more significant impact on our personal as well as professional aspects of our lives. There are not many things now left that we can do without the help of tech gadgets. Our efforts to do the required jobs, as little as they are, have taken the structured form, allowing us to yield the great benefits and better outcome from those tasks. The tech gadgets reduce the physical strain and enhance the comfort level to the extent that almost everyone has become obsessive about using them. Read More