Apps Now Included in Search Results

Google’s mobile search engine is as powerful as the desktop version and is capable of carrying out complicated math functions and everything which the desktop version does. The mobile version just went a step further. Till date, before buying an App you do a bit of review online about the App. Searching for the App from Google Mobile Search renders links and results which lead you to the Android Market or the iPhone App Store. This is quite time consuming.

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Android on iPod Touch

We’ve seen hackers porting Google’s Mobile OS, Android to iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. The same guys are back to work and wanna make Android run on iPod touches.

There isn’t any official date yet, but it is in the making. A blog post mentions that the hacker has been successful in porting Android on a first-gen iPod Touch but things such as WLAN, multitouch drivers and sound need some extra attention.

Anyways, anytime soon we could be hearing the announcement and let’s hope that this wiz-kid is able to port it on an iPad.

Android on iPhone 3G

A few days ago, David Wang posted a video demonstrating how he made Android to run on a first gen iPhone. He dual booted Android and iPhone OS and provided the steps required to achieve the goal.

Today, he has successfully managed to run Android on iPhone 3G. He says that this time the process is slightly risky but promises to put up a guide instructing users on how to run Android on iPhone 3G.

In the meanwhile, you could watch his iPhone 3G running on Android in the video below.

Would the Google tablet be able to compete with the iPad?

iPad, the center of media attention and idolized by journalists, accepted by early adopters and even the common folks, has proven to be a milestone in Apple’s History. It is a device that would continue to be the unrivaled king of Tablet Bog.

Thousands of features set it apart from other tablets like the App Store, Huge Screen with IPS Technology, Multi-touch etc. A lot of companies including Microsoft, Sony and even Nokia are giving their best shot to create a tablet which would be royally known as the “iPad Killer”.


If This Happened Between AppleGoogle Over Coffee

Jobbs – Hey Erik, Apple is planning to remove Google and make bing as the default search engine for Safari.

Erik –  Really?

Jobbs – We even plan to have iAd. You took admob from us and this time we aren’t going to give up. Apple is slowly going to enter your market and dominate it.

Erik – Well, you could never get ahead of us in search.

Jobbs – Yeah, but our products would eliminate Google which would have a huge impact on you.

Erik – Do you think that you are gonna keep throwing things at us and we are just gonna accept it? Well, guess what we even put multitouch on the Nexus One and we have already entered your market. What are you gonna do? Sue us? Cmon do that… Why did u sue HTC? Are u scared of getting into a real fight? At the end of the day we made the Nexus One!

And did u call our Motto as BS ? U know what you don’t even think differently.

Jobbs – Screw you, your coffee was poisoned.

Erik – Really? Even yours was.

What do you think really happened? Post your comments !